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A very very small little corner that scanlates manga!
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Little Corner
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You've reached The Little Corner! We are a small manga scanlation group aiming to scanlate epic manga for the fans :) Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon again!

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Happy Birthday to Me :D
Friday. 10.7.11 11:48 pm
I was actually born 18 years and 10 days ago, but I still celebrate it :)

To commemorate it... I refuse to believe that this is purely coincidental...


The last two chapters of Yamada Ikka are released. We have a complete series finally!
And so is the first chapter of Ducky's volume 5!

We're still looking for staff btw O:

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We're not dead!
Friday. 8.5.11 1:05 am
OH YEAH. We can do leg splits.

Three chapters for release after centuries of mold-gathering at this place! XD

1. Yamada Ikka chapter 4
2. Duck Prince (Ahiruno Oujisama) chapter 14 (last chapter of vol4)
3. Selling Me Softly - Oneshot by Amano Youichi (same author as Over Time)

Grab all of them at their corresponding Mediafire folder XD


Giving us virtual cookies are good too 8D

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Monday. 6.20.11 6:57 pm

This place is just too much fun. I'm sure everyone's seen it already but... as slow as I am, I JUST FOUND THIS TODAY O_O Go and make yourselves some cute little chibi characters <3

This post has no release whatsoever 8D

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Yamada Ikka Chapter 3
Saturday. 6.18.11 2:48 am
So we got Yamada Ikka Chapter 3 out o: Click here!

Since it's summer and I'm FREEEEE 8D, the releases can finally start coming out!

^- some shameless advertising *cough* Now go enjoy your McD and KFC Final Fantasy characters 8DDD

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Two releases
Wednesday. 2.9.11 6:58 pm
EDIT// We're going to re-pick up Three Eyed One.

If you guys ever go to a Chinese restaurant, you should definitely see if they have 南乳莲藕 <3

Looks like that :)

Someone's already released the oneshot Hanasaka Ikkyuu, but we're releasing it anyways since we finished it without knowing that =x. It's been sitting on my desktop for a while -cough-

Another thing, Chapter 2 of Yamada Ikka is out. BIG HUGS TO STAFFIES<3

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Doujin Release :D
Saturday. 9.18.10 10:39 pm
These little emoticons are just so adorable <3

Anyways, I quickly translated an 8-page doujinshi of Death Note 8D IT'S HILARIOUS. READ IT. Go get the download link at the "Complete" page.

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