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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
He kissed a girl?!
Tuesday. 4.29.14 1:42 am
Yes, I like YamaPi. And to see him hosting a weird and boring reality show is much more sad than hearing he got no projects in the pipeline.

I am surprised he can handle the English conversation pretty well - better than some of my collegemates who had been studying for 4 years. I still don't understand their English until today. Zen zen wakarimasen~

I cringed when I see YamaPi kissing the girl. Well, I believe all guys wanna kiss a pretty girl, but if you can feel him... he doesn't want it.

What a script he had. Poor YamaPi.

[新]140421 大人のKISS英語 by Banimation

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Snatnam Kaur
Monday. 4.28.14 9:46 am
I love listening to New Age songs and I finally found one of my favourites from this spiritual guru. I am amazed with her singing. So clear and sound so innocent...

I wanna improve my singing too!

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A duty of love
Tuesday. 4.22.14 9:00 pm
The first duty of love is listen

It's by Paul Tillich and I got no idea who he is, but it contains truth. You need to hear out the people from your environment. With listening, we can reduce conflict and come to a solution provided the stakeholders are willing to change.

However, listening skill is so hard to achieve yet polish. This is because we have our own ego and sometimes we let these ego to overrule us. We want to hear things sometimes that stroke our ego bringing us to a fall. Do we care about it? Yes, only after disaster happens. And yet, sometimes people prefer to stick to their ego because it's much comfortable or rather safe. In their heart, they must be wondering what happens if they free themselves from their ego etch deeply in their heart. Instead reprimanding people who change themselves, we should congratulate them for having the courage to release themselves from the ego grip. Did we even realise that?

No matter how painful it is, I will listen to my partner and friends and I hope it will be reciprocal.

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hello school!
Sunday. 4.20.14 10:52 am
On the way to the Penang International Airport, I requested my friend to drop by at our alma mater.

It suddenly looked so small and not intimidating at all. This was where we found laughter and frienship, and some even love.

I somehow missed our moments together when we are still so innocent and having our dreams still intact or rather the mental and spiritual strength. Teachers never thought we would go far.

I suddenly feel grateful for not changing school after I scored my mid high school exam. I was at first extremely ashamed of coming to this school for it is known as the blacklisted school. It was infested with gangsters and some were rapists. Yea, they even came out in the newspaper raping some girls in a shopping mall toilet. Not joking.

I was ashamed because I thought I could join my sis in the best school in the nation, but I was too young to understand that things happened for a reason. Being in this school was challenging. There were many smart ones which I have to compete. I enjoyed my schooling years nevertheless.

The tears, the joy, the laughter just seem so yesterday. I look forward to catchingup with my other high school mates. It has been 12 years since I last saw some of them.

Thank you for being my friends.

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In the air!
Friday. 4.18.14 8:00 pm
It has been a long time I have not taken domestic flight from the KL International Airport. I think it is almost 15 years.

KLIA atmosphere is surely different from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. LCCT sucks. It looks more of a market structure without the perishable items.

The only thing I dislike about KLIA today is the lack of space. It has now more shopping counters so it is now more cramp. How sad.

Penang, my growing-up-home, here I come.

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Tuesday. 4.8.14 9:56 pm
This is so strange.

My colleagues from other departments seem to have seen me and even know me and yet I don't recall them at all.

Recently, I had lunch with a colleague whom I asserted that I have never met her before. And later she revealed that she has seen me on campus for several months already. Sometimes I would have a newspaper in my arms in the cafeteria. She added that I walked super fast like I am a marathon athlete.

Aww... but I have never participated in those sports... But I did win the 400m race back in high school. =)

So where have I been hiding all this while?! So embarrassing not to be able to recognise my other colleagues. Aww...

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