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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Well well well Howdy! Whats going on? Not too much here! I really just back home from shopping. wee! I cant go over to Tabby's house because Im coughing really bad and I dont want to get them sick, plus, I cant even talk that great, and cant get my voice to go high. :( I HATE BEING SICK! Bah! I got light up sandals from walmart today. They are so friggin awesome! Ive seem everyone wear them and I wanted some, so I got em! I also got light up high heals from payless. They are mad awesome and they go with the dress Im wearing for the Senior Dinner Dance! I feel really bad for taking Jenn now, because of Sklyer and I. I cant just not take Jenn though. Ugh, I dunno what to do. :( *sighs* Mmmm cough drops make my throat feel sooooo much better. Lalala! OH! I have a tournment today, but it got cancelled so as soon as Coach called, I went back to bed and just laid down for awhile listening to the radio, then I got up and watched the Spice Girls movie. Oh yeah baby! Nothing else was on and it amused me. Then I watched The Kelly and Justin movie. OMG! I wanted to shoot myself while I was watching it, but its one of those things you have to watch b/c....I dunno. You ever have the feeling? Like you know its stupid, you never want to watch it, but you watch it because... you..just do. I dunno, maybe it is just me. Anyways..Ima go..Peace

listening to: Three Doors Down: Let Me Go

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Hmm Im bored
Friday, April 22, 2005
b a s i c s
[x] name: Jillian
[x] screen name: xXJillybaberzXx
[x] sex: female
[x] birthday: June 28th, 1987
[x] height: 5'4"
[x] hair color: Blonde
[x] is your hair long or short: longish
[x] eye color: bright blue
[x] siblings: 1 sister
[x] who makes you laugh the most?: omg everyone
[x] who knows the most about you?: Amanda really...
[x] boy/girlfriend status: Taken..:)

o t h e r
[x] do you have a job: not yet
[x] who's your role model: Amy Lee I love that girl!
[x] what store do you shop at the most: Rue 21
[x] have you ever done any drugs: Yup
[x] do you collect anything: rubber duckies, and tea pots

f a v o r i t e s
[x] day of the week: Saturday
[x] thing in your room: the painting that I made
[x] cd: dashboard confessional
[x] song(s): howie day: collide, papa roach: scars, three doors down: let me go
[x] animal: dolphins
[x] ice cream: cookie dough
[x] drink: lemonade
[x] thing to do: softball
[x] pizza topping: pepperoni and mushrooms

r a n d o m
[x] where do you see yourself in 10 years: a pharmacist, starting a family
[x] if you could live anywhere: Hawaii and Paris
[x] what age do you want to get married: 24..25ish
[x] how many kids do you want: 2 a boy and a girl, maybe 3 :)
[x] girl's names: Jocelynne Mae
[x] boy's names: Andrew Richard

h a v e Y O U e v e r
[x] been in love?: sure have
[x] lied?: yeah hehe
[x] cheated on a test: yeah
[x] cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yeah
[x] tied your shoes together?: yeah
[x] eaten something with a lot of fat?: YUP! lol

f e e l i n g s
[x] worst feeling in the world: breaking up
[x] best feeling in the world: being loved
[x] can you define love?: something that you feel in the pit of your stomach, little butterflies everytime you see, touch, kiss, and....sit far away from each other
[x] do you get along with your parents?: at times
[x] are you ticklish?: YES!

o p p o s i t e S E X
[x] 1st thing you notice about the opposite sex: I love you bunches
[x] perfect "dream" date: oh lord let's not go there..haha
[x] what do you look for in the opposite sex?: someone who is funny, someone who makes me laugh and keeps me smiling, and loves me for me
[x] what does the opposite sex not know about you?: Im kinky...haha just kidding

n i g h t T I M E
[x] what do you wear to bed: pj pants, or shorts, a tshirt or a wife beater, sometimes just a sports bra and shorts or pants..depending
[x] what's your bed time: whenever I want to go to bed
[x] do you wish on stars: at times when Im laying outside at night
[x] is there a TV in your room: nope, unfortunatly
[x] what's the last thing you do before you fall asleep: turn over onto my belly and...relax and do breathing if I cant fall asleep

m i s c e l l a n e o u s
[x] how many schools have you been to: just...3...elementry, middle, and now high
[x] are you passive or aggressive: aggressive..rawr..hehe
[x] vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
[x] would you rather be hot or cold: hot
[x] what is your curfew: 11

f r i e n d s
[x] person you can trust the most: I trust them equally
[x] what is the best quality of a friend: they always listen to you
[x] what friend do you have the most fun with: Omg, I have fun with ALL of them

s t u p i d S T U F F
[x] do you glow in the dark: when I wear my glow in the dark panties..yes..haha
[x] do you posses magical abilities: sure ;)
[x] do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer: yeah
[x] can you name all 4 Teletubbies: Tinkywinky, Dispy, Lala, Poe..right? haha
[x] if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be: my ability to get cranky fast...
[x] who do you really hate?: *her*
[x] what are you addicted to?: rubber duckies!
[x] do you like jewelry?: yeah
[x] do you wear a watch?: sometimes
[x] did/do you have braces?: no
[x] do you believe in God?: yes
[x] do you believe in love at first sight?: no but walk by again
[x] what are your favorite tv show(s)?: That 70's Show, Will and Grace, House..
[x] what color tooth brush do you use?: purpleish pink
[x] is the glass half empty or half full: depends..if you fill it half way..it is half full, if it is half empty than you drank it...hehehe
[x] most dangerous thing you've ever done: Wow, I dunno, Im going to have to go do something now..like Bungi jump...who's with me
[x] are you listening to any of your CDs at the moment: nope, but I am going to bed :)


Which drug are you? Find out @ star-girl.org!

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Friday, April 22, 2005
listening to: Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated
mood: sick

Well here is what effin SUCKS! We lost the game to Towanda tonight 6 to 5. If we had one more inning, we would have killed them. Towanda plays dirty though! They always put in new pitchers when like the team gets used to them, and the umpire was ...being..stupid! I didnt understand! He has always been good, and tonight he just sucked! Oh well..we will get them next time. :) right? RIGHT! Rawr!
So anyways..Im sick, and Im now just losing my voice b/c I screamed so much tonight at the game. Gotta love it. Hopefully, Ill just drink some coffee or tea with honey in the morning and get over it. I love it! I love being loud! Haha!
Today was a good day! I gots a big hug from Skyler! I <3 you so much! :) Yay! Hopefully, we can get together sometime and just chill and be free. I love it! Im going to go though because I need to get to sleep and plus Im talking to Sklyer. :) Peace out!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005
HEYY! :) Whats UP? Not much here as usual. My day went pretty well I guess besides the fact that Im sick off my ass. I just wanna go to bed but I cant till I get my colored clothes in the washer. Damn me for not getting my laundry done sooner. That is okay, Ill take some medicine that will knock me out when it is finally time for me to go to bed. Woo! I loveeee Nyquil! Today was just a normal day..I got up late as usual. I usually do that when I know I can drive to school. :) I love it. I came to school, did my normal stuff for the day, skipped out of directed, and went to practice when the bell rang at 3:15..or 18..whenever the hell we get out now. It was a pretty night day out today, except that I was cold because I was sick so I wore a sweatshirt the whole entire time. Gah! I hate being sick! I hate that like, icky, nasty, sweaty feeling you get when you wake up during the night and your mouth is all dry, and nose is all crusty. Im actually putting vaseline and burts beeswax on my lips to keep everything moist. I gotta bring out my humidifer again so my mouth doesnt go dry. I could actually pick up my room for awhile..that could be nice. Anyways, back to my day...after practice Coach took us out for ice cream. Is that really nice of her? I thought it was. Then of course, I took Jenna up to the Commons Building and took Brynne back over to her house. Of course, after a 10 minute driving lesson for both of them. Shh dont tell anyone. Keep it on the DL. Im already in big trouble for not telling my mom that I was taking my next door neighbor to school. Oops..my bad. She was mad for awhile but then she got over it. This is actually keeping me pretty occupied for the time being. Hopefully, Ill just get whatever I need in the washer, and just go to bed then get up at 5 and wash my bat and stuff. Oh yes..joyus! Woo, I have a game tomorrow against Towanda. Im sure we will kick their ass. We've only lost one game and that was against Southside, which was a game that we should have won. Definatly an eye opener. Southside sucks really bad, and we need to come back next time and show them how we really play. Thats right! Tomorrow, Towanda isnt going to know what hit them. I feel bad for them. :P Wow, I really need to do something else. Do do do! I havent really writte then much in a long time. Oh well...Im out. I have a lot to think about right now. Well, just about one person and he knows who he is. mood: Sleepy Sleep listening to: Dashboard Confessional- Hands Down

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Hey ya'll! Well well well! Looks like Im actualling going to finally like one of these damn journals. Haha! Ive been trying to do this one forever, but...I get kinda lazy, and bored, and when I cant figure things out, I get frustrated and *sighs* it was rough. I finally figured it out though and here I am. Yippy Skippy! Now I just gotta get muh friends on here. Anyhoo! Not much happened today! Just got up..got ready..went to school, did that stuff, had a softball game, then I came back home..my grandparents came over, and now it is like quarter after 9 and Im eating my dinner. lol Yeah we won the softball game 11 to 1. My hitting friggin sucked tonight. gah! Anyways, Im still trying to make this page pretty. :) Im out for the night though. Peace out! mood: TIRED!!!

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S'all Good Now
Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Yup..I got er figured out, and now..it is going to be fun. :) Im out for tonight though, and now I gotta get some new friends on here and bring my others one over and teach them how to do it. Im beat and I have a game tomorrow. Hopefully Asti brings my shirt. Peace out! listening to: Pasty Cline - Crazy mood: Tired

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