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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Evil, The Great
Wednesday. 2.12.14 9:21 pm
Because I just remembered that Best Buy starts with 'B', I shall categorize it as Evil, The Great.

I shall regale you with 8-year-old musings:

Best Buy is teh evil

Still no luck...

Seriously. Don't shop there. I won't talk to you if you do, and I'll laugh when you injure yourself on clamshell packaging. I don't care that we're schmoodly and eating face, I will give you the silent treatment.

I-I-It's not nice to make fun of people w-w-w st-st-stutters.(Seriously. Why would you have someone with a stutter answering the phone? )

Lying bastards

I guess this UPS's fault... nah, it's TGE's.

Hrm. I should prob... actually it doesn't matter if I clean up that info, I don't live at that address anymore.

Anyway. I don't even set foot into the cesspool that is TGE, I don't want any of their air, heating, showrooming, anything. I want nothing to do with them, EVER.

Of course, right after having all of this trouble, my aunt only remembered that I talked about them all the time, and so she got me a gift card. I spent my last penny, not even mine, I borrowed it, on a phone for my parents.

Man, I can't stand that company.

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Tuesday. 2.11.14 10:08 pm
I've been trying to think of things I don't like that start with D for the past day or three.

I'm eating a piece of tiramisu. I like tiramisu.

BUT. I don't like diets. Or diet food. Shit pisses me off.
OMG I'm being sooo good I'm eating air! Wood chips! Absolutely nothing!
OMG I'm being sooo bad because I'm eating something that tastes like something "bad"! I've given food a spot on the moral compass! You ate cake, you baby-killer!

I always complain that women are supposed to look like we're eating, but in the end, consume nothing of value, lest we have an ounce of fat.

And those diet-foods? Lean this, healthy that? I ate too much of that crap when I was younger. Not by choice. I refuse to buy it now, even if some of it does look delicious.

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C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me!
Thursday. 2.6.14 4:35 pm
Nope, I like Cookies, and I like Cookie Monsters.

What I don't like?


There's been a picture circulating the book of faces, about air hurting faces. Stupid air-hurting faces.

I spend so much more money in the winter, trying to stay warm. It's ridiculous.

Last week I bought some long underwear and new mittens. Plus $25 shipping to get it here yesterday. Which it would not have, had I not gone to get it.

Somehow UPS decides that Roanoke and Greensboro were having bad weather. Um. The children were at the bus stop yesterday... for once.

I'm hoping these things will keep me warm.

Stupid cold. I drink so much coffee and tea in the winter, I get tea drunk. I'm a lush even without liquor! FFS!

Charlie agrees, the cold stinks!

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B! Boy oh Boy what I don't like with B!
Wednesday. 2.5.14 7:15 am

I dislike buzzfeed. It seems to only be "edgy" lists that consist of crappy screencap gifs and image macros.

It's like the gutter of the internet, as bad as tumblr!

I'm okay with Bees, they get shit done.

Bitey jerks? I don't like those. What did I do to get bitten!?

Blizzards! They are too damn cold. And well I guess that's a post for tomorrow.

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Day A of things I hate *update*
Tuesday. 2.4.14 6:58 pm
Today's letter is A.

I could take the easy route and do Assholes.

Who likes assholes, other than silly people who feel the need to be in that sort of relationship?

They're jerks, really.
People who don't use their turn signals, those people who don't respect your personal space, people who are loud... I don't know.

I'm ok with Ants and Aardvarks and Antihistamines and antidisestablishmentarianism(because, yup, I'm an asshole), I'm not sure what else I hate.

Maybe appetites. I just ate half a bag of kettle corn and a cookie. And a banana. Oof.

ADVERTISEMENTS! Man, they piss me off. Always loud, trying to sell you something.
I did see this one during the puppy bowl, I thought it was cute. But I already want a Subaru.

I realized what prompted this series of posts: Automatic Toilets.

Oh, how I HATE automatic toilets. And faucets. Paper towel dispensers and hand dryers are ok. Unless it's that damn Dyson Airblade dryer, that think is useless.

Anyway. What prompted this series is the auto-toilets next to my office. Anywhere you go and there is an auto-toilet, if you forget to block the sensor, IT WILL FLUSH WHILE YOU ARE USING IT. Always! I need to remember to take my post-it back.

Auto-sinks: You have to dance naked on your pinkie toe under the third full moon of the fourth month of the seventh year to get these assholes to work. And when they do work, the water is always very cold. Always. And god forbid you breathe, bam, you're not getting any more water.

Auto-driers: I like the vortex ones. I can use them to make fart noises with my hands. The airblades are useless, they work until I get to my palms, and then I have soaking wet fingers. What's the use?

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Monday. 2.3.14 9:48 pm
I was grumpy today, and decided that I should really continue my re-challenge. Then I had an idea, because I was grumpy.

My idea? I will spend an entry outlining 26 things I hate, A-Z.
Then I will do the same with things I like.

Bam! That should get me to 100, right?

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