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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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That boobquake thing.
Saturday. 4.24.10 10:14 am
Even if I were wanting to do it, I couldn't, as I can't muster up the proper cleavage.

I think I'd have go to buy an ill-fitting bra, and I couldn't bring myself to waste the money.

Though now I'm a bit curious if there is an ill-fitting bra that will restore my cleavage back to its previous state of being a force to be reckoned with.

I remember when I was in high school, I ventured out and bought this shirt that totally showed off things, and the outcome was hilarious.

*for those who are out of the loop, here is an explanation.

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Tipsfor running the 200m
Saturday. 4.17.10 10:37 am
My brother has taken up track.

He calls me this morning, and asks me to look up tips for running the 200m.

What do I find?

This gem.

dude ur just the same as me

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Sunday. 3.28.10 2:23 am
Of course, as always, when I am driving Dave's car, because it doesn't like me, the check engine light comes on. (I can't see my cursor. Where is it? How do I know where I am typing? Anyway.)

So we go out to the auto shop, and have them read the error code. It's most likely the spark plugs.

So we travel around to see if anyone will do it today, and how much they want for it.
The only place we got to, it would have been at least 300 dollars.

So we did it ourselves.

We pulled the front plugs. They looked pretty worn.

After much toiling and gnashing of teeth, we got the back plugs out. I think there's something missing.

The going theory is that the service-people were too lazy to open it up and get the back plugs/wires set straight, so they just replaced the front ones. I don't even know that those could be called spark plugs, what is there to spark? Really, they're just plugs...

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Top percentage!
Saturday. 3.20.10 10:13 am
This past Sunday, I set out to buy a copy of Pokemans SoulSilver, because it would come with a release pack. Toys R Us had the best one, but they only had two adult-sized shirts for ALL of the area this TRU serves... I got a Youth Large. It fits, but a bit awkwardly, because it is cut for barrel-children and not boob-women.


There is a phone, and people can call you in game.This one kid, Joey, calls ALL THE TIME about his damn Rattata!

It's the best Rattata of all time, in the top fucking percentage, and man, this kid sounds like a tool, you know what I mean?

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Time for a new event?
Friday. 2.26.10 3:00 pm
Even though the favicontest and avacontest have kinda fallen to the wayside (the winners have been paid and all, but the end result has not happened... dave =.=), I feel that it is perhaps time for a NuContest/event.

I am leaning towards a redoing of the NuAwards (I can't find a link to the old one, just an odd thread filled with my lamenting about how I am not cool enough to be MotM or MoDS or win awards or have icons on islands and such), or perhaps some odd king-of-the-mountain NWF battle.

Maybe both.

Or maybe! Maybe, a if you participate in that-which-shall-not-be-mentioned, the person with the highest sum at the end of the time period gets a prize. I don't know what the prize would be. :/

Though I do like a twsnbm event. It is beneficial to everyone.

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Back to grumping
Thursday. 2.25.10 2:41 pm
So I have been told by my future(?) employer that they would be calling me to let me know what's going on Thursday or Friday.

Today I have gotten two different calls saying that they've been called by future employer. How are they supposed let me know what's going on when people are calling me to say "oh hey btw I am getting calls from these other people".

How is it I am going to have all of this paperwork filled out when they aren't even sure I am a trustworthy person? Maybe they're worried I am going to crank call Wilford Brimley.

One of the paperworks said "are you between 16 and 25? have you been unemployed or out of school for the past 6 months? has it been more than six months since you received your diploma/GED? if yes, fill out this form".

All of those are true, but they assume I stopped at high school? I'm not certain. So I left it blank. I'll be 25 soon enough anyway.

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