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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Well poop and call me Margaret.
Monday. 3.23.09 12:11 pm
I have been invited to my cousin's wedding.

I'm not sure what I think of that. Is it a "we're inviting you because you're family and feel obligated?" or is it a "Oh, hey, no hard feelings, come see us jump the broom/get hitched/stomp some glass". I think if/when I get married, I'm totally gonna have to stomp glass. And jump a broom. I've already decided that I will need a top hat, meatballs, and cocktail weenies. How can you have a wedding without cocktail weenies?

I asked my mom about the registry, and I totally know what I am going to get them.


Knives. =.= :D No, just kidding. No knives. Aren't those supposed to be horrible gifts to give people for weddings? Besides, these aren't fancy 50 dollar knives. Also, I'm not looking to somehow give myself bad luck.

Ooooh I wonder. >.> I won't wonder those things, haha. Besides, I could always flat out ask. But I won't. Though now I am triply curious.

I feel slightly obligated to spend more than 50 dollars, mostly because of the "oh hey, I'm related to you, blah de blah, and totally gave a friend a 50 dollar gift". But then again, said friend's 50 dollar gift was the cheapest thing on the registry...

Maybe I will just stick with one thing on the registry. And perhaps a small gift. Of cheez. Or not.

Maybe I will go get my hairs done for easter, then. It should still be holding up by May.

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I've figured it out! I know the secret!
Saturday. 3.14.09 12:23 pm
SO I went back on old NuHacks of reading things I shouldn't, and I realized that there is the RSS-method to read people's postings.

Right click on the avatar/profile picture of the person you want to read, take the number (my avatar gives 1502.gif, ranor's is 1376.gif ... I didn't know he was here before me... Oh wait, my old acct is 996.gif Crazy.) and place it in to this url where there are octothorpes:


So now I know that Zanzibar thinks that Dilated and I are HORRIBLE people... >.>

and Dot doesn't like the usage of "oriental". I can agree. I'm not Asian, but this rampant "zomg Asian" trend is a bit awkward. It's why I've taken to making the joke of "it's like I went up to (Asian person I know), and made them into a table/rug/furniture or put them in a bottle or sliced off a chunk and put it on a plate!"

And poor ranor, he was blamed for breaking a microscope. That stinks. At least he doesn't have to pay for it? Pound cake and nutella sounds interesting.

There is a crack in my window, and I am angry.

I bought a super-awesome photo album, it is gimpy, and I am doubly angry.

Now I am done sharing the secret.

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Monday. 3.9.09 10:45 am
I was going to start round two of crazy quack pills this week, since it was spring break.

I think I'm going to wait until May, just so I won't have to worry about school/tests/etc and any adverse reactions.

Granted, I didn't have any the first set of CQP I took, but for some reason I am bothered. I think it's because this round is 30 days instead of 7... Woohoo, crazy me.

I guess then I should find something to do for today, take a walk, go to the palm/tarot reader... I've always wanted to go to the palm/tarot reader. I wonder what s/he'd say about me and my future.

Will I die young?

Whoa! I can read my own palm. Let's see what it says. NOooo it's broken. :(

Well. According to the page on head line, I have at least decent luck?

Uh oh. According to the page on heart line: A selfish and materialistic look at love is characteristic to those whose Heart Line start below the middle finger. A slight disregard to the true meaning of love and its responsibilities are indicated by the line that starts between the middle and index finger. The person tends to easily give their heart away.

Ok, on to health! I don't really have a line... just a crease. T.T I am going to die... Oh wait, no, "it indicates no health problems". That's good.

fate! It's faint, but seems to imply that I will successfully change my job in my middle years. That requires me to find a job in the first place. :( But I will at least see success after 10 years of hard work.

fame! No fame line for me.

marriage! erhh... I don't see marriage lines. Guess it's time to stop daydreaming. Damnit. I had just given myself permission to start, too. >.> Ok, well not really. That sort of daydreaming always creeped me out. Oooh, I want my dress to have posies! o.O Right. Oh wait, it's the little line(s) below the pinkie. Here's one, on the side of my hand... How useless. Oh, it's children lines too. :/ Such a lonely life is forecast by my palm.

Money! Yeah!!! Also non-existent. Looks like it's supposed to go along the health line?

I wonder if it is because I'm black... I mean, everyone knows black people are poor, don't get married, and have poor health? But then I should have plenty of children lines... >.> Also, I have a work line... something isn't adding up. >.< I'm an awful person.

Travel! Ok, I have a faint-ish travel line, but I will forsee awful on one of my travels. How sad. Also, I'll get there late. Wonderful.

This place wants $10USD to do an online analysis. Others want 47, 90, ???. I hope in town person isn't ridiculous. I'm not sure I'd want to spend 30 dollars getting my palm read and tarot done.

Maybe I will go pay however much this person wants for a palm and tarot reading. Too bad I don't know anyone in town to go with me.

Maybe I'll make a post tomorrow on Hand-reading...

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Wednesday. 3.4.09 9:55 am
Here I am, browsing the internets, and I get an email.

Not just any email.

It tells me that because I have >30 credits needed for my primary degree, I can take the full on second degree, as opposed to a double major certificate. So he's noticed in my degree report.

But then it says "Art"... >.> Here's to hoping that was a form letter and it was copypasta'd.

He also appeals to my whatever-sense when he says "If you elect to change your Electrical Engineering double major to a 2nd degree this would allow you to receive two large diplomas instead of one large diploma for your Computer Engineering degree and a double major certificate for Electrical Engineering."

TWO LARGE DIPLOMAS! Twice the framing cost! Count me in! Yay for taking crazy classes to pad out the semesters...

Anyway. I'm slightly wary, as the mail was unsolicited, and also, he says "Art".

We'll see. I guess I should go talk to my advisor and make sure this guy's story checks out, though the info/names/addresses seem legit.

It does appear that someone has been rooting around my degree reports as of a few days ago, so his story checks out a bit more. Though my reports say I have 181 earned, excluding this semester, 185 including. He says I have 172 including...

I'm wondering if it's just some odd typo/being busy or something. Maybe he looked above/below my entry or something. Who knows.

He replied, so it's not a spam, at least. Maybe the Art person has 172 hours? Either way 172 is still at least 30 more than 131.

I'll talk to my advisor.

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Vote in the Favicontest! Now!
Wednesday. 2.25.09 9:19 pm
That means you!

Here, I will even leave a link to the forum thread with the entries.

I've done most of the work for you!

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That book review:/Intro
Saturday. 2.14.09 12:08 pm
Waaay back when, when shit went down, the scientologists were giving out a copy of "The Way to Happiness", and I was supposed to post my thoughts on it.

I guess I will get to it.


**How to use this book**

I'm supposed to write down a person that I think influences my survival, write my name under it, and give them this book. Also I'm supposed to give them a few extra copies to pass on. Pyramid scheme to the max!

**Why I gave you this book**

Your survival is important to me.

** Happiness*

You have to live to be happy, they say. You influence people's happiness, and they influence mine. Duh.

I guess I have to survive to be happy. I can at least improve my survival.

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