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Scotty Doesnt Know...
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
soooo dont tell Scotty! :) I watched that movie today, so Ive had that song in my head like allll day long. I keep singing it, then my sister will sing it, and my mom was like, dont sing that. She was watching it for awhile, then she got disgusted. COME ON! The woman watched Supertroopers. I think she could handle this movie. Plus, she likes all the American Pie mores. She is just no fun I guess! So anyways..yesterday was my birthday. I got a diamond ring.. some regular plates that have pink and orange polka dots on them, with matching cups, pink bowls, annnnddd plates that are shaped as flowers for college, and I got a thermal tea pot ( I collect tea pot stuff), anddddd I got cherries, b/c Ive wanted some for like, forever...and I got money. How exciting. I have like 235 dollars that I need to spend on stuff for college. SO Im finally 18... I gotta go buy some porn, lottery stuff, cigs, and that should tie me over for awhile. Lol! Then Ill get bored, and just drink b/c Im not legal to do that. After I am..it wont be fun anymore. *sighs* Oh well.. :) It'll be a good time. Speaking of a good time. Party on Friday is going to be fun...My Iggy cant go though! I want my #2 to be there, but she is going on vacation so I guess Ill have to save some drinks for her. :) Ahh it's going to be banging...Hopefully, some people..or guy.. whatever..that I want to come..lol comes! Because that would make me really happy. :) It would be a nice bday present if you ask me. :) Anyways... all I did was relax today b/c Ive been busy for like the past three days, so today was my relaxing day. Ive slept really good, and overall everything was a complete success. :):) AH well...Ill write more later maybe..Im bored, and I gotta do other stuff. Im out..PEACE!

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Its my birthday..
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
And..Im finally legal! Heck yes.. dunno what to write. But I knew I had to write a little something something. :):) peace out

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I must say one thing...
Monday, June 27, 2005
And Ill let Tabby say it.. Tabatha054: i'm sorry...must be she still wants to be just like you... Tabatha054: some things never change.., SO stop it! UGH! No one KNOWS how much I hate that...it bugs me. I can understand if my FRIENDS take it..but you..DONT! So stop! And make me happy. Anyways..Im hot b/c I cleaned all FUCKING day...for my birthday dinner tomorrow. So Im pretty tired. :) Thats all I wanted to say. My party is going to be awesome on Friday..and I cant wait! :) If you wanna go..you know my s/ns...just holla at me aight? Im out! My bday is tomorrow.. yay! Peace

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Sunday, June 26, 2005
you know how I was talking about all those dreams.....about that one person! Well..Im not anymore.. that's for DAMN sure! Well..he is still in them, but ...its different I guess..

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Sunday, June 26, 2005
..so anyways...I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. THAT was NOT exciting! Ugh...I hate those damn things, oh well. I got over it..tuesday.... I think I did nothing.. *thinks* WAIT! I went shopping w/ Tabby! That's right..that was fun! She got her nails done, and stuff like that..it was a good time. I was broke b/c I spend too much money but now I have some money...so it's all good. ;) Tabby is awesome..I swear, I love that girl, and Ima miss her lots! Hmm..Wednesday..I had to go back to the doc's....they checked my vision and my TB thinger dinger. That was fun and exciting! Then of course, I went shopping afterwards. Then I went over to my #2's house! :) We had a lot of fun... it was a good time. I love that girl, dunno what Id do without her sometimes. Thursday..we woke up, and went to orientation. That...was an AWESOME time! :) Oh..the boys. *sighs* Lol... One is particular. Right Iggy? SOOO CUTE! Atleast he is older than some guys around here.. and much cuter. Heck yes! :) Anyways..Friday..came back home... took a nap at my grandmas...andddddddddd came back home and got ready for my cousins graduation. That lasted like an hour and a half....shorter than what Troys is. I was jealous, plus..it had a/c so it was fun! Friggin guy that I know from there, was like there...and I tried to avoid eye contact. His name is Chris..ugh, I hate that kid, and he always talks to me, and is like, you dont like me do you..it's like...wow, are we now just figuring this out. So I came back home... and stayed then went to bed b/c Ive been waking up really early and shit lately. Yesterday...I had to take Heather to work at like... 7:30..SUCKED ASS! And then I went to go get a check from my dad's friend b/c he still owes my dad money...got that cashed..went to my grandmas...come home, start cleaning, and Ben calls... He was upset and wanted to come over and so...he came over. His friggin..ugh...dad's girlfriend's daughter...stole Heather's engagment ring, his pure silver ring from Germany..*thinks* Like..and a whole buncha over stuff that goes over like...$500! And well, you can see why he was upset. So he came over here before he punched her or something. Her friggin mom accused Heather and I of stealing..I was like she better be glad I wasnt there, b/c Id friggin chew her ass out for even saying that. Heather...stealing her own engagment ring..yeah that's really smart. And said someone else came in there...What the FUCK! If someone came in there...there would be more shit stolen, and it wouldnt be just from Ben. Ugh..I hate people! But anyways...Ben and I went to go get Heather around 3:30...Then they took me down to Amanda's.. :):) I love that girl!!! :) hehehe! We went swimming, and her sister and bro in law and Stevie was there..So we went out to dinner at Applebee's for my bday.. and like.. went to Walmart..then we came back, and ended up going to Kristy and Jesse's..Stevie and I stayed up drinking and I swear the kid talked to me for a friggin hour and a half. I didnt mind it...but Ive never talked to him like that before..lol It was weird, and I was drunk, and I hope I didnt say something I shouldnt have, b/c when Im drunk..I dont really care. :) Hehehe isnt that horriable. Well I wasnt drunk, I remember everything. The day that comes when I dont remember anything, will be the day that Im laying on the ground, holding onto the grass, saying...I dont wanna fall off the world! Right Iggy? lol.. Which will be this coming friday. But..today..Im going to Britt's party! yay! I gotta start getting around, and I was going to take a nap, but... I havent gotten that far yet. :) Who knows.. *thinks* Tuesday is my birthday..send me money! Or presents..or atleast say Happy Birthday to me! Ill be 18...and legal like Hosey says... lol.. Sorry, but that made me laugh. Just you had to be there..he is a cutie..woah! ;);) Which him read this someday and be like..well...shit! Eeeee! Friday... is my party. Which we are going swimming and having a bonfire. Atleast I think and it isnt final but it will be. :) If you dont want to stay for beverages...then get your ass outta there by 11:30. :) Not to be mean..but ya know. Well, ask me if you wanna go, b/c Im not inviting just anyone my friends. :) Plus, you gotta get directions... or you wont know where it is at. Maybe I should take it out of my profile..Good idea Jillybabe! Im just writing for the fuck of it.. Anyhoo.. Im out..and Im thinking to myself..maybe I am a slut.. *sighs* Oh well...Ive only fucked two people.. lmao.. you cant call me a slut for dancing around with guys and stuff.. Oh well...I love it! Peace...and Im going to stop rambling b/c....I dont care and this is what usual happens the day after..PEACE

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My Space?
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Hmmm..I signed up for that, but it seems like everyone is on it, and it doesnt seem like a lot of fun. But..Ill get my linky on here, and people if you have it...just add me or Ill add you..it'll be fun! It will be one of those things that Ill never look at again! Sort of like hi5! Probably when I got to Mansfield..Ill be on another facebook.. but anyways...I dont really wanna write right now, so Im going to write more later. Peace out!

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