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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Thursday. 8.20.09 4:16 pm
So I have not had much problem with jerk-deer as of late. However, I have decided that it is necessary to maintain a jerk-list.

  1. Deer. Seriously, they're jerks. Whoo we're gonna come in yer yard and eat your apples and break your bird feeders!

  2. Mosquitoes. What kind of jerk comes into your house and BITES you? FFS.

  3. Thunderstorms. They're loud and obnoxious, and make things go bright blue POP in my house, but when I go to look for whatever was destroyed, THERE'S NOTHING. Also, they break routers. WTF.

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Thursday. 8.13.09 1:12 pm
I like to think that I can type pretty quickly. Well, more that I've been told that I can type quickly, though I don't think it's anything all that special.

Sometimes, as those of us who can type quickly know, it is very easy to make typos, or have one finger get ahead of the rest.

Occasionally, when I am trying to visit the 'Tang, I will end up at Nuta.pl, which appears to be a Polish music website.

Today, however, I ended up at Nuga Best.

I'm trying to figure out what it is they sell. It looks like quack-beds or something.

Whoa! It's an accupressure-moxibustion bed.

Nuga Jinpum (Personal Electric Potential Stimulator by Warm Heat) has a multitude of round shaped Tourmanium ceramic disks arranged densely around a smooth contour so that they provide the optimum ACUPRESSURE and MOXIBUSTION stimuli to your body during use. This produces the same effect as performing Moxibustion on the 365 Meridian acupuncture points on the human body.

That looks pretty darn cool. How do I buy it?

The guy on this page looks... odd. Like perhaps he isn't really sleeping.

It says "Compact design resulting in convenient transfer and operation
The simple and small-size tummy warmer is available of easy transfer and convenient operation anywhere.", but will it fit the soon-to-be standard American tummy? They are based in the US, so sayeth their page.

I don't see where you can buy it... T.T

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Tuesday. 8.11.09 8:47 pm
So Dave and I went to dinner.

It was tasty; I am full.

We then went to Gamestop.

While in game stop, there was a squat, loud, woman griping into her Blackberry.

She needs to know what 10% off of 32.98 is.

Me being myself, I rough it out to be ~30 dollars, rounding 32.98 up to 33.00, 10% of which is 3.30.

I REALLY wanted to yell "it's 30 dollars!", but being myself, I did not.

She continues on, yapping into her Blackberry. "No one is good at math", can't they help her? blah de blah.

At this point I REALLY wanted to yell: IT'S THIRTY. THREE-ZERO.

But instead, I glared.

Then she calls her mother. She asks her mother to add 14.99 and 17.99. For the grand sum of (insert drumroll here) 32.98! Then she asks what 10% off of that is.

This woman couldn't possibly be in the best financial shape if she can't do math like that.

I go to check out, the woman is still not-quite-squawking, and we leave the Gamestop, me with game in hand. She still hasn't figured out what 10% off of 14.99 + 17.99 is.

I look at Dave, and realize that this woman, calling all of her family to do basic math, was on a Blackberry.

I was going to call the store, and have them tell her the number she was looking for was "30". Dave said no.

I felt a bit bad, glaring at her, and wondering why it was so hard to do such a calculation. She seemed to have all of her wits about her, and didn't appear handicapped in any way shape or form...

Sadly, she made me feel much better about myself.

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Tuesday. 8.11.09 4:23 pm
So in my me-ness, I got tired of having my hair relaxed and let it grow and do its own thing.

Of course, now that I think I've got my hair figured out, I'd like a change and want to get it relaxed again. >.<

Part of me says "but not relaxing it is good!" and part of me says "but heating it straight is bad!" and part of me says "wtf, it is your hair, why do you want to kill it?"

Yes, that part of me knows that my hair is already dead.

Of course, now that the trend is for people of my persuasion to not have their hair killed, I am only finding information about how horrible it is to be a victim to the "creamy crack" and such.

I could hire myself an indian child to grow me hair to weave... I don't really want to pay for the weave. That's gonna be expensive, and I don't know. I didn't care much for the one I had. I didn't care much for the relaxer either, it felt like my hair broke off way to easily. Maybe it's because I went too long between relaxings. I don't know.

My mother didn't teach me these things.

Hrm. I can keep my hair nappy or not.

Such an issue, this hair of mine.

On that note, though I am not a fan of Chris Rock, I'd like to see his docu-drama-dy " Good Hair.

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Monday. 8.10.09 3:28 pm
I was browsing my local craigslist fer sale section.

I find this.

In case it is gone:

Dead Dog Frozen Treat - $100 (Freezer)
Date: 2009-08-10, 2:43PM EDT
Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

This showed up in my freezer on July 28, 2009.

I do not know where it came from or who left it there. I figure it's worth about $150 so I'll take $100 for a quick sale.

It comes in a clear plastic box with some sprinkles.
Also included is a note that says " DON'T EAT!! :-) "
I assume it would be delicious if you disregarded the note.

I do not recommend eating it as it may have been left there by one of my nemeses who armed it with a thermal detonator or poison.
It is conveniently shaped for secreting hack saw blades or files to sneak past prison guards. The note outlines the best weight loss plan I can imagine and can be applied to any number of objects with adhesive tape. (You will need to supply your own tape.)

Please be prepared to move it yourself. I'd bring at least 4 strong friends and a truck in case the detonator goes off.
Will not part out. Must take Dog, Box, and Note. I'll keep the sprinkles if you don't want them.
No tire kickers. No trades.

* Location: Freezer
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

odd dog cake

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Since we at NuTang like food
Thursday. 8.6.09 10:16 am
I thought that this machine was worth posting.

I mean seriously. TWO HUNDRED pancakes per hour!

What would I do with that many pancakes?

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