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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Tuesday. 6.10.14 9:35 am
A friend of mine expressed she is so unhappy that she wants to die. I think most probably it's due to the work so I suggested her to watch porn or imagine having sex. I suggested that in a group chat and all of them were bawling about my suggestion. Well, I know some people like it like my other friends... but this group was... apprehensive. Oh well, some people have different ways...

For me? I watch comedy stuff or some cats and dogs on youtube.

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Sunday. 6.8.14 9:12 am
During a friend's birthday, I was told to get a boyfriend because I am not focused in daily life. And I said I will keep searching and my friends during the dinner kept pressing me for the reason I was not searching for one. One of the reasons I decline my pursuers was they are not handsome. Their jaws dropped. Yes, indeed, they are not handsome in my ears. To be frank, I don't want an oversize male to be boyfriend. Why should I settle for less? Yea, why should I settle for less? This oversize male in fact has said criticized me cruelly that I turned him down because I was choosy. Hell yes, so fcuk off.

Because they kept pressuring me, I told them I actually am in a relationship. And one of them asked why was I not comfortable in bringing up? Is there something I am not happy about? I reflected and my answer is because I don't want people to know who my partner is. Do I have doubt in us? Perhaps, but I am trying to be positive all the time.

After reflecting for that question for some time, I finally able to reduce the guard over this question. I am finally telling people that I am in a relationship without revealing who and where he is. I found myself happier this way.

As my host dad said today, you haven't launched your relationship to the public. He is right!

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Friends, certain, are weird
Saturday. 6.7.14 4:08 am
I remember lending my eyes and ears to friends and perhaps I have overdone it sometimes, but this time I am a little taken aback that this friend had told me off to get someone else to rant to. I think telling me let's move on together over this sick friend will be much more positive than slapping in my face. Yes, slap cause I just woke up.

I find the changes in my friend a little weird. I asked him for help in getting some information from a competitor, he declined with the reason it is not ethical. He added in fact the competitor and I should work together. Does this mean you have forgotten the times I have helped to get information from your competitors? Why don't you and your competitors work together, because basically you guys have your own niche as well, right?

Oh well, people have their own rights whether to help or not. I was mad initially but I reflected. Why did I want the competitors price tag? Is it because I feel threatened? I wasn't, so why the hell I busy-body in the first place?! Do I want to work together? No, people giving same services like me usually don't work together in a 'unit' unless we have our niche, but I don't have one, neither the person. The only thing we don't clash is territory, but this is not the states. It totally doesn't apply. We just solely rely on people feeling attracted to our profiles. I need marketing also.

Well, since I said there are so many people in this world to make friends with, I shall try meeting new people as many as I can!

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Cat, I know why
Monday. 6.2.14 11:01 am
I know why the cats don't like me now. They are so in tune with energy that they dislike my intense energy. Hence their reaction is to run away from me or just scratch.

There is nothing much I can do about my energy. Even humans dislike it. What can I do?

My spiritual teacher said it's not my fault. At least, that's a relief. I just need to tone it down.

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Green Gold
Thursday. 5.29.14 10:35 am
Is it impossible to rehabilitate large scale damaged ecosystem? I realise I must not lose hope.

This documentary says it all. We first need to make people realise the importance...

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Sunday. 5.25.14 12:00 am
The movie is good. I like it.

Their world and ours is not much difference. Racism. Genocide. Misusing power for someone's gain.

What is new in this world? The way you die...

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