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Sunday, June 12, 2005
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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As we go on..We remember..All the times we..Had to
Saturday, June 11, 2005
Well..Im glad that's over with. I was sitting there, and Im just thinking, you know, graduation isnt really for you, it is for your parents. Well, I guess it is for you, but I mean.... it was like getting a report card. I guess it really hasnt hit me yet. Im not sad about leaving though. What, Im moving 20 minutes away from there..woah.. Im really stepping out of the box. Im just not ready to start my life yet, maybe in a year when I get an experience of what college life is like. Should be fun and I cant wait to spend some quality time with some friends that are coming too, and...just have fun! If ya know what I mean.. But anyways. Oh my, when I was walking out, my mom and grandma got me with like a million flowers..So did my sister and Amanda. They are really pretty though...my sister got me sunflowers! I was beyond excited about that! :):):):) I love sunflowers, they are my favorite. Not that I dont like roses, but Id rather get sunflowers...lol..OR lilies..I love sunflowers and lilies... when I get married, that is what my flowers are going to be. :) yay! I cant wait to grow up. Im not too excited about the idea of growing old, then dying....but that is what life is...and we have a purpose for being here, we just find out after we die. :) I kinda cant wait to see what it is going to be like after I die, but it makes me scared. Ya know? Oh well...Im just in a mood b/c Im graduated and Im like..damn I have to start something now. I have to get a job and apply for jobs like monday. Which, I gotta talk to my mom about. I need to get refrences and hopefully, I can ask some people today about that. Anyhoo, Ima head out and get a shower and stuff so I can get ready to go to some parties. Peace out!

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Thursday, June 9, 2005
Was tonight. Yes...how exciting it..and very HOT! Ugh! I wanted to friggin take off my robe and just sit there with what I had on. I am NOT having a good graduating time. Of course, when Heather graduated, everything was just happy as happy can be for her. No one does anything for me like they did her. Hmm...Favorite child right? Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking. Im really stressed and my mom isnt helping at all. I really need her help, and I tell her I need stuff, and she isnt doing anything. I told her I needed stamps for my announcements..and she forgot...sooo now they will be sent out late. She said she didnt know if we could send them out now, and Im like well, I told you like 5 times I needed stamps, what do you want from me....and she is like well I wasnt thinking. Obvisouly....it really pisses me off. It is like Im speaking a different language..and then she yells at me when I get mad...b/c I was RIGHT when I told you I needed stuff. I really didnt think it was that difficult.. seriously. I know she is going through the "changes of life" but HEY, Im still here, and I need her to do some stuff for me. If I had a job, I woulda had the stamps and sent them out on monday..but no, I dont, so someone has to do it for me. Im sorry that Im still 17 and it is hard for me to find a job at my age b/c everyone wants 18 year olds...seriously. Oh well, I turn 18 in 19 days. Im really excited. I swear if tomorrow doesnt get better, on my graduation, there will be problems...She asked me this morning why Im in a bad mood, b/c she just yells at me and tell mes to do all this stuff for her ALL day, and then..whenever Im doing something and she asks me what Im doing, she intergates for me for like a friggin hour because I wont tell her what Im doing b/c it is none of her damn business. Yes....our fights our pointless, but Im the one that goes in and says Im sorry... and yay! Not this time..b/c she is blaming herself for this one and I didnt even say it was her fault...it she wants to be like that..fine, Im not doing it anymore. No one is making it a fun time for me to graduate..they always have their little problems that cant wait till my time is over with. After friday...they can fight all they want..but no....it's like they wait for it or something. I really cant wait till college, Ill be at Mansfield, Ohio State in a year... yes..... a new life, a new journey..and Im not even sad about it. I cant wait.. :) Anyhoo Im out I guess.. Im kinda tired and my hands hurt from writing addresses.. Peace

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005
It is no good hiding your real feelings behind a mask of indifference or even cynicism. The current celestial energy encourages you to take time to reflect on what you really need to say and how you are going to say it. If you try and disguise certain aspects of the truth, then you may not get the same results as if you tell it like it is.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005
HOLLA! Oh yeah..I just realized that I havent written in this thing for awhile. Well atleast I dont think I did.. anyhoo! The last few days have been a blast. Monday...I had graduation practice, which wasnt really fun, but it was okay. There was a big ass thunderstorm though. Left my windows open, and my lights, so my car was DEAD when we got to it. S'ok though because Asti and Bry Bry jumped me. Hehe! Then I got back home and went swimming over my sis's bfs house. That was a good time! Yesterday...we had graduation practice again... Yay! It was hot and we had to take pictures. That's always a good time. Afterwards, I went over to my friends house and we rode on his fourwheeler, and just chilled. It was a good time! :);) Theeennn I came home...ate dinner, and went over to Amanda's house for the night. I havent seen her in awhile since she is working all the friggin time. Plus I got to see cute little Hannah! She is so cute, and I held her this morning. Today..I pretty much did nothing. I laid out for awhile...I got some sun and a little tan going. I think Im going to lay out tomorrow too. Tomorrow.. I have Baccalaureate.. and the next day, Im graduating! Im soooo happy. :) YAY! Im kinda sad though b/c my uncle, aunt and cousins are unable to attend. He has a new job, and he cant really ask off, so I can understand why. But, next weekend they are coming up because everyone will be graduated by then and we are just going to hang out and have fun. I might have my birthday party that weekend if they are going to be up. Maybe not...I thought it was later in the month that this. My cousin graduates on the 23rd... soooooooo I might have my birthday party that weekend. Ben is having a birthday party for me too, and I can invite whomever I want to this one. ;);) You know what that meannnssss! Anyways.. Im going to head out. Peaceeeee!

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Saturday, June 4, 2005
I AM GRADUATING! WOO! I dont think anyone could be more excited that I am right now. I cant wait to atleast get a little far away from some people that annoy me, and get on with my own life. Unfortunatly, at Mansfield, Im not getting away from a lot of people but it will be MUCH better. AHH! Im so excited! Ive only cried twice about leaving, and I dont think Im really scared anymore. :) Now I really dont think Ill cry at graduation. Ill be on the one on the stage going..fucking finally. UGH! I dont even wanna go on the after night graduation party. I wanna go somewhere that will actually be fun. I mean, my friends will be there. I guess...but I think it'll be too much drama again, and it really makes me not wanna go. Anyways..Im going to get my pjs on and go to bed.. :) Yay! Im so happy right now! YAY! haha..peace

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