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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Friday. 1.8.10 8:59 am
So apparently on facebook there is this thing of posting the color unmentionable you are wearing for the day.

Not that I'd participate, because, you know, they only make them in two colors when you are of a certain size. Black or nude. IF you are lucky, you may get red (whoa!), white or brown.

People are posting crazy things like chartreuse and nonexistent and yellow and purple and DAMNIT I WANT ONE IN PURPLE and orange...

While I am stuck with black or nude... and nude isn't even my skin tone. It's someone else's. Oh, and there's that brown, that I picked up on a lark, because it was surprisingly cheap.

I would harass the people posting their fancy colors, but apparently it's for breast cancer, this fad, and harassing them would make me a jerk.

I'm not the jerk, the companies that only make things in certain colors at certain sizes are the jerks.

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Lowe's Breaks Laws!
Sunday. 12.27.09 6:59 pm
I went to Lowe's today, and bought some stuff.
I was watching the signature pad for prices, since there was no extra-window thing to see the prices, and I figured they would show up on the sign-y pad.


I mentioned it to the clerk, she says you find out how much stuff costs when you print out the receipt.

I thought that was illegal, but I wasn't sure if it was some other state or locality.

However, Good ol' Virginny has it spelled out.

§ 3.2-5627. Pricing of retail merchandise.

A. In a point-of-sale system the selling price of a consumer item displayed or offered for sale at retail shall be clearly and conspicuously indicated in Arabic numerals, so as to be readable and understandable by visual inspection, and shall be stamped upon or affixed to the consumer item or posted at or adjacent to the display.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to: (i) greeting cards sold individually that have a code price, readable and understandable by visual inspection, on the back of the card; or (ii) merchandise ordered as a gift by a consumer that is sent by mail or other delivery service to a person other than the consumer by the retailer at the request of the consumer.

So I guess I will leave feedback on their website, and call the store and let them know about it tomorrow.

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Wednesday. 12.23.09 12:20 am
so my rant was a bit premature.

They just wanted to know that they were indeed going the right way.
Still a bit of "um, you aren't near any of the other things I said you'd be near...", but at least it wasn't a full out "ZOMG you said I'd be here, where am I it is your fault i am lost!"

Still, I enjoyed the comments.

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Things I don't understand.
Monday. 12.21.09 5:45 pm
I must be damn awful at giving directions. I mean, it seems that people just can't follow them! Even if I am giving crazy details like "look for THIS", no, people get pissy that my directions are HORRIBLE. WTF.

You know you are going from point A to point B, WHY for the love of ham, are you going to stop at point A.5 and then get pissy about "well I didn't know because blahblahblah".

I say in my directions, go this way, UNTIL x. Not go this way oh hey there is X, but I am not where you said I should be, and I went that way and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

No? I told you directions, a, b, c. Not a, b, s, c. I mean, have you passed these important landmarks? No? Then why is it my fault that you can't follow directions?

What is so hard about "stay on this road to this city". You know you are trying to go to city P, I've already said "follow this sign that says cities Q,R,P", what is hard to follow about A BIG HONKING SIGN? You know you are going to city P, why would you stop before city P when you see a sign that says "city P, n miles"? Doesn't the sign tell you that you are not near your destination? Am I supposed to read for you as well?

I've said take exit U on road W, you see exit U. Are you on road W? No? Then this is not your exit U. It is not my fault that you see exit U and go "oh I am confused", because somehow you left out the steps inbetween to put you on road W before taking exit U.

Sheesh. I try to make my directions damn simple to follow, and yet people still manage to get lost/confused. FFS, what do I need to do, teleport to the person driving and hold their hand the whole way?

This is why I hate giving people directions. I don't think I can make them any clearer, and yet there's always some sort of bellyaching about oh this, oh that, do I do this? Did I say do that? No? DON'T DO IT!

These must be the same people that go to the Dr. and say "Doc, it hurts when I do this!", and the Dr. replies "well don't do that!".

I could understand if I said "go on this road, go on this road, turn at this third light", and gave no... extra details. But seriously, when I give directions, I say "you will pass these things. Turn on this road, by this thing, across from that thing. look for this, you will know you are going the right way. Follow the road. don't turn. get into x lane when you see y" I don't know how much more detailed I can get!

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Monday. 12.14.09 7:19 pm

But this one is better.

And lastly:

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Prepare for a heart attack.
Friday. 12.11.09 4:31 pm
Seriously. Go scour your arteries before reading this.

That said, I would try: 1(soda), 6(oreos), 8(spam), 13 (apples), MOST DEFINITELY 16 (oh god I love fried bananas. I had one at this restaurant in Chinatown, and it was totally like they tempura'd it, and it was lovely), 17 (french toast), 22(ice cream), maybe 28 (moon pies are tasty, y'all), 32 (deep fried green beans are delicious!).

Deep fried cupcakes(46), doughnuts(25), Mars bars(2), Snickers(29,48), mac & cheese(4), Pizza (5), Reese's Cups(9), Twinkies(10), Cadbury Eggs(15), and Jellybeans(seriously? ew. 57) all sound like a Bad Idea™.

Mushrooms(49) aren't half bad, I find that I can somewhat tolerate well cooked mushrooms.

The blasphemous thing is that the list lacks fried broccoli. It ranks to be the BEST fried thing EVER. Holy crap, fried broccoli. Ok, maybe fried sweet potatoes are close. And bananas. How can you have a list of fried things without broccoli?

I was rather upset when the State Fair did not have fried broccoli.How can you be a State fair and not have fried broccoli?!

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