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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Tuesday. 9.15.09 4:49 pm
I am a loser.

I was totally reading the internets

and came across a free engagement ring. >.>

Seriously. 100% free, shipped. <.<

I totally ordered it, because it was free, you know. I can't turn down free things. v.v

Why just today, I got a free sample box of cereal.

And also two boxes of free ice cream sammiches.

Free is good.

(And you know Dave is going to read this and be all zomgwtfbbqhax? ... It was free! How could I say no? Also, it is very Jess-tacular. I mean, look at it. Sequins and beads? all it needs is to be purple and it'd be awesome. Mind you, if I were going to be ms 21st century and all "I will do the asking", I would ensure that it is worn EVERY DAY. Except when soldering. I imagine melty sequins smell horrid.)

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Darn Police.
Tuesday. 9.15.09 12:38 pm
So Saturday night, I get a ticket.



Technically it's "failure to notify DMV of address change". I'm not sure what address has changed, as my license is current, and the car is properly registered to its owner, who lives at the address the car is registered to.

I was initially told it was because the stickers on the back said "07". I explained they don't use those stickers anymore in NJ, and the car is properly registered.

Well I can get the owner to come with me to court and it will probably be thrown out and I will just have to pay court costs. FFS. I shouldn't have to pay anything.

I look at the stickers today, just out of curiosity. The "07" is the month. The years? 2003 and 2005. So obviously if the main sticker is 2010, and the license stickers are "07" (but really 2003 and 2005), and the registration card and everything else checks out...

Fucker was going to pull me regardless.

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Burnt like a piece of toast
Saturday. 9.12.09 10:57 am
Ok, it's not that bad.

I have a few burns from my impulse hair treatment, but I guess it's to be expected for what they were dealing with. You've got to go all out when you start something, you know.

The owner-guy of the shop tells me before they start that the both of them are going to work on my hair, because otherwise it just won't work well. Everyone else in the salon had really nice and healthy-looking hair, so I figure they know what they're doing. When I was getting the death-chemical washed out, owner-man was telling a woman that while short hair looked good on her, she needed to grow it out a bit so it would have time to recover.

Some women decided to make a bet on what was getting done with my hair, and thought it funny that I was getting a relaxer. Silly women. Yeah, he did not waste time in slapping the death-chemical in my hair. Doesn't mean you should bet on it.

The guy doing my hair told me I had very nice hair. I would hope so, it took three years to figure out exactly how to tame it... Owner-man said that it came out not super-straight, which is fine by me, and after I wash it, I'll see how I like it. I prefer a bit of poof in my hair.

Then some other woman decides to ask the guy doing my hair what I was getting done. I told her I was getting a relaxer, she wasn't talking to me! Well I'm sorry I can't see your eye direction without my glasses, but it *is* my head. So she comes back and asks him what he's going to do with it. And I wanted to say "I don't plan on having much more done to it, this relaxer is a jump as it is", but that's more or less what the guy doing my hair said. Stupid woman. Then she goes on about how she had such nice and beautiful hair until she started dying it, and it was sooo Farrah Fawcetty, and down to here (she touches my back, not much lower than where my hair is at its longest), and then it all broke off. I made sure to say loudly "I don't plan on dying it, this relaxer is a big enough of a jump..."

I go to pay, and they only take cash or check! Glad I grabbed my last counter check. Crap I forgot to put my address on it. >.> Ah well. It's got my name, acct number, signature, and what it's for on it. I guess if there are any problems, they will call me.

They asked if I wanted to schedule for two weeks, I'm debating if I want to go in for a deep condition and so they can see my burns. I don't care to pay for it. :/

I am also applying for a job, hopefully I will get it, so I can afford these ridiculously pricey hair treatments.

And I definitely meant to get one of those bungee cord weaves, ok, a drawstring ponytail. I don't quite care for those, though.

They usually run 10-ish dollars, 15 for the fancy ones, an additional 20-30 dollars is fine for ponytail diversity.

I certainly don't want to look like Steven Seagal everyday.

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Oh, my brother.
Thursday. 9.10.09 3:38 pm
I should add some intro, I imagine. My brother and I were discussing day 3 of his last day of high school. Crap. That's odd. It seems random, just starting college, is only a year older than my brother. Maybe. Go figure.

ANYWAY. My brother and I were discussing his 3rd day of school. He was ditching a class and decided he wanted to take public speaking or something such like that. The dashes are unrelated banter.

brother : speech is an epic class
brother : so what happened was
brother : in speech
brother : well we had to go to auditorium
brother : and the teacher wanted to test our loudness
brother : by declaring ur names
brother : our*
brother : being stupid me and my friend asked could we use random names to which she said yes
brother : so my friend yelled Hello,
brother : i yelled
me : oh lawd

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Tuesday. 9.8.09 8:26 pm
No, I'm not suddenly ravenously pro-Obama*.

I've decided to spend a hefty chunk of change ($65) on a hefty hunk of change (chemical-deathing my hair).

The decision is made, I've made an appointment for Friday.

Both of the men I spoke with seemed a bit diva-ish, so I trust that my hair will be in good hands. The woman working there also seemed to be doing a good job, and I didn't see anyone in there with awful hair.

The only problem is you are not supposed to scratch your hair before you get it chemical deathed, AND IT ITCHES!!! T.T

Oh it makes me want to cry.

*The place I am getting my hair done is. I think I'm alright with that.

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Monday. 8.24.09 11:42 am
I've gotten tired of pit stains.

According to many places about the internet (here's one), the stains are caused by aluminum and other such stuff in the deodorant/antiperspirants.

So I set out to Walmart to find a non-aluminium deodorant.

I figure their wall of deodorant would have some semblance of variety.

I was wrong.

Every single woman's deodorant they sold was also an antiperspirant, and thusly had aluminum in it. Even all of the spray and crappy roll-ons had it too!

What, am I not supposed to sweat? I don't mind being sweaty, but I do mind that my shirts and unmentionables have horrid stains, FFS.

Dave finds a section of Old Spice that does not have aluminum in it. Turns out it's the stuff he uses. No wonder his shirts don't have horrid stains in the pits.

So I shuffle through the Old Spice row, looking for something that won't have me smelling like an old man or Dave. Imagine how creepy that would be, to smell like Dave... "why do you two smell so much alike?" "we use the same deodorant..."

Brr! That's creepy. It's bad enough that people tell us we are similar/somehow look alike, but to smell the same?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying at all that I don't like Dave's smell, but it would be pretty odd to use the same smelling deodorant. Especially since the only scent I liked was the one Dave uses. Go figure.

I have no qualms with smelling somewhat manly, but part of me says "well that was when you were young and did not have people that close to you and it didn't matter that you smelled manly". I guess it still doesn't matter that I'd smell somewhat manly considering that Dave picked out the manly deodorant...

So instead I smell fruity like apricot, as I got this stuff in apricot. They had lavender, but I don't care for lavender.

And here on this website, it comes in lemongrass and unscented! Sheesh. I could smell unscented.

It seems to work pretty well, I did not reek of reekiness after putting it on at noon and later cutting the grass.

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