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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
You are FIRED!
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Today was another headache day. But the funniest thing was the conversation I had with a faculty of a local university.

Operator voice : Please dial 1 for English....

I pressed 1.

Me: Hello evening, please connect me to XX Faculty.

Operator: Tunggu ya... (Please wait)

Me: Hello is this XX Faculty? Right I'm Miss Meow, have been looking for Dr. Meow Meow for one week... Just wondering did he work today?

B: I got no idea since we can't see him coming into office or not. His office is below ours...

Me: So is there a way for me to get hold of him? I have tried phone and email... but failed...

B: Aiyo you call this extension la 666.

Me: Ok. Is this his extension no?

B: No... it's the office.

Me: Eh? This office can see him coming into office or not? Is the faculty not the office?

B: AIYO... just call la!

Me: Ok thank you.

And so I did.

Operator: Please dial 1 for English or dial extension number...

Me: Hello evening, may I speak to Dr. Meow Meow?

SS: Oh you want to talk to Dr. Woof?

Me: No Dr. Meow Meow?

SS: Sorry no such person.

Me: This is not the XX faculty?

SS: No.. this is the Faculty of Splitting Your Body.

Me: Oh thank you!


I called again and this time I got to talk to a nice lady. So I managed to leave a message for Dr. Meow Meow.

Last week was funnier.

I was about to leave a message and then all of the sudden the receiver went:

"Huh?? What did you say??? I can't hear you ... the connection is very bad. Can you call back?"

*This is just the slice of working life*

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Crying alone
Monday, January 14, 2008
My tearduct is a little swell after reading Kuri's entry. The lyrics to Yuna Ito's song Truth is very touching. How applicable it is to our current world...

Other than that, I also had a conversation with my senior about life. I was asking her if she knew any short courses and then I asked her about non-related work courses... and she commented that I have a lot of plans. I told her that's because I want to maximise life. She replied with an emoticon that is surprised. I asked why... she said she has never achieved any one of the dreams she wanted to achieve by 35.

When I returned home, I saw ad advertisement that says "You live as 19 only once .... as 29 only once... as 39 only once..." and so on. Isn't that true? I live this live only once. Why not maximise it?

Let's do it together my friends.

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Lost my music
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Ok my obsession has not ended. I think this is weird. The first time I sing it in the office out loud I'm pretty sure I sing it in tune and now back home ... it sounded so much like croaking... I think that's because I don't want to 'disturb' people. Ah I need to sing to the fullest. Man ... where should I do it???!!! Back in the office with the CCTV behind me and my accountant manager scratching her head that the office has some lurking singing spirit??!

God... Chinese New Year is coming. I can't believe it. I need to get more ang pau (red packet) this year!!!

So who I know has got married??? XD

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Eat me away ...
Saturday, January 12, 2008
I'm extremely exhausted. I'm seriously lack of sleep but I could not sleep well. I really need to visit my chiropractor and my mum and sister love to visit without me. I thought of asking my chiro to help me to transfer my folder to another branch in front of my office... but I know it's impossible since her fees are much cheaper than the branch I wanted to visit.

I'm not too sure why I wanted to sleep longer these few days. But I'm just tired.

I need to write down a list of things to do.

Oh thanks muffin-man for wanting to listen to my singing but I'm not sure if I actually have the confidence to let you guys hear it. I will try one day... and at the mean time I will continue torturing my family members and my neighbours. Hahaha....

Sweet dreams!! Arghh.. not again with that stupid cat eating people dream!!!!!

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Naruto go away.
Friday, January 11, 2008
My current obsession is the ED to Haruhi Suzumiya, Hare hare yukai, and soundtrack to the same anime, Lost My Music. I have been listening to Hare hre yukai for the past 2 weeks in my office and been watching the dance on youtube while I was working. And today I was just listening to Lost My Music with my headphone the whole day. I even listened to it when I came back from office.

Trust me. My obsession extends to listening to every song that is linked to that anime. So I have listened to all the versions of Hare hare yukai and I like Minori Chihara and Kyon version. It's cute. Aya Hirano has nice voice too but I don't really like her live concert. I listened to the concerts over and over again. Trust me. I listened to them until the lyrics are blurred in my head.

But I was kinda surprised that Lost my music song is not that hard to sing. I was singing in the office out loud after 5 p.m. Of course I was alone. And if I listen to song again, I could sing along. And you would be surprised that I prefer the English version! Maybe it's easier for me to sing. I yet to see the japanese lyrics but the japanese lyrics for hare hare yukai is damn hard to follow. I need to read a few more times to get the rhythm. And I like Cristina Vee singing the song. She has the strength to sing it like Aya Hirano... You can find her singing on youtube.

All in all I'm considering to buy the Haruhi Suzumiya soundtrack. Oh well, if I'm crazy over so many songs from that anime, why not supporting the industry by buying it?? Yes I know I could hear some people saying "I could always download..."

Oh wait... you don't have to download... you can just come to my blog and listen to it on your left now...

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Missing jigsaw puzzle pieces
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
I think this month would be a good month for me. I got bonus and increment. It's very unexpected especially the increment part. My manager was telling me "it's not much" but my jaw dropped because I have only worked for more than one year and I feel I don't deserve the increment because it's a lot. Friends and family members who know my work nature will know why I said so. Sorry I can't disclose here. I have been thinking what am I going to do with the extra money. Part of my brain was pretty excited to spend more because I got more. And the angel side was telling me to retain my amount of spending to the minimum because I need to save for retirement. So I decided to open another bank account. And there goes another hole in my head because I'm damn lazy to transfer cash here and there physically. I have online banking but I think there's bank charges and i don't want to pay them every month.

I passed my Unit Trust exam last Saturday. And I can't wait to get my license. Before the exam, my brain was scattered with a list of things to do. And now the after effect... haha I have forgotten. Actually just doing executing them in a slower manner.

I think I'm going to see doctor again to inspect my swelling thyroid. Pretty worried about the part where I find it hard to swallow things. I need to drink liquid often to ease the swallowing part.

I finally got to see my friend's wedding photos. I could feel tears on the edge on my eyes because I was so emotional. Imagine... I used to study with her and her boyfriend and now they are finally married. Another friend of mine also just got married last year. I'm so happy for them though it's surprising to see them getting married! Oh... no names will be given here.

I just chat with a mangaka and that was the longest conversation we ever had. Every time she's online I never got the chance to chat with her other than saying hello. I'm so happy!!!! And I can't wait to get her latest manga volume!! It's the last volume!!! OMG... it's one of the best manga I've ever read!!!!

I finally going to finish a story. It's a sad story. The story line is quite common but I'm quite happy with the flow and the ending. There's a lesson in the story too.

Based on previous entry, I think I'm going to draw a comic out of it. I'm not too sure if you guys going to understand it. But let me draw first!

I finally got to list out all the jigsaw pieces. And these are all connected together in my brain...

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