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Hello :]
Wednesday. 9.19.12 1:20 am
I am a horrible person.
I know what I want, and I know what I don't.
And I know what I need, and I know what will hurt me.

And so, in the process of my choosing, i put others down, lift myself up, and realize that my actions are just as bad as theirs.

So, I said girls aren't action figures right?
Well, guys aren't either.

bleh, i'm such a speck of dirt.

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Women are not action figures.
Tuesday. 9.18.12 2:37 am
We are not some collectible toys that you get to show off to your friends. And don't you ever dare to say to a group of friends "hey, look at my awesome collection of girls. This one is pretty, but this one is fun, and this one? She's alright but I decided to add her to the collection anyways".

And there is no way in hell, that we are Pokemon. You don't "gotta catch em all". No, we are not at all what many guys have turned us into.

I mean, I gotta say, I am just surprised that guys actually think this way. I am not saying all guys, because I definitely know there are awesome guys out there who know how to treat a woman right. They know how to treat a woman with respect, and know how to actually care for one girl, just one, not two, four, or eight.

I admit, I have fallen into the trap of becoming a collectible, but I have decided not to be anymore. Screw any guy who thinks he can do that to me, or any girl. We are worth more than that. We are a beautiful creation, and it's time us girls stopped throwing our pearls to pigs. I guess this blog is telling myself actually, to realize my worth, and stop this nonsense. I know actions speak louder than words, so I need to live that out.

end of my dramatic rant.

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