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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Day of Angst.
Wednesday. 5.6.09 11:02 pm
So apparently, semi-boiled eggs are very... nonporous.

How do I find this out?

I went to microwave it after it was semi-boiled, and it went


in my face and all over my kitchen. T.T

I regret to declare that, I, Ms. Never-scared-by-anything-other-than-thunderstorms, screamed. :(

Stupid egg.

Speaking of Ms. Never-scared-by-anything-other-than-thunderstorms, there was a storm! and I was not happy, as someone was out of town. I didn't eat the other two. Guess I'll leave them for the squirrels tomorrow.

How am I supposed to be consoled after exploding an egg in my face and about my kitchen and during a thunderstorm when there is no one to console me?!

I will have to take extra consoling come Saturday.

Procasti-working, I decided to leave the computer and watch The Newlywed Game. It was the only decent thing on the telly. :(

Anyway. It looks like it'd be fun, you know, if I were married or something. I could answer crazy questions about bums and shopping and god knows what.

And then I could win a trip! And perhaps a sofa!

And I could watch Carnie Wilson with lipstick on her teeth!

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Monday. 5.4.09 4:09 pm

This isn't good.

Some people were to come by today, to look at my house. I was going to wait for them to come and go, as I didn't want them interrupting my work-groove.

Especially since I got much of nothing done yesterday. They haven't shown up.

So I call repair-guy back. Apparently my problem with intermittent connection hasn't been my ISP, it's been the jack. It gave up the ghost on Friday. Maybe Thursday. No, it was Wednesday, because they asked when I would be in, and I said after 10a Thursday I was set.

So they called Friday, and I called back today. I don't call people on weekends for business things.

In waiting for the people to come check out my house, I put on one of my work shirts. My work shirt is a generic "let me fix yer b0x/webs" shirt. I figure if I have had to call the people to come check out my connection, I should at least... give off the appearance of a n00b. >.>

Here is guy now!

In my waiting for the people, I forgot to call this lady about a horse. I mean a house. And paying for it. Cursed people not showing up to look at my house so they can move in it! Speaking of my house. (you can't know where i live!) it is awesome. The woman is leaving a ton of stuff.

I guess at five, I will start working on my work. Workedy work work work.

I also think that someone being out of town until SATURDAY doesn't help my work ethic. It's like "meh, I could do my work, or I could sit around and be a sack". I think I've chosen a bit of the latter.

Also. I won chocolate! PB Dove, to be exact. I'm excited, I hope it's tasty. Peanut butter is awesome. Am I a mouse?

Apparently this jack-port is pretty dead, as ISP-man has left the building to go check what I'm assuming is a giant router of some sort. I should have moved the box of laundry next to the port. Oh well. There's nothing... offensive in there.

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It's that time of year again!
Thursday. 4.30.09 4:19 pm
Soon I will be adding another ring to my femur.

Restaurants have not failed to alert me, my "free" food has been rolling in. I have two free burgers, a free buffet with purchase, a generic 5 dollars off a 20 dollar purchase coupon, a free shake with a roastburger...

Nothing awesome just yet. I'm sure the awesome will start rolling in soon.

Anyway. I was looking on the barbie website, and it inspired this post.

Drag Queen Birthday Barbie!

I don't much care for birthday angel Barbie. It's not dragtastic, and it doesn't play the Supermodel song.

I still totally want it.

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This Post Inspired by the Porcine-Pig-Swine Flu.
Wednesday. 4.29.09 12:16 pm

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Awesome weekend!
Monday. 4.20.09 9:54 am
So our realtor-lady invited us up to the condos on the lake that she manages/rents/owns/????? I'm trying to figure that out.

It was super-nice. Our condo had skylights and it was open and had a great view of the lake and the stars. We bought some cheap sangria and sipped it on the balcony while schmoodling and looking at things.

We got to go on her husband(?)/the owner of the area's boat. I say ? along with manage/rent/own/??? as she spoke like they were married, not divorced, and that he owned the realty company/condo property. Maybe it was a "I get to spend all day/night/etc with him, I'm gonna talk to the people I invited to be boated around." sort of thing.

Whatever, the boat ride was fun. We waved at people who were fishing, but they didn't really wave back. She spent some time talking about how the island she got married on is kind of a small tree on a piece of sand now, and how people like to get married around here and there and over there and ... Yeah. Maybe she was trying to implant an idea or something. :/

We got to sit on the top of the boat, it was much better than standing around the deck-area, you could see all around. There was also a set of controls on top of the boat, so whenever the boat was moved inside, the controls on top would move. Being the small children that we are, Dave and I were quite amused.

There was a mini-poodle on the boat, Hotrod fka Snowy. It was an awesome mini-poodle.

I mentioned my raft that I had when I was younger, and how I might be able to use it, but I might have to drop 5lbs to guarantee that I won't sink it, as the weight limit is 130. Dave took this to mean whatever, and now he seems worried that I'm not going to eat or something. Blah, I eat plenty. More than plenty, even.

Speaking of plenty, there were plenty of deer and cows on the way in, thankfully the deer weren't terribly stupid.

We forgot to take our trash, I feel kinda bad. I'm not sure how I should approach that. Please send our regards to the cleaning staff; We forgot to take our trash. ?

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Thanks, Glamour.
Wednesday. 4.15.09 7:25 pm
I am considered unhealthy and abnormal.


"Guys' testicles have a size range that is analogous to women's breasts -- anything from AA to DDD is considered healthy and normal."

It may be TMI, but I am certainly DDD+. I can wear a DDD and be normal/healthy, if I go up in the band size...


I guess I'll go die now or something.

Continued critiquing of this magazine.

There's a feature entitled "16,000 Women Tell Their Body Confidence Secrets".

Well here's mine.

Don't fucking listen to Glamour. They will tell you are unhealthy and abnormal.

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