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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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That violin.
Thursday. 10.2.08 12:58 pm
I'm sure most everyone around remembers how I wanted an ebay violin.

It seems that for around the same amount, I can get an electric violin! Holy crap! Even in purple!! Even though purple one is pricey. :(

This one is pretty nice, but I'd rather not need an amp/speaker to hear myself play.

Something seems a bit awkward about that. Though I guess you would still hear it, just not as... loudly?

This one just has a pickup, so I could do quiet or not quiet. Hrm.

Electric or not electric? How much does the pickup pick up? Everything? Enough that practicing would still bother my neighbors? The picture looks like it just butts up against the bridge and absorbs those vibrations... hrm.

The violins seem cheaper than they did when I was first planning to buy one.

I should really pack up to go get this lab of mine validated.

Which means I need pants. Feh.

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money = safety.
Monday. 9.29.08 6:36 pm
No, not the 700b bailout.

Though, if that were the case, the economy would be the safest thing EVER according to this carnie.

So I went to the state fair with my brother and Dave this weekend.

We got on this ride, almost like one of those boats that goes upside down, but you're on a platform that keeps you right-side up. Fun ride. This one, but not ... Middle-East-themed.

So anyway, my brother and I get on it, while the carnie is busy texting his heart out. The harnesses don't lock when you pull them down.

My brother, ever concerned about safety, asks about the harnesses not locking. They have a loop at the bottom that looks like something might hook into them, but it's not clearly obvious.

The carnie, ever concerned about whomever he was texting, replies that the ride cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS (zomg).

My brother, realizing that the carnie is being a douche, asks again about the harnesses not locking, what is ONE MILLION DOLLARS (zomg) supposed to mean in regards to the unlocked harnesses?

(Mind you, I'm not trying to say that my brother was completely innocent, he was being a smidgen of an ass, but not as bad as this carnie.)

So the carnie goes on about how the ride cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS, and how much did his mom's car cost? Of course my brother didn't know, whatever. So carnie (thumbs aflame, by this point, but still not deterred from his precious texting to give a non-asshole-answer) then goes on about how mom's car definitely didn't cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS (how does he know?), but it still has seat belts, right? So OBVIOUSLY the ride is safe.

Now it's my turn to be an ass, I'm annoyed with him not answering the question. Sure, I get it, the ride HAS to have some sort of restraint to be allowed at the fair. If it's not obvious and someone wants to know, a simple explanation is all that's needed. Not ONE MILLION DOLLARS (while texting, because at this point, he STILL was texting). Money doesn't mean safety, I tell him. Shit happens, rockets explode, cars crash, buildings collapse. You can throw all the money in the world at something, doesn't mean it's safe. Of course, I have to start listing all these crazy things, and the carnie says something about rocket scientists, and how I must be one (in a mocking manner, obviously). I reply "Nope! I'm a computer engineer!" with a shit-eating grin, because I am enjoying being an ass. Something happens that I talk to Dave, and the carnie comments on his rocket scientist-ness as well.

The ride starts and the harnesses lock. Alright. My brother and I discuss that while the ride is in motion, this guy is STILL texting (why haven't his thumbs fallen off yet?), and how the recent train crash in CA was supposedly caused by the conductor sending text messages.

So the ride is pretty fun, not as .. droppy as I expected. Still fun, though. The ride eventually finishes and we get off. I forget what my brother says to the carnie after we get off of the ride, but I'm sure it was something fitting for the occasion.

After that, my brother made sure to ask every carnie how scary their ride was... >.<

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My neighbors.
Friday. 9.19.08 2:15 am
I'm posting this because I know I'm not gonna get to sleep for another hour.

My neighbors, they are noisy fuckers, in every sense of the word.

If they're not talking loudly, they are doing god knows what loudly. At god knows what hours in the morning and night.

Last night they woke me up at 1 and 3, with random bangs and booms and crashes and yelling. WTF.

Tonight, while slightly more excusable, is still annoying. It's nice to know that they are doing the bang, it really is. It would be nicer of them to move the headboard away from the wall, and perhaps find someone who doesn't sound like the squeaking bed? You would think with all of this THUD THUD THUD SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK there'd be some more noise coming out of the action than that.

The funny in this is that I guess for the past however long they'd been at it, I'd been dreaming that they were keeping random noise by banging or something, and that while I appreciated it, I was going to ask them to move the bed away from the wall. So in this dream, I get up, get half dressed, and start leaving my dad's house to walk the two blocks to their house to tell them "it's nice you're banging, it is, but could you keep your bed a few inches from the wall?"

The banging in my dream was interrupting my dream of dreaming about finding a voltage or a current, and really annoying me. And somehow there was a toilet and an old woman involved? I don't know. My dreams are weird.

They're done banging now, but I'm still awake. Fooey. Wait, they're not done. It almost sounds like they're having some sort of crazy orgy thing going on.

Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh! Today I saw someone that looked almost like a 3D representation of what I'd imagine ranor to look like, except this person seemed a bit larger than I'd imagine ranor to be.

I also saw a squirrel, and inspired by If you give a mouse a cookie, pondered writing "If you give a squirrel a coffee".

Imagine the chaos that would ensue.

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Hurricane gas! + WTF.
Saturday. 9.13.08 1:19 pm
So there's a hurricane making gas prices go up.

It's a game weekend, making gas prices go up.

I don't have a car. Whatever.

We were driving in from picking up my SUPER AWESOME TABLE!!!ONE, and we pass a gas station on our way in. There's a woman changing the gas prices, and she reaches up to take down a 6 in $3.69 (for the regular) . So I say to Dave that it would be darn funny if all she did was take down the 6, flip it upside down to make it a 9, and put it back.

Gas at this station is now $3.99 a gallon for the regular.

I was in Sears looking for shoes, and this lady was trying on some, looking for a "cute" pair.

She tries on a pair that is a bit snug than a similar style, and she starts to comment on how she'd eaten SO much in the past HOUR and that's why the shoes were tight.


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Angry Procrastination
Wednesday. 9.10.08 10:49 am
So yesterday I went to start an assignment, only to find out that I was SOL because I didn't have half of the parts needed.

It's due Thursday.

I am annoyed with myself for not looking into it, but I'm also annoyed with the TAs for not quite emphasizing how important this particular thing was to do. They weren't grading it, they brushed it off, I had parts from the old class, I was sure I'd be fine.

No. I didn't have a great deal of parts. It wasn't at all like the lab class I'd last done.

(also, Chrome needs to do something about these input boxes... it's really annoying to have half a word disappear or any edits overwriting things... to shift it later)

But so, I spend the morning spazzing, and then have the great idea to call a friend who'd taken the class and would likely have the parts that I needed.

She did, yay! So I start on it again this morning, to find that a kit they had us order back in 2005 or so, doesn't have enough parts. The page they send us to to order these parts hasn't changed, so the parts I have are the right parts. They just require more than what comes in the kit of parts, so I had to go scrounge Dave's stuff to find some more.

Between the two of us there are about three or four of these damn kits, AND I AM STILL TWO PARTS SHORT! Bah! I am not at all happy.

I really should have started this on Friday night like I'd originally planned. Now I have to do homework and three-ish labs tonight. Woot.

At least I didn't start tomorrow morning. That would have been awful.

AND THEN! I am going to start on another assignment, and my calculator was NOT where it is!!! I of course had a spaz, my pricey calculator is now somewhere and I guess I left it in lab maybe my friend picked it up oh god I need it to do my-HEY! THERE'S MY CALCULATOR!

Today... it will be.

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Moshi Moshi, Donald Desu.
Friday. 9.5.08 10:36 pm
Augh, crazy people and their Donald McDonald!

As much as I hate crazy remixes of classical songs, especially Fur Elise and Rondo alla Turca, this RaT is ... mesmerizing?

It kind of falls apart in a few places, but the end... is ridiculous. No, it is amazing. That's what it is.

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