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Age. 0
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Malay
Location Perlis, Malaysia
School. Other
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Thursday. 10.19.06 11:46 pm

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Thursday. 10.19.06 2:08 am

Cinta is directed by Kabir Bhatiar.The Film offers five different stories..each stories has unique crisis..so if u like to watch malay film..(new cinema)...dis film shuld u watch..

age does not diminish one's capacity for luve or need of campanionship. The mancing of time has not been kind to elyas (dato rahim razali) a retired school teacher. But despite illness and age, Rubiah..a kind and compassionate woman sees elayss' dignity and spirit shining through, can you recognize the face of love, even when you have no memory of it..??Does love have to end in your advancing years..??

love is really happen when you least expect it. An unexpected meeting leads you to unexpected depth of feeling for azlan(eizlan yusof), a wealthy eligible bachelor. He meets azura (fasha sandha), book store assistant and romantically persues azura.But when she falls for him, is this the girlz with simple background finally good enough for him..??

Dyan(nanu) is a rich succesful architect but unlucky in luv.Trapped in love triangle, Dyan is protective of her younger brother Dhani(que haidar), a struggling artist who seems to lack ambition. Frustrated that her brother is wasting his talents, Dyan urgues him to change his life. wat sacrifie u willing to make for da 1 u luv..??

Haris seems to have it all-- beautiful wife,airin, a beautiful daughter, beautiful life. Until he wakes up one day to find that his perfect life is but an illusion. Does he fight for her, or does true luve mean letting go of the one you love the most..??

arianna is a young girlz who is literally looking for luve in the wrong places in the city with a help of kind stranger, taufiq. By depending of kindness of strangers, does arianna finds the love that she desperately seeks or does she finally see who is da 1 that truly loves her..??

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DON - The Chase Begins Again
Thursday. 10.19.06 1:46 am
1 of SRK muvie dis yearz..promot dis muvie cuz..80% shooting kat malaysia...u can c KLCC in da poster..nice arr..!

In 2006, the drug trade is booming. The Malaysian Intelligence and Anti-Narcotic Department are called upon for assistance by their Indian Counterparts. There are rumours that a drug gang has recently moved their headquarters to Kuala Lampur.

The gang is headed by Singhania. But what many people do not know, is that the business is truly managed by Singhania's trusted lieutenant, DON.

A man who lives live on the edge, Don is constantly expanding the size of his empire while evading arrest or death at the hands of his enemies. His chief pursuer is an Indian police officer Narcotics, DCP Desilva (Played by Boman Irani). He is a man who has sworn to capture Don as he believes that Don is the key to capture the gang.

And one day, he succeeds. Don is captured and Desilva puts his plan into action. Unknown to even his own department, Desilva has recruited and trained a man who is a spitting image of Don, his name is Vijay.

Vijay infiltrates the cartel and manages to give Desilva all the information he needs to bring it down. But in a bizzare twist of fate, Desilva is killed during a raid and the secret that Don is infact Vijay, a police informer, is buried with him.

The only people who realise that he is an imposter, are the members of Don's cartel and they want their revenge. Vijay is on the run and is now on the lookout for the last piece of evidence that can get him out of this mess.

Helping him on his quest are two people. One is Roma (Priyanka Chopra), a young woman, who was working in the gang but only to avenge her brother's death who had been mercilessly killed by Don when he had decided to leave the gang. The other person is Jasjit (Arjun Rampal), the real father of Vijay's adopted son, he owes Vijay a favour for having looked after the boy while he was in prison.

Wanted by the police, hunted day and night, will Vijay be successful in his mission??

Shahrukh Khan... Don/Vijay
Priyanka Chopra... Roma
Isha Koppikar... Anita
Kareena Kapoor...Kamini
Arjun Rampal... Jasjit (J.J.)
Boman Irani...Cop Desilva
Om Puri... Interpol Officer R.K. Malik


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Thursday. 10.19.06 1:27 am


Eragon tells the tale of a farm boy named Eragon, living in the village Carvahall in the fictional and magical world of Alagaësia. At the age of fifteen, he finds a dragon egg. From the egg hatches Saphira. Her arrival sets off a series of events that turn his life, and many other lives, upside down. Eragon keeps this as a secret. One day he finds his uncle dead and sets out on a journey to avenge him. Accompanied by a wise storyteller named Brom, Eragon and Saphira, take up the legacy of a legendary race of dragon riders, learning the skills of magic, swordfighting and dragon-riding in preparation for his revenge against those responsible for the death of his family. He eventually joins the forces of the Varden, an order of rebels determined to overthrow the king Galbatorix, and fights in the climactic battle of Farthen Dûr.

Release Date: December 15, 2006
Directed by Stefen Fangmeier
Produced by John Davis, Adam Goodman
Written by Christopher Paolini(novel), Peter Buchman(screenplay)
Starring Edward Speleers, John Malkovich, Garrett Hedlund, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Guillory,
Music by Patrick Doyle
Distributed by Fox 2000 Pictures

Official Site: http://www.eragonmovie.com/
Trailer: http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/eragon/

credit for http://www.wikipedia.com

ceta nih based on novel..ala2 LOTR gak..ditulis oleh udak yg berumo 15 taun..so ceta nih ader trilogy..means..akan ader sequel le..bile tgk trailer..rs cam buleh la..nak kate best..x tau lagik..kene tgk bulan december nnti..

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Nail in the fence
Monday. 10.16.06 11:28 pm
There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His Father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence.

The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.

The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, "You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say "I'm sorry," the wound is still there."

A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one. Friends are very rare jewels, indeed. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed. They lend an ear, they share words of praise and they always want to open their hearts to us. So do not hurt people and then regret for life. The relationship may not be the same again.

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Sgt Ler X tahu
Wednesday. 10.11.06 11:14 am
hurm..aku sbnrnya x tahu nak tulis hape..sbb rsnye xder mende menarik pun..so biler terbc shout kat tepi tuh dr mawigiler(chikamix ke..)..aku rs nak tergelak pun ader.. ..yer la..btul la tuh klu asek entry berpass sure la buhsan kan..tp dulu ader gak aku pernah TERKANTOI entry berpass ney..ahaks..naseb la..nak wat camner..sape terbc tuh..kire rezeki laa..ahaks.. ..neway nnti ler klu aku rajin aku bukak la balek entry tuh..bukannye ade hapepun..
hurm..act klu ader mende besh baru aku update..tp xkan ler aku nak ceta psl kehidupan aku seharian..cz mende2 tuh sm jeq..makan tido..surfing..bal bla..tp it will b diff if aku dah keje....kang klu aku update mende camnih sure korang buhsan lak..ekeke..

erm..ok la aku ceta la sumthg mlm nih..smlm aku dapat sms dr sum1..my frenz..so dia bagitau..

"iken..pesal x angkat call F..dia dah call bnyk kali"
(aku dah blur ms tu..erk..xder lak hp aku berbunyi)

aku:"x dapat call pun"

"dia igt iken x nak kawan ngn dia"
(huhu..sudah..aku bajet mmg hp aku wat hal)

aku:"lor..hp wat hal ler tuh..ntah hape2.."
(hehe..kaver ke..xder arr..btul ney..)

x gune punya hp..sbb dia aku hamper kehilangan seseorg.. ..sumtimes ader teknologi x gune jugak..ish2..yer la..dah mmg x dpt call..leh wat org slh sangka igt aku x angkat lak..apa ceta..huhu..bengong..

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