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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Conference blues
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
I thought it was VERY fun atteding a lot of conferences in a month other than enjoying the benefits of eating fine food in hotels. But today's last day of conference proved to me the opposite. Let just say I got so tired from conference... And I got a forum to attend tomorrow evening...

I was attending a conference organized by the UNDP on eradication of poverty. There were international participants from Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam. So it was interesting to meet new people. And this was a 14 day conference but only 4 days for local participants. At first I thought it was pure troublesome to not have the conference within a week but now I'm thankful that it wasn't. Attending the last 2 days worn me inside out. And thankfully my mum has been serving dessert that has anti-ageing properties. Haha.

Although I have been served sumptuous food for the past 4 days, I could say I'd had enough. So good the food were I got constipation and indigestion. But before that I managed to get some fondue as today's lunch dessert. It was terrific. The fountain was so huge that that was the first thing I noticed when I entered the restaurant. And believe that none of my friends noticed it was a chocolate mountain until a guy from Wild Asia stood beside me and asked what was I doing. "Dipping my marshmallow into the chocolate?"

And then yesterday a newly made friend of mine was asking the emcee about his hosting. He apparently to be the host for Hello on Two on RTM 2. And I went "Oh really? Sorry I don't know and have not even seen you...". We laughed. He added "It's air at 8 am". And me "No wonder, I'm still sleeping la or at work liao." And guess what he's from Penang too. Hahaha. Nice charming guy.

I took photos with the international delegates. I felt quite sad because time indeed flies. Why time has to fly in the first place?

I transformed into a banshee for a while last night when a friend told me some Naruto spoiler. I was crying silently for the whole night until I fall asleep. Unbelievable isn't it??

Today I got cheery again because I get to watch Ugly Betty where I could see Amanda hitting Sophia Reyes in the lift for calling off the engagement to Daniel live on tv. It was a good laugh.

Tomorrow another forum to attend ... yes minus the food.

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Rose Rose I don't know if I love you ...
Monday, November 12, 2007
I was in this restaurant with my mum for dinner and the lady boss loves to switch on some Hokkien or Taiwanese drama. I watched it along and my jaw dropped because the scenario, love to be exact, was so complicated. It went like this:

4 people: 2 girls, 2 boys. I named them A & B (girls), C & D (boys). These were their conversation sort of...

A: I love you C
C: I have never ever loved you, A ...
B: Why telling her that, C ....
C: I need to tell her the truth ... because ...

A blocked C's path and spat "C doesn't like you, B!!" C then pushed A away ...

C: That's because I love you B...
B: ...
C: I can wait for you B until you fall in love with me....
A: I also can wait for you C...

All of a sudden .. D came into the picture... Apparently he's a bad guy ... And B's parents came into the picture too...

D: Hey B... shall we go for a walk? Since this room is too crowded...
B: Don't call my name ...
B's mum: Why did you try to hook D and B together, A?
B's mum: But he's a bad guy!!!

Then suddenly there was an advertisement: my mum interrupted my watching... when I returned to the tv ...

B: I LOVE C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: I HATE YOU B!! I'M ENDING OUR RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!! and dashed out of the picture...
D: I love you B... I would wait for you ... (then he left the picture)
C: I never expected you B to say like that in such pressurised environment... I was expecting you to say that to me in a different kind of environment ...

And then both left the picture ... What the heck ...

Gee... what a complex love situation...

I don't understand their feeling because I have never fallen in love before ...But do you guys understand their feelings??

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Movie marathon
Sunday, November 11, 2007
I had an unbelievable week: been watching movies 3 days in a row.

The first night I watched Stardust. It was good. I really like the movie because it made me laugh.

The second night I was supposed to watch a Cantonese movie called Triangle since I have won the ticket. Due to unseen circumstances, that show was took down on that night because the projector something like that was broken. So I ended up watching 30 Days and Night at 11.40 pm. Eww. It's a horror genre but someone forgot to highlight it's a drama. So you imagine how this horror movie like ... And I got home at 3 a.m. Yea... there was a road block at 2-ish...

The third day I watched Triangle. Finally. I thought it was some Chinese mafia movie but somehow it ended up as some cat and mouse movie. Geez... thank god I won the tickets. And I don't see why this movie had to be directed by three famous Chinese producers. Nothing new to the storyline except it's my first time seeing Simon Yam acting as a timid and no confidence guy but somehow acted very ... violent when comes to learn his wife has an affair with a crooked cop. Yea ... he's smart underneath.

And got home satisfied with my movie achievement. I'm planning to watch Balls of Fury. My sister commented it was damn funny. So I want to watch it. >.<

You guys watched any good movies recently?

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Thursday, November 8, 2007
It's been a long time I didn't update here because I was updating books2sell. It's a blog for me and jolenesiah to sell our books. If you are looking for some books, head over to the site. >.< Oh I have forgotten to update a manga affiliation on the site...

I did a test Kindomalityand the result was I'm a Discoverer:

Your distinct personality, The Discoverer, might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. Your overriding goal is to go where no one else has ever gone before. Regardless of the number of available natural problems to be solved, it is not unusual for you to continually challenge yourself with new situations or obstacles that you have created. You are an insatiable explorer of people, places, things and ideas. You thrive on constant change and anything new or different. On the positive side, you can be creatively rational as well as open minded and just. On the negative side, you might be an impractical and indecisive procrastinator. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

The previous test was I'm a Renaissance thinker and now I'm a Discoverer. Hmm.. quite true...

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Funny moments
Sunday. 11.4.07 12:30 am
About the last last entry regarding Bakerzin... you would be surprised that we ended eating in Chinoz on the Park in KLCC that is not halal because certain dishes contain alcohol. So much of the fuss of alcohol and mind you the person who did the reservation was a Muslim. Haha... Let's not erupt something here...

Before the lunch appointment in KLCC, I did a rpg with jolenesiah and my penfriend, Kitsune out of the blue. It's just a make up story when you have your turn and we did via msn.

The setting was in Denmark in a hamlet during the witch hunt era. Characters narrated by us were Leah - normal girl (me), Abel - vampire (Kitsune) and Hecate - goddess of wiches (jolenesiah). It was crazy because we only had like one hour to run the rpg... so it didn't make any sense at all but worth the time because I was laughing so hard that I just want to roll on the office floor...

Have fun reading ... (I know it's pretty long and no grammar check).

...He was walking slowly torwards the city walls. He didnt care about the rain. Abel got in and found himself a dry place to sit, in front of an Inn. Night had just started and he was sorta happy. The night was telling him things would be nice from now own. No losses. No cold. At least it was what he thought.

Leah was busy ironing her clothes when she heard the rain pouring. She ran out to collect the clothes. The last piece seemed to slip from her hand and the wind carried it away. Putting down the rest in her home. She ran after the clothe for that it is her favourite piece.

(... is a headache for me... they been hunting my followers - the witches, i need some plan... some evil plan to take over the city again... once again... )

A piece of chothing floates near Abel, and he grabbed it without thinking. He kept staring and it took some time to realise it was a woman's dress ( was it?)

Lea ran as fast as she could. Without thinking much, she grabbed the clothe and shrugged as if she was electrocuted. Her fingers brushed against the stranger and their eyes locked.

Abel jumped backwards. He didnt like to be touched. He shook his head.

- I'm sorry, it was as if the wind gave it to me but...

Her eyes softened from the shock. "thank you" she said. She hold the clothe near to her and suddenly she faced the sky and shouted "YOU STUPID SKY .. WHY RAIN NOW?!"

Abel looked up.
- Is it really the skies fault? Wouldnt it be the water's?

(... come my knights... we need to have more girls, for sacrifice.. and the upcoming experiment on the witches project, we need to create the ultimate witches that will help me succeed in taking over the city, the world.... but remember... this is the top secret dont ever leak out.. to Zeus... remember... those that betray shall face the consequences.)

Lea looked back at the stranger ... with a surprise expression. "You know it's not suppose to rain today ... it should be clear blue sky today. it should rain tomorrow ... not today." and she ran back to her home.

Abel kept looking where she had stood. Tomorrow....today....what was the difference? Time has stopped. He kept muttering that to himself. Time's stopped.

(... we found her..... she is at the city.. where the time stopped as it wish.... but the spell border is too strong, we found out that only the goddess and mortals can pass through the border... )

(.. so Hecate changed into a human form and venture into the city)...

Leah was grinning evilly as she tied the hair around the doll's neck. And then she mumbled something under her breath. She looked out through the window and the stranger is there. She took a needle and pointed at him and then stab into her pinky finger and watched the blood drip onto the doll and then stab the needle onto his heart

A stab in his finger n heart. Not enough to kill him, but he was bleeding. The guards were talkin and trying to close the wound. His shadow was looking at him.
- I've been worse b4, leave me, don't, stay AWAY OR I'LL KILL YA ALL!
He got up and tried healing, worked a bit, but he was gettin hungrier. He took the closest guard. Killed the rest. After a deep breath, he took an eye and ate it.

(... everyone were amazed by the beauty of Hecate.... everyone stunned when Hecate pass by, some run over her to pass her a loaf of bread, fruits and etc)...

(... kids were running around... surround her.... but Hecate acted as if they r invisible... her main purpose.. was that girl... the girl that will be her pawn.. the girl that she will train and destroy the world for her.... hahahahah)

(... as she walked pass the path... she sense the strong power... black or white... is uneven... yess.. this is the power she is looking for...)

Leah placed the wooden doll into a cupboard with other dolls.... As she closed the cupboard... her pet cat hissed ferociously. She looked into the direction of the hiss. Oh no something's not good coming here... she thought

Abel was pacing around. He had took the bodies to the closest rives. His shadow was frantic, moving always and making him nervous.
- Quit it.
It looked at him and shook its head. the shadows eyes were smaller than his.
- Why are you looking at me?
Then he rose his head suddenly. Something was coming

(... quickly.. Hecate went through the wall... and stand rite in front of the girl.... yes the girl that the world faith depends heavily on her... hahahah)

(... Hecate... ever since she pretend to be mortal.. she speak her very 1st word.... DO YOU WANT POWER? DO YOU WANT TO BE STRONG"?)

(.. i can teach u everything... but u must swear with ur own life that u gonna be my follower for the rest of ur life...)

(*Hecate was thinking - if u dont agree... i have to do it by force.....* and she grin while waiting for the answer)
Leah was stunned by the words. Her eyes looked from up to below again and again and laughed out so loud that her cat too feel embarrass.

"Why should I follow you? No way man... Look ma'am you got some fashion crisis."

"JUST LOOK AT YOU. You are wearing orange top with green flowy skirt? OMG ...."

Leah stopped halfway and the she bent over the woman and looked at her earrings ..

"Holycow... wearing orange and green is not enoough ... u r wearing a skull like earring... who taught you fashion??

"Do you want to be a student of mine in fashion?"

(hahaha.. hahahahah ... haha u r such an interesting girl... haha.. so u want the power, do u want to be strong???????????????????)

Abel coundt help but hear it. It was so close. And what he felt coming was in there. The house of the clothing girl.
He stared at the door as if he could see throught it. He decided to spy on it. Fun to see perhaps. He entered a shadow and looked at the room inside, and at the two women. (end )

(hahhaha... so do u want the power little girl.. with "sense of fashion" well is the fashion in the heaven anyway... )

(.... i can teach u the spell that u never see b4... u never learn b4.. u never experience it b4.... it gonna make u turn into a real power witch..... )

(... Hecate strike a blow of wind against Lea... and the blood flow through elbow.. and she bent down to taste the blood of Lea)

(* in her mind - yes she is the girl im looking for.. her blood... yes she is from the great witch family... the lost child*)

"Huh.. you want to transform me to become the ultimate BITCH?"

Leah looked at her elbow and looked at the bitch who wanted to be her bitch mentor. She posed a thinking pose and thought she was the bitchest female in the village!!!

Then thinking back .... how could this woman be a bitch herself when she got the ultimate problem: fashion crisis.


"I should be your bitch mentor for your information... and who the heck r u?"

He took a few steps forwards, coming out of the shadows. He looked deep in her (Hecates) eyes.
- What are you? Is it you who stopped time?
And to Lea:
- You did that - he said not resentful, but a bit humorously.

(.. me?? haha u dont even know me when u r a witch... hahaha im the mother of all the witches.... each witches carries my blood.... and u dont even know who am i ..... hahaha....-she completely ignore Abel that came out from no where-)

(...sleep my child... sleep my child... once u r awake.. u gonna be in the different world... Hecate started singing and hynotise everyone in the city)

It seemed plain now. She want to kill many.

He flew at her, grabbed her hair, kicked, bit, anything he could do - desperate not to let happen another disaster like the one he had commited once - destroy so many lifes!

As Leah was closing her eyes .... she remembered her favourite pudding .. hmm yum ... and then she flew awake and went straight to the kitchen and grab a pudding and put it on Hecate's face

and then Hecate got a taste of the pudding and she died

yay!!! we killed Hecate the mother of all Bitches

high five

Abel stared wide eyed. WTF?

Leah laughed so loud and hard that she died on the spot.

Hecate was banished to heaven for good…


Did you laugh?

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Ooh La la ...
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
The planned dessert affair for this Friday seemed to be cancelled but not confirm yet since the HQ decided to organize the farewell party properly. We are all going to a restaurant opposite my office. Sweet.

In this blog I also want to thank someone who left me a comment by the name of Eschede ( To be frank, that comment was very harsh and very unpleasant to my eyes but it's all truth. [Hey if you are Eschede, don't stop reading, go on]. I'm the type of person that likes things go my way. I'm very pushy isn't it? And yes reading the comment is like adding salt to the wound or flaming the fire in me but hey no matter I would still listen because it's for my own good. Reading that comment really reminded me that I really need to work on this attitude of mine. If not, it would just make people around me and myself suffer. You suffer I also suffer so we sama-sama [together] suffer for no reason. So thank you [Eschede] for that comment. I would try to change myself for the better but of course not overnight. I'm sometime very dramatic... over dramatic... And I know who is nodding their heads...

After reading that comment, I realise how much I lack sensitivity of my Muslim friends needs. I'm now feeling very ashame of myself . I'm sure Mr. A must be wondering why I'm making a fuss - again - about this issue when we were yum cha-ing. Sorry for listening to my crap. Oh well, hopefully my singing was bearable to your ears just now. Haha.. and thank you for the gift!!! It's so cute... Happy Halloween to you!

I'm still working on my human revolution. But one thing I would like to bring up is sometimes I'm mad at something resulting me being dramatic is because ... let me just give you this scenario...

You live in a house with 4 housemates so which means there are 5 of you in the house. Everyone uses the toilet everyday but none of them except you clean the toilet every alternate days for so many years that you can't even remember when you started doing so. And then one day you just feel exhausted. And what happens next? And the worse thing is your 4 housemates complain that the toilet is not clean enough. How do you feel?

To add the fury and drama in me is I'm a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect to me. If one thing on the plan went wrong, I got on my nerves and make sure everything goes back into plan so that the goal "PERFECT" is achieved.

Being a perfectionist ..... - open end -

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