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Hello :]
my friends are getting married today.
Thursday. 8.2.12 3:23 pm
They are pretty young, and it is given that no one really supports it. One is 20, and the other is 22. And yes, it is pretty sudden, and yes, they are too young to fend for themselves, and it IS going to be harder than they expect. However, I realized that it is their life, and their decision.

I mean, if they want to spend the rest of their lives together, even through the trials, then let them do it! And it sucks as their friends, because we wish the best, and we hope they would make a better decision, but they feel it is the best decision. And so, if they think it's best, then I will support them.

I guess my dream came true though, they are getting married. I actually wrote about that dream here. Who would have known, that it would happen so soon?

Well, the mini ceremony is today. Only 20 people-ish coming to see them. But the real wedding, with the guests, the cake, the dancing and what not, is going to be in March. You know, when the groom is legal to drink at his own wedding :P haha. I am excited for that wedding! Like I said, I WILL lose weight. Now I have total and utmost motivation.

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college blues
Saturday. 7.28.12 4:07 am
Money is always an issue. But I know one thing: God is good, and he will provide if he ever so wants to.

And I believe he has called me to this. So why should I worry? Instead, I should praise him, and know that he will indeed provide because this is where he has called me to be!

As I step out in faith and apply to as many scholarships as possible, please pray for me? :)

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