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Truewindrune: Version Sunset
All entries below are written me. Please DO NOT take anything from this site, which including images, codes, and text, without my permission. There is a separate section for image and layout credits.

Bento Lunch #12
10/19/06 6:48 AM
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Top Tier: WaiYing Siumai, Rice topped with Ma-hu (Powdered Pork with Sesame Seeds and Seaweed Strips), Meatballs

Bottom Tier: Bread and Cheese Melt, Marshmallows

Extra: Mango Jelly

(XD Getting tired of writing descriptions.XD)

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Bento Lunch #11
10/16/06 6:35 AM
WARNING!! It's not an appetizing picture!!!

Still want to see it? ^^;;

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Left Compartment: Rice, sprinkled with toasted sesame seed, noodles (I don't know how the dish is called. :P)

Right, Top Compartment: Apple slices, supposedly "garnished" with Philippine Lemon slices

Right, Bottom Compartment: Tofu and Fish Fillet.

I had second thoughts about posting this. I don't find it appealing. But then again, it's here to chronicle what I eat. XD Good or bad.

Now that I think about it, it looks bad since the dishes are "wet". It's challenging to decorate "wet" dishes since they don't hold shape. Secondly, they're all leftovers (except the apples and the rice) XDXD. Third, I'm just not good enough. XD

But I did learn something interesting. This morning, my aunt from Australia (who stays with us for a week) learned that I like to "decorate" my bentos. Since she likes to cook and garnish food, she was pretty excited to see how mine would turn out. In the end, she was the one who taught me new tricks.

The spring onion you see on the left? She did that. :P She sliced the end of spring onion stalk and submerged it in a bowl of cold, iced water. Since it's cold, the ends curled up by itself. It doesn't look as nice as it should with my bento. But maybe some other chance. :D

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Bento Lunch #10
10/12/06 6:32 AM
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Top Tier: Apple slices, WaiYing Siumai (WaiYing is a name of a resto. XD)

Bottom Tier: Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork

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Bento Lunch #9: Birthday Bento
10/10/06 6:24 AM
It's my mom's birthday today! Do you know what that means? We'll have the traditional misua (a kind of birthday noodles). For more info about Misua, click here.

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Top Tier: Koko Krunch Cereals mixed with Twix Fruit Cereals and flower-shaped marshmallows, mango jelly, strawberry jelly, pineapple jelly. :P

Bottom Tier: Potato Croquette, Curry Croquette (both from Hatchiin), Misua.

Oh dear, the croquettes I bought from Hatchiin didn't taste as good as I imagine. After a while, I start to get bored eating it. We call it Nakaka-suya. I don't know how to describe it in English though. But at least, I packed some yummy stuff for snacks. That certainly evened it out. XD

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Bento Lunch #8
10/09/06 6:01 AM
And here comes a back-log of bento lunches that I haven't blogged about. Quite over-dued. But even so, I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully, you become a bento convert too. ^0^ *pulls Katrina and Sylphie*

For Bento #1-7, please go to my Diaryland blog instead. =D Without further ado, I present thee Bento Lunch #8!

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Top Tier: Kuma-Futago-chan Rice, Hoshi-chan Rice, Spicy Tuna Flakes, Fried Fish Fillet

Bottom Tier: Cream Sauce for the Fish Fillet, Mandarin Orange Slices and an Evil-heart Onigiri.

XD Actually "Kuma-Futago-chan Rice, Hoshi-chan Rice" are just bear-shaped and star-shaped rice. For the Futago, that's just because there are two Kuma-shaped. XD

I didn't like the onigiri very much. I like seaweed wrappers, but they tend to taste pretty aweful and tasteless when they're moist and soggy. I wonder how others do theirs. ^^

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Nutang Motivation
Friday, October 27, 2006
Nutang is taking forever to load again. XD Anyway, so I'll write something again...

The main reason why I decided to post something in Nutang is to earn the money. Hahaha. I don't have a noble reason. Well, I knew about the point system ever since Kuri joined Nutang. But I only got the motivation after seeing her hit the $5 mark. Hahaha. XD

I probably couldn't claim that money even if I want to. It's hard to send money over to my country since Paypal only lets us send money and not receive. =( But maybe I could ask a favor to the Nutang people to send it over to Kuri or Katrina instead. And maybe... just maybe, if I earned enough dollars to buy a Tokyopop manga, they'll buy it in my stead. XD But scanning would take lots of time and shipping would be another charge. XD

Anyway, that's how crazy my mind's been working lately. XD

(... Nutang's still taking forever to load... <_< Shall I write another one?)

(after 5 minutes... why oh why?! Does Nutang hate me? >_< Maybe they're cursing me for posting my previous entry about the invites. XD)

OMG! I didn't notice my layout looks like crap in IE!! O_O If anyone can help me solve the last image splice on the right, please tell me. ^^;; It works fine in Firefox. If you don't have firefox, it should look like Truewindrune Diaryland's. XD

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