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The Read List
1) Horus Rising - Dan Abnett
2) False Gods - Graham McNeill
3) Galaxy in Flames - Ben Counter
4) Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus
5) Flight of the Eisenstein - James Swallow
6) The Magician's Guild - Trudi Caravan
7) The Novice - Trudi Caravan
8) The High Lord - Trudi Caravan
9) The World According to Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson
10) Fulgrim - Graham McNeill
11) Legion - Dan Abnett
12) Battle for the Abyss - Ben Counter
13) Mechanicum - Graham McNeill
14) Nemesis - James Swallow
15) Daughters of Arabia - Jean Sasson
16) Descent of Angels - Mitchel Scanlon
17) Desert Royal - Jean Sasson
18) The First Heretic - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
19) The Gift - Cecelia Ahern
20) Paths of Glory - Jeffery Archer
21) A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill
22) The Art Thief - Noah Charney
23) Bringing Nothing to the Party - Paul Carr
24) Prospero Burns - Dan Abnett
25) Beat the Reaper - Josh Bazell

1) Next - Michael Crichton
2) Battle of The Fang - Christ Wraight
3) Helsreach - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
4) Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella
5) The Ultramarine Omnibus - Graham McNeill
6) The Summons - John Grisham
7) After Dark - Haruki Murakami
8) Nagash the Sorcerer - Mike Lee
9) The Emperor's Tomb - Steve Berry
10) Nagash the Unbroken - Mike Lee
11) Realms of Shadow - R.A. Salvatore
12) Stop What You're Doing And Read This!
13) Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James
14) Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James
15) Fifty Shades Free - E.L. James
16) The Last Mythal Anthology - Realms of the Elves
17) Nagash Immortal - Mike Lee
18) The Paris Vendetta - Steve Berry
19) The Elven Nations Trilogy - Paul Thomas, Tanya Cook & Douglas Niles
20) The House of Silk - Anthony Horowitz
21) Architect of Fate - Christian Dunn
22) The Killing Ground - Graham McNeill
23) Courage and Honour - Graham McNeill

1) Ravensoul - James Barclay
2) Chapter's Due - Graham McNeill
3) Making Money - Terry Prachett
4) Soul Hunter - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
5) Blood Reaver - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
6) Mortal Instruments : The CIty of Bones
7) Mortal Instruments : The City of Ashes

1) Mockingjay - Suzanne Colins
2) The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
3) Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
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I scare myself, sometimes.
Sunday. 7.4.10 9:58 am
No, it's not because I can pass myself off as Ju-On at any time of the day because my bangs are so long, it completely covers my face.

Lately, its just scary how my friends tell me that I'm really good at predicting them when I have no clue at all how I do it.

My best guy friend has never failed to tell me that I seem to know him more that he knows himself and I really don't know if that is true at all. I subconsciously do and say things and I sometimes just take wild guesses that are seemingly accurate. Why can't I do that with jackpots instead? I mean, who doesn't want to be able to accurately predict the next winning numbers and make life much easier?

I have a classmate and over the 3 months of internship, I have come to be able to somehow read her expression. I can even tell if my aunt is lying! I don't know.. it's scary to the point where I think I should be taking some other course instead!
At one point during the internship, someone told me that I'm a psych cause I told him where the stapler is although he didn't tell me that he was looking for it. Seriously, is it that hard? You just photocopied a bunch of documents so the next thing to do is staple them together right? LOL!

Well, I do enjoy being able to predict people though there is only quite a few I would like to do that to. Anyway, the point is, sometimes I feel like people are giving me more credit than I deserve or maybe I'm just being to critical of myself to give myself enough credit. Either way, I have to admit that sometimes, I do scare myself.

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Sunday. 6.20.10 2:21 am
I am 3 enteries off 400. Well, it doesn't matter.

This weekend was fun!!!

I watch Toy Story 3 (which is touching and funny) and spent the whole day with Suwa, tried on a 400 bucks dress (of course I didn't buy it!), window shopped, bought cat repellent (we would love to just kill it but my uncle's girl is strongly against animal cruelty), and of course, with her, there's always a bitching session.

Oh.. my uncle brought us to eat Snowflake today!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Though I'm supposed to be studying for my finals and figuring out how to do my tutorials, what the heck, delaying one last weekend won't hurt that much, would it?

I'm now waiting for the new episode of Leverage and that completes my weekend =)

I hope you guys had a nice weekend too!

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Sarah McLachLan (edited)
Sunday. 6.6.10 3:59 am
I'm listening to the 4th Sarah McLachLan CD I borrowed today.. after a while.. all her songs sound more or less the same.. so I'm sticking to liking Angel, I Will Remember You and Ordinary Miracles, for now.

Edit: I also like the song When She Loved Me... and I didn't know why I had visions of a toy looking out the window at a girl as it grow out.. until I googled it.. Guess now I can't say that I totally haven't watched Toy Story..

I guess I shall need to see if my new best friend has any more CDs that I can borrow =P
Still... Original CDs are pretty expensive here (like 45 bucks a pop) and he has like 8 from one singer.. wonder if he has a cupboard full of original CDs. That is besides the point.. I think I shall look into Natalie Imbruglia (sp?), Alanis Morissette (sp?), or some other angry/emo singer of the 90s (or are they in the 80s?)... Ah well, the perks of growing up with people who are born in the 70s, you don't end up liking people like Sean Kingston or Justin Bieber... or Jay Sean.. Sorry for those who like these singers.. call me old fashioned.

On another note, entirely different from the title... Some people have found their way to this blog and mind you, this is a place where I tell people what I think of this world and if you have some problem with it, take it up with me, don't be a bitch and blab about it to everyone, you ass-likers, it's so uncool. So what if people like you more in general than me? I don't care... I'm just there because I love the people who want to be there and if you want to wedge a war, I don't care if I'm going to be the only person to have to fight all you pretentious, delusional people, BRING. IT. ON. Though before that, maybe you should really get your facts right. Maybe you'll finally see that you're not that great after all = )

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Friday. 6.4.10 6:54 am
This weekend started with a sigh of relief as I have finished and handed up my Research paper. Thank god I have a wonderful, wonderful team member who kept me in check and made sure that I don't overwork myself. I'm such a lousy team leader this semester, maybe because of all the unnecessary stress that I need to put up with.

I am short tempered, foul mothed, loud-voiced, tom-boyish, opnionated, overreactive..... *shrugs* I have my bunch of misfits who loves me as I am and I'm happy for that.

Although quite a lot of things are not the way I want it to be but right now, there is pretty much nothing I can do about it and I shall not be moping around about it. I have another month to enjoy life before I have to make a decision and I guess I'll focus on what I have right now and enjoy my time with my lovely, lovely classmates.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Till next weekend or maybe in a few days = )

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Lady Antebellum
Wednesday. 5.19.10 12:10 pm
Is this country band that I'm having on repeat right now.

I have both their albums but I prefer their self-titled album (their first) more than their second one. It's on replay now and I like the way it soothes me when I'm upset.

I wish things are a little less complicated now. There's someone whom thoughts I want to know but alas, I cannot ask because it feels wrong. Guess I need to take a higher dosage of chill pills. I wish things will be better tomorrow =)

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Saturday. 5.8.10 7:28 am
I have just jumped off the Chobits train.. after jumping on it late last night. I have to say.. it may just be another love story but it kind of have a point there. More and more people are choosing technology advancement over other humans or pets over humans and I can quite see why.

First of all, things that aren't human doesn't come with any kind of rejection towards your personality, way of life, figure of speech, wealth or family, among a longer list of things. Pets don't really care about anyone else but you and they accept you for who you are, which very little humans can do, what more to be compared to technological advancements. Sometimes, all you need is very little human interactions to keep you satiated and then you can be all by yourself. Take me for example, I can totally shut people out, especially when I get an overdose of human interaction. By that I mean by spending too much time with people and I just want to just lock myself in my room for a good week or so before I would like to spend time with some people. I think that is why I quite like to go shopping by myself... there are humans, and interactions but limited.

Second of all, pets and technological advancement can be programmed to how we want it to be. It's a bit harder to train pets but it can be done. Nonetheless, humans are much harder to train, as the proverb goes: it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. If you get those who are willing to change, then good for you but if you the others... then you'd probably be miserable. After all, with all the random chats and the internet and online dating and what not, who needs to get out of their house just to get some human interaction? Call the delivery guy! That's human interaction too!!

Then again, it's sad to see more and more people walking down that path.. it's like the fear of getting rejected is getting the best of them and it's sad because these people just shut the world out. I sometimes wonder if these people feel lonely and then I realised that sometimes, when you get what you want in life, you don't really feel lonely and left out. I mean you get to go where you want to go, buy what you want to buy and things along that line and all you want is to be able to reduce human contact to as minimal as possible, then what more would you ask for, right? Kind of reminds me of The Lotus Eater.

Talking about The Lotus Eater, I will definitely go to Naples one day and see if the Bay of Naples is that breath-taking on a full moon night to make people want to live there forever.

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