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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Thursday. 10.29.09 1:48 pm
My ticket was thrown out.
That's great and all, but now I am seriously paranoid something is going to come and bite me in the ass.


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I have Dead.
Monday. 10.19.09 8:58 pm
My brother. A constant source of hilarity:

B: marry dave so next time i step on a black person's shoe
B: i can simply say
B: "i'm white"
B: andjust walk off
B: the 2 nicest words in the english language

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Monday. 10.19.09 12:46 pm
I had some post I was going to write. Perhaps it was a rant? Maybe it was an "insightful" thought... I'm not certain.

So I will write a post anyway.

It is time to get my hair chemical-deathed again. I need to wash/pretreat it, so it takes better next time. I'll do that today and make the death-appt tomorrow.

The blinds in the computer room broke. The good thing is that I found why the room was so damn cold, and how the prisoners were coming in. The upper half of the window was down. I'm surprsied we didn't have any birds or bats.

I took some binoculars from my mom (they had my name on them, they must have been mine... >.> ), and I've been watching the birds and squirrels and such.

I told Dave last night he had an ugly face. This isn't at all true. I guess it's like in high school when we would say "su madre es feo!" (Your mother is ugly!) as a generic insult. Usually followed by "que miedo!" "que barbaridad!" "que asco!" (how scary! how terrible! how disgusting!). I remember I missed a day of class, and didn't study for the quiz that was the day I came back. There was a butterfly, and the question was "which of these would you say when you see this?" My answer, because I didn't know: "que asco". I got credit, because the teacher figured if you didn't like bugs, that's what you would say. Score.

Regardless, I now need to prove to Dave that his face isn't ugly.

Now that the window has been closed, the house is actually pretty toasty. It's kinda nice.

GIS for "Ugly face" does not provide me with pictures of Dave. Just this unfortunate child, bless his heart. >.>

Anyway. I think it's time to go fix the toilet.

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scavenger hunt idea
Tuesday. 10.13.09 2:00 pm
It would be pretty entertaining to post item numbers, and maybe a hint or two, and see if people can find the related item.

Not sure what a good reward would be, though.

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Tuesday. 10.6.09 12:26 pm
I am still taking up the hunt for employment, even though the numbers are saying there are at least 6 people for every job.

There's a local-ish 10a-2.30p data entry job, I'm debating if I want to see if I can get that until I can find proper employment... but then I couldn't let them know that.

It'd be easy, and $250/wk is better than $no-50 a week.

I'd probably be better off finding something that actually uses my supposed skills and education.


I have been distracted by petfinder. I don't need a pet, I can't afford a pet, but gosh darnit, a cat would be awesome.

Ooooh, just what I need. A black cat named jessica! But then Dave would be all "jess!" and the cat would go "meow?" and I would go "tralala Dave is talking to the cat"...

I love the face this kitty is making. Look at it!

Whoa! The local SPCA totally does other critters too. For five whole dollars
I can get a gerbilhamster.

Gunner is not cat-safe. ...

Greyhounds don't seem to like cats.

Give me the biscuit!


I should stop this.

Stupid Pomeranians being awesome.

If I had a ton of land, I would want a goat. I mean, look at this goat. Isn't it great?

So I will leave you with

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Wednesday. 9.16.09 5:01 pm
Today is one of those days.

You know, you wake up, and you say "man, today is a crap day."

And, as is necessary on crap days, someone will call, or talk to you, and then your day will go from being a crap day to a shit day. And at that point, you are just disgruntled and don't care to do anything. Homework, cook, clean, whatever.

I should have started cooking dinner a while ago, but I'm not hungry, and I don't care. I guess I'll start in a few minutes. Dave will probably be late-ish today anyway, and at the worst, it'll be a 30 minute or so wait after he gets home.

My crap mood has me looking at heavy bags and heavy bag stands. I don't want to stick the bag in a rafter, because I might just take it down.

I'm looking toward a 70 lb bag, and a corner stand. Except corner stands are too big. Smaller stands usually have a speed bag attachment.

Right now, I'm looking towards walmart. I can get a stand for 98 dollars, and a fancy pink bag and set for 74. Or I could get a plain ol' black bag for 40.

They're both 70 lbs, I'll probably go with the black one, I don't need knuckle wraps, and I have a pair of sparring gloves. Also, I don't need pink. It's for a good cause, yes, but purple would be more buyable. Is there a cause with purple as its color?

I decided to check ebay. I found a universal sex swing stand... or for heavy bag. ...

So much for ebay, the nearest is too far away, and shipping is ridiculous.

I can totally order the stand and bag shipped to store for 140...

I thought about getting a makiwara board, but you can't really kick those unless they're in a door threshold, and I don't want something that permanent anyway.

I thought about one of those freestanding style bags, but I never really cared for those. They're also super-pricey.

Oh crap, walmart stand only holds up to 70 lbs. THen I'd need to also buy some weights to keep it in place. I didn't think disk weights were all that pricey, though. Hrm. 20 dollars more gets me one that can hold up to 100 lbs.

The internets isn't all that great at telling me what sort of bag I should buy.

This man is pretty helpful. "You can certainly kick a 70 lb bag, but it's going to be swinging an awful lot. If you're torqueing your hip into your kicks (and you shoud be), 100 lbs is the LIGHTEST I'd go." He says.

Then I should get at least 100. Granted, he was talking to a guy who weighs a only a bit more than I do. I guess any more than 100, and I will need a good ceiling to anchor it to.

I'm still looking at stands/bags, and found a man!. Definitely good for people-stress... >.>

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