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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
~Sweet 18~
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Renee washes her face like she does every morning but this time she was looking into the mirror solemnly. She studied her heart-shaped face with scrutiny especially the eyes when she could hear her sister's wailing of eye bags, fine lines and crow feet playing and rewinding in her mind amid the grogginess.

Her dreamy doe-eyes were still gazing at the other her in the mirror. She reminded herself today is her birthday; older and wiser. She sighed at the word "older" and doubted her wising part. She looked closer into the mirror and wondered if she had looked "older and wiser". But which part of her should be older and wiser? She wondered aloud. Any parameters?

Renee didn't let go of the intent look in the mirror. But what can she do on this day? Freeze the day so that she could never be "older and wiser"? She heaved heavily and released the gaze of the girl that just looks like her and wished Happy Birthday.

*Thank you for the birthday wishes!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007
I spent my early birthday dinner last night with Wormx2 at Chillies. And hey, I got a free chocolate brownie as a birthday treat. Surprisingly, I could go to Chillies or TGIF restaurant every night to get a birthday treat by just saying "It's my birthday today" with an innocent smile. Gee. I could live on like that and I'm living in the slogan "everyday is my birthday."

But the highlight of the night was Wormx2 and I found a very funny comic book reflecting on Malaysian lifestyle something like that. The scenario is as below:

When Malaysians from the north and south meet ...

A: Wah ... it's already so late and there are still so many people?
B: Your first time in Kuala Lumpur is it? We don't sleep so early.
A: I'm hungry already. Help me to order Hokkien mee.

The noodle came ...

A: Eh? How come this is Fried noodle not Hokkien Mee??
B: Aiya our version of Hokkien mee is fried noodle.

Later ....

A: I'm hungry. Help me to order Laksa.
B: Lady boss! LAKSA!!!

The Laksa came ...

A: Eh? How come this is Curry mee not Laksa?
B: Aiya ... if you want Laksa ... it is Assam Laksa...

Later ...

A: Ok I understand how the food calling system works now. I want to eat Wan Tan Mee.
A: I actually want to eating Chee Cheong Fun ...
B: WALAU. Then why you ordered Wan Tan Mee???!!

*Chee cheong fun is really Chee cheong fun and Wan Tan Mee is really Wan Tan Mee. A should have just say Chee Cheong Fun instead of Wan Tan Mee.

My mum and sister don't really get the joke. Might be me being the third party not passing accurate information from the comic book.

Laughter is always the best medicine.

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Police Report
Thursday, September 13, 2007
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Herbs.... Ok drone on.
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I was actually depressed since my last entry because my irritated hand downloaded the latest chapter of Naruto which was not released by my favourite scanlator. And so I was depressed after reading some details about the killing. But I won't expand on it because this entry has got nothing to do with Naruto spoiler. I think it's high time to make one. So you guys have been warned, ya. Oh Bleach latest chapter is quite interesting because at last [AT LAST!!] we have a former bad gal. Bwhaha. Read it if you want to know what I mean.

Another thing I was depressed because I feel like gayut-ing (swinging in Malay) on trees like a monkey. Could be I read too much article on monkeys trade in the Star newspaper today and also too much of Naruto manga which made me feel like "Yay, I want to be a Ninja" because I simply want to hang myself upside down on a tree. And there is a school in Japan that gives me Ninja lessons? Holycow. Don't worry about that sentence. I'm just simply in a phase of researching too many articles on death, so it might influence my head for some time. And I have not been using the word 'cincang' (slicing in Malay) for quite some time. Grew out of it? Maybe. Time to get another cooler vocabulary? YES!

Because I'm not a fighter that could not even slice a jambu (a kind of fruit) properly last night. It's easy to recognize that specialization in roles exist. People even create robots for specific purpose so why not humans. As I said I'm not a fighter or a cry baby, I decided to pump up my knowledge in other areas like invention and other interesting areas.

As I was doing so, I searched on herbal remedies. It's an interesting topic but it's pretty weird because the webmistress or the authors or I read somewhere before said that herbs are cheap. Oh yea right. How can they be cheap if some parts of the world like Malaysia has no access to fresh lavender or echinacea to make our own herbal solution? Oh I forgot. We could get them in dried or capsule form but doesn't that defeat the purpose of 'make your own remedy'?

So now I'm thinking to myself what's the point of knowing if I can't even play with these herbs from my backyard? Oh well the same goes to Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs are even worse. Mix the wrong herbs, you end up having food poisoning like my sister and my cousin's maids a few years ago. What did they do? My sister, smartalek, mixed don't know what herbs together as soup. It tasted good but later food poisoning until the chinese doctor warned her not to simply mix herbs again. The maids? Haha. My sister made some Chinese drink which they find it too sweet which is natural sweetness so they mixed with water. And haha they got food poisoning. Cool huh? Did I give you some idea to murder someone without revealing your murder motive? If I did, don't forget to CREDIT me, not POINTING me as the master mind. Hello... I don't even know the dead victim... why should I poison it (yea it because he's/she's dead?)

Again. I'm not suppose to be bla bla about them. I'm supposed to share some interesting facts and provide general knowledge about herbs:

1. Ginkgo for Erection and Libido Problems

Ginkgo improves blood flow into the genitals. In a study published in the Journal of Urology, 60 men with erection problems caused by narrowed arteries and impaired blood flow to the penis were given ginkgo (60 mg a day); after six months, half had regained erection ability. When researchers at the University of Hawaii and Stanford University tested ArginMax, a sexual-enhancement supplement that contains ginkgo, ginseng and L-arginine, 80 percent of the male subjects had improved erection function, while 74 percent of the female subjects reported more libido, less dryness and greater frequency of orgasm.

2. Ginkgo for Anti-Depressant-Induced Sex Problems

An enormous number of Americans take antidepressants, The relief comes at a price: a substantial risk of libido loss erection impairment, vaginal dryness and inability to reach orgasm. Investigators at the University of California at San Francisco gave ginkgo (209 mg a day) to 63 people suffering from antidepressant-induced sex problems. The herb helped 91 percent of the women and 76 percent of the men to return to normal sexual function

3. Ginseng for Erectile Dysfunction

According to a review of studies at Yale University, ginseng boosts the body's synthesis of nitric oxide. As NO increases, so does the likelihood of erection. In a report in the Journal of Urology, Korean researchers gave 45 men with erection impairment a placebo or ginseng (900 mg three times a day). Those taking the herb experienced significant erection improvement.

4. Ginseng for Low Sperm Count

At the University of Rome, Italy, researchers gave ginseng (4 grams a day) to 30 men suffering from low sperm counts. Three months later, the subjects' counts almost doubled, from an average of 15 million/ml to 29 million/ml.

5. Ginger for Motion Sickness

In ancient China, sailors chewed ginger root to prevent motion sickness and modern studies have confirmed that ginger prevents nausea and vomiting. Danish scientists at Svendborg Hospital observed 80 naval cadets in heavy seas and found that those who took ginger experienced 72 percent less seasickness than a placebo group. Take a 1-gram capsule of powdered ginger root about an hour before you embark, and another every two hours or as needed (without exceeding 10 grams a day) during a journey, Ginger's only side effect is occasional minor heartburn. "t use ginger myself." Duke says, "It works for me."

So I'm sure people would be clear now of why some coffee has Ginseng and how does it help. I'm now very clear because I just thought companies include Ginseng just for the taste and it's revitalising energy ...

Hopefully this entry is interesting and beneficial to you all.

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Daddy Long Legs anime
Sunday. 9.9.07 1 am
This is extremely absurd yet unbelievable: I have finally finished Daddy Long Legs anime after 1.5 years of hiatus. I started watching this anime somewhere in 2004/5 but somehow this anime got neglected by me since I was actually watching more than 8 anime in one go. And another reason is this anime is hard to get especially with English sub.

It is such a relief to finish anime alas. 1.5 years of hiatus and stuck at episode 17 and now I’m so glad to watch episode 40, the last episode, on 9/9/07 at 12.30 am. I’m so happy that I feel like crying. It’s like I’m seeing my graduating from watching this anime; in other words I have finally released myself from an anime that’s on my hiatus list. I have aplenty if you see my list.

I’m also happy to finish this anime because I really like how everything crumbles together. Judy Abbott, an orphan, who was fortunate to be chosen to study in a prestigious school in New York with the support of a secret guardian, finally married the guy that she loves. The guy she loves is no other than her secret guardian who has never revealed his identity when Judy got to know him through his niece, Julia Pendleton, who is one of Judy’s best friends.

Judy, a cheerful and an optimistic person, captured the heart of Jervis Pendleton and fell in love with her character and personality. Judy loves him as well but since she didn’t know Jervis is her guardian, she is always afraid to reveal her background to him since it might bring his family shame for they belong to the elite society. But in Jervis eyes, Judy is just a normal girl and he loves her no matter what her background is. On the other hand, Judy always thought that leaving his side is the best thing to do since he IS from the elite society and Julia’s mum had reminded her of her social status.

Jervis knew something was wrong but Judy refused to tell him what she was told by Julia’s mum at a party. With an excruciating pain stake at her heart, she decided to let Jervis go. She explained explicitly to Jervis that she had never loved him on the day she was proposed just to release him from their sufferings, so she thought.

Because of heartbroken, Jervis went on a short break to amend his heart but ended up getting sick. It was reported that he had 50/50 chance of survival and Judy felt guilty when she learned he had collapsed. On her graduation day, Judy was chosen as the valedictorian and she almost forgot about it! During her speech, she finally feels it is the right time to reveal her social status and the audience was aghast by the truth, for she has proven herself no matter where she comes from she is able to graduate with flying colours.

Coincidentally, Judy’s guardian was absent on her graduation and he had collapsed from sickness. Jervis’s secretary drove Judy to her guardian house immediately after graduation fearing Jervis won’t be able to see her for the last time. Her heart was broken for she thought she had to forego the chance of seeing Jervis. And she was surprised to know the truth when she was at his bedside.

Jervis managed to recover from his critical pneumonia and they got married. Everyone else has a happy ending as well: Julia and Jimmie got engaged and Sallie leading her own life with her love life on hiatus.

This anime, in short, is simply wonderful for any one who wants a happy ending. All emotions are captured and they move your heart. You might reach out for a box of tissue when you watch the climax and ending. Although there are 40 episodes in this anime, each episode keeps on making me to watch the next episode, next and next without any boredom or impatience.

I would definitely watch this anime again in the far future. And I would gladly recommend you to watch this anime too, if only you have high tolerance for shoujo romance plot with a never-ending fun adventure with Judy Abbott, and don’t mind sneezing while watching them.

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You learnt what??!!
Thursday, September 6, 2007
Mum was driving Son home from school today. He looked extremely happy that perked the curiosity of Mum during the journey home.

Mum: Well Son you look happy today. Anything interesting in school today?

Son: Yes mum. Mr. Wong taught us something very interesting.

Mum: Glad to hear that. Y' know many kids nowadays don't seem to be interested in studies anymore... kids nowadays are really glued to tv or PS2. So sad .... and they are so unhealthy ... So what did you learn?

Son: Mr. Wong taught us classic literature today...

Mum: Impressive...

Son: Yea. We thought it's going to be boring, y' know reading literature texts those kind of stuff...

Mum: Literature ... you guys read literature???

Son: Yea mum. We are now reading The Symposium by Plato.

Mum: Wow... Plato huh? So what's about him?

Son: Plato didn't write that book. He just compiled whatever his teacher had conversed. And the conversation his teacher, Socrates, had was about love. You know mum ... you always tell me that love cannot be solely relied on materialism. If it is, then that's not really love something like that? Yea this book has it all.

Mum: Love is a very deep subject. Do you really understand that subject by just reading it?

Son: Yup! Of course I have to reread every part. And do you want me to read this interesting part to you??

Mum: Sure.

Son: [ahem]... Zeus moved the genitals round to the front and in this way made them reproduce in each other, by means of the male acting inside the female. The aim of this was that, if a man met woman and entwined himself with her, they would reproduce and the human race would be continued. Also, if males came together, they would at least have the satisfaction of sexual intercourse, and then relax ...


Mum's both hands clasped on her cheek.


Mum: OMG!! You study that in school??!!! You learn SEX in school??! What the *beep* teachers nowadays teaching you guys? No wonder kids nowadays are engaged in sexual activities... This is unheard during my time! No wonder there's rape cases!! So you everyday download anime and PORN pictures!!!

Son: But mum.. I'm 15 already! I know what is SEX. If not, how on earth I'm here talking to you!!!!

Mum: There's no way you kids learn SEX in school! The more you kids learn this kind of stuff in school, the more ham sap [hentai/ sexually arouse/ sex maniac?] you kids be. Choi Choi! (Touchwood) You kids so young where can learn this kind of things!! Choi Choi! The worse thing is Choi Choi .. what kind of dirty literature that want to touch about homosexual!! Choi Choi! And homosexual sex ...

Son: What is wrong with SEX!!! My SEX is male and your SEX is female!

Mum: Don't you dare to smart mouth with me! This is the first and the last time I'm going to tell you.. Don't you talk about dirty things with me or your dad ever again! You hear me?! If not, I would give you one tight slap.

Son: [head down with teary eyes] Yes mum.

Mum: Sex is a subject that's not spoken in our society. It's a very shameful subject. So you must not bring up this subject again. Understood?

Son: Yes mum.

-The End-

This is actually just a make up scenario of a typical conversation within an Asian family. Of course not all Asian families are like that but this is based on experience and some conversations I had with friends about this topic.

Sex is considered as a taboo in some Asian societies. It's like a subject that has to be hidden in the blanket. It must not surface - no matter what. It's pretty funny. Some people said the more it is hidden the more the need for sexual needs increase. And if porn magazines and the like are freely accessible, there will be a decreased of rape cases. Oh well I have entered a kinky shop before... bwhahaha just oly the entrance.

But my main point is yes... based on the Symposium the guys during Greek era is err... gay???

Have fun people!

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