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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Whatever Monday
Monday, April 30, 2007
I'm having flu and cough. It sucks and I'm at work. That sucks more.

I think my blog need a new outlook but I got no idea what to do with it. So at the mean time, I might just make everything transparent because I'm just too tired to look at flowery backgrounds. And it sucks that I can't manage to get modules on the right not only on the left. Man. I'm mad.

And before starting work, I was telling one of my workmates that we shouldn't bother about arrogant and backstabbing people due to karma. So I asked the male jerk in my office to explain what is karma knowing he knows much more than me. But then, I was under torrential attack verbally by gibbering that some Chinese religions don't believe in Karma ... Indian religions don't believe in Karma ... and damn ... Chinese don't believe in karma. What the hell??

I have never ever been this mad on a Monday MORNING. So I declared WAR on him by not talking to him the whole day. This has alleviated my mood tremendously and I feel so much happier.

That jerk deserves it. Bwahahahaha.

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Meow is Alive!
Friday. 4.27.07 9:20 am
Meow people.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog although you will be wondering what happened to my wallpaper and the transparency. Right. I was just experimenting with the css codes for the past few days. Haha. What You See Is What I Did. Haha. Of course, this time it's another failure.

I just can't seem to have left and right modules. I cut and paste a lot of css codes onto my blog and no results. Damn tired.

And ... there's no internet in my house at the moment. No idea what happened but the technicians are working on the problem.

And ... I'm having sore throat. Right. Hopefully I don't get fever.

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Pandang Belakang Idiot! [Look Behind]
Sunday, April 22, 2007
I'm aware of the title.

That's because I went to watch a horror Malaysian movie called Jangan Pandang Belakang. The English translation title is Don't Look Back. Right. I thought it will be cool to supoport and watch local movie. So I chose this movie. No idea who is the director and the actors especially the person in designing the hantu [ghost] for the movie. Mr. A thought it was crap and I thought it can be improved. But I really feel it's better to use a real human than using some plaster and bamboo stick to create the hantu.

Beginning was good. Not so scary. And then later, it was getting scarier. Someone even screamed at the sound of the microwave beep. I was still 'ok'. But the frequency of my hand dipping into the popcorn increased. And Mr. A was laughing. In fact, all of the audience were.

You bet I didn't scream? Wrong, people. I did. But only for a short while. My mind was wandering a bit while watching this particular scene: the hantu was sitting at the passenger seat and of course our hero didn't see it and then there was a guy from the highway wanted to give assistance to the hero. HAHA. This guy saw the hantu floating behind the hero. And I SCREAMED. Because my mind came back from wandering and saw something disgusting on the screen.

Thank god. I was not the only one who screamed. And there was also a scene like The Ring: the hantu was crawling not out of the tv but from some kitchen. Funny. But I shut my eyes. Because I just don't like to see a hantu without a face.

Ending? Just like your average expectation. Sweet as.

You know I once saw a woman with long hair trying to have a look on me from my upper deck of my bed. But I only saw the hair. Not the face. Thank god.

Another one was ... the night I moved out of college hostel. I was living in my newly rented room. And I could feel someone standing outside of my room door. A woman. I can't see her face because she was looking at the ground. She had long hair. Dressed in white. A long white gown. Frizzy fringe. She just stood outside of my room door for 2 nights. Sometimes I could feel her presence in the house. But I told her to please let me sleep in peace. And I had since then.

Any ghost stories to share with me?

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Short story
Saturday, April 21, 2007
jolenesiah was telling me her occurring nightmare - something like that - last night. And she is weaving them into a story. I read it and I was just wondering what is the ending but she said she doesn't know. And then it gave me an idea to write a story that very night. What gave me the enthusiasm was related to something I read in the office earlier. The article I read in the office was about this author writing 350 words of short story every morning just to get his brain working. Right. So I decided to take up the challenge for myself.

I wrote this story within 30 minutes. Seriously. I didn't bring it out well so most likely it won't enter my writing corner. But if you were in my head, you would then understand the storyline better. Enjoy people.


How long have I been running? How long have I been running in these woods??? Why is there no ending??? What am I running from???

Pearl didn’t recall anything except the strong urge to run as fast as she could. There was blood everywhere on her but she could not recall how she got them. She could not even remember if she had injured herself. All she knew was to run like a wind.

She was panting. Panting hard. The cool air of the night burned her lungs but she didn’t care. She didn’t care if her lungs burned into ashes as long she runs like the wind. She didn’t care if her aching legs melted on the spot as long she runs like the wind. She didn’t care if she had lost her directions in the woods as long she runs like the wind. She knew she would regret until the day she dies if she heeds her instinct. And her instinct was telling her to sprint.

She kept looking back. Nothing was behind her but she kept running despite her feet screaming of tiredness and her arms roaring of tensions. The only strength she had now was to clutch a silver hook pendant in her right palm. The glow from the pendant against the moonlight boosted her energy to run.

She kept on running but suddenly her feet pulled to a complete halt. The pendant was held closed to her bosom. She peered at the edge. If her feet didn’t stop, she would have plunged down the cliff. She shut her eyes and think hard. So intense was her brainstorming her head was throbbing and birds were flying around her head like a halo.

No. I cannot stop here. I will just climb down, thought Pearl.

“No. You are not climbing down here,” said a slender and meek looking guy with his arms crossed, standing a few meters away from Pearl.

Her eyes widened with horror with a small ‘o’.

“See you, Nefri,” replied Pearl with a broken tone. And she jumped.

Nefri ran towards her but it was too late. She had jumped.

She felt like she was flying in the air. And she felt free like a bird. She smiled.

I’m going to be free … thought Pearl. Her brain system shut off and she fell into a deep sleep …


Pearl could feel a soft caress across her face. Warm and comforting. She could feel the strong feeling of love in every stroke.

She opened her eyes gently and a soft orange colour ceiling greeted her. She could hear the fire crackle in a distance. The crackling soothed her mind. Gathering up all her strength, she averted her eyes to the direction of the caress.

“Welcome back, my love,” greeted a young man with tanned looking skin. He continued to stroke her hair tenderly.

Her heart ached as if an arrow has gone through it. Tears streaked her pallid face. She turned away from him even though she could see crease of worriless painted on his forehead and the eyes filled with excruciating hurt.

But she didn’t care. She just wished she was as dead as a corpse.

Sahidiwara pecked on her cheek and left the room for her to rest.

She closed her eyes and dreamed of freedom that very night.

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My anime list
Friday, April 20, 2007
Interested to know what anime I have seen? Check out here

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I'm afraid of my dreams
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I'm absolutely not talking about the sleeping dreams. I'm talking my life goals; those dreams I have set unconsciously. WillI ever achieve them? Yea you can include I want to be a millionaire as one of the dreams...

My friend was asking me what I want for my birthday. Oh it's quite far from now and I actually have not thought of what I want. That's because whatever I receive for my birthday ... will it help me to achieve my dreams? Those dreams I'm trying to work towards achieving them.

What do I really want in life? I know them but I feel so helpless at looking at my dream list. It's more of a wishlist than things-to-achieve list. But I live only once. What the heck.

Oh well, lengchai, I know you will be reading this entry. I will get you my birthday wish list soon. Just wait ya. >.<

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