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This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Friday. 1.16.09 12:21 pm
And it isn't even noon-thirty.

Hp cannot seem to understand this thing called "send the box to this address" with 100% consistency.

My box is at home, four hours away, completely blipping useless to me. Every time I call them I have to call them again to change the address, and god only knows if it's going to be the right address. This time I called them twice, they had the right address, BOTH TIMES, and my box is still four hours away. What in the world is so hard about overwriting an address or even processing that billing and shipping addresses are not always the same?! Augh. I am really tired of dealing with this, but if I wait too long, it will be out of warranty... >.>

I'll call them after 9, when it's free.

I have had a head-eye-ache since last night, if I close my eye too hard or poke my eye or something like that, it hurts. Maybe it's stress. Then I bumped my temple against Dave's head, so that doesn't help either. Maybe it's the book I just read.

It's still cold outside, the high today is projected to be 16F, and the low, -1F.

I really want that apple, so I'm gonna brave the cold around 1.30 and go get it. I'm also gonna check the mail. I'll have to super-bundle up, it's currently 12F and feels like -3. Winds are WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

Is today a lottery day? I think it is. But it's only up to 12M. Funny how they call it Mega Millions, where Mega is 106... which is a million...

I always thought the phrase "Megameter" was amusing, but everyone else seems to use thousand km... so boring.

I'd love to go do something today, what, I'm not sure.

I'm an awful person, I delight in the downfall of companies. Goody's is going down, as is Circuit City, and B. Moss keeled over too. It means I get things for cheaaaap! Cheapy cheap cheap, though I'm not sure what sorts of things I need.

I realize I could use the Goody's shuttering to redo/insert some style into my wardrobe, but I have so many clothes... Woo! it feels like -2F now.

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On the phoneee
Thursday. 1.15.09 10:20 am
With HP!

I got my computer back from repairs, and it seems doubly wonky.

But apparently this guy only sees that I have asked for a CD door and a display hinge to be repaired. Wonderful.

He's trying to treat this as a separate case, when it isn't.

Thanks whoever put in my problem-ticket, you can't put in a proper ticket! Grar!

I wonder if they will ever look at my letters of "hey! thanks for your time, but I don't trust the CSRs to take my information after the crap of Best Buy!" and say "wow, this woman is bonkers."

I'm asking them to replace a screw. >.>

But no, that's not why I'm seriously calling them. My computer was overheating, but maybe once or twice a week. Now I can't do anything taxing, like playing a flash game or installing software/updates, lest my computer shut down. And even then it's not hot to the touch at all!

How does one live without flash games?

I began to wonder if maybe there were some odd setting in the bios, where maybe it turns off power-stepping or something. But then I thought about it, and realized that this isn't the first time they've replaced the system board, and even out of the box (aka factory settings), it did not have this problem.

Back on the phone! Woohoo. They can't get my address right.

Sheeesh that took long enough.

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Saturday. 1.10.09 11:18 pm

I was traipsing through the Barbie aisle at The Great Satan, aka Wal-mart.

What do I see?

A drag-tastic barbie doll.

She is dressed flamboyantly, and best of all? Her stand. It plays Supermodel by Ru Paul!!!

I NEEEEEED this doll. Now.

I also saw a "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock Barbie, and ahhhh I want it as well.

So I am on Mattel's website, and not only do they have Ru Barbie, they have Afro-tastic disco Barbie and generic disco-Barbie. I like afrotastic better, even though generic comes in purple.

There is also Angel Birthday Barbie, she sings, but not anywhere near as awesome as Supermodel Birthday Barbie.

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Thoughts on a previous tenant.
Wednesday. 1.7.09 8:08 pm
Sheesh, I hit enter and it wrote the entry >.> anyway.

So after living here for about four months, we still get a ton of mail for the people who used to live here, mostly for one guy.

From what I've gathered of his mail, he majored in Materials Science Engineering.

Based on his name and personal effects I saw when we were touring the place, I can safely surmise that this guy is either an international student, or is a first or second generation immigrant.

He also has at least two credit cards, and likes to buy luxury goods.

He is also into spiritual living, based on Eknath Easwaran's eight point program.

Here's my theory:

He got into luxury goods.

Took out one credit card, maxxed it out. Did the same for a second card.

Came into the idea of spiritual living, to either help him deal with his debts, or to help him be satisfied with less stuff.

He moved, perhaps back to his native country, not paying off credit cards, and not alerting various agencies to his relocation. Perhaps he figures that since he isn't a US citizen, he doesn't need to be responsible for the debts incurred.

But do US credit cards give cards to non-citizens?

I just mark the letters "please foward; no longer lives here" and put them back in the box.

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Woohoo new year!
Wednesday. 12.31.08 12:00 pm
Things I am looking forward to this coming year:

- GRADUATING! Take that, school.

- Er... not living next to my neighbors!

I have always been interested in superstitions, here are some for New Year's Day.

Maybe I will make Dave wait outside until midnight... >.>

More superstitions, but all on one page.

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There was a title here.
Wednesday. 12.31.08 2:01 am
I am feelinz teh shits.

I am also excited.

I hate feelinz teh shits and excited at the same time.

Maybe I'll do something about feelinz teh shits, it might help. I doubt it will.

Blah. I could start the year anew by unfeeling shitty. Maybe I'll figure it out.

Also, I may be getting shorter.

That stinks.

So on a brighter note, I got some free mini-bagels and cinnamon-raisin bread today.

On a glummer note, perhaps the world is going to end. It would explain my odd feelings towards everything and wanting to stockpile.

I am totally in tune with the earth, yo.

I'm sure I could stand to resolve some things... and not carpet stains.

I should probably go pee instead of sitting here wallowing in an emo-post.

I went to a thrift today, and it oozed hipsters. It was pretty scary.

Maybe something interesting will happen this year, and not the end of the world.

Dialup... painful.

Computer overheating and shutting down... painful.

Gaim... augh.

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