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fantasic idea
Monday. 7.19.04 9:48 pm
i had a fantastic idea that may already be in place but i havent heard it if it is. anyway, theres always times where myself or others like me fortunate enough to have transportation will drive from harriburg to york, or to lebanon and so on. and generally at about the same time someone without that fortune needs to go to the same place or somewhere on the way. oh the irony. so if i made some message board style communication tool over the internet of people planning to go somewhere, offering such ride to someone else; or someone who needs to go somewhere posting where they are and where (or around) where they need to go. that would rock so hard. like im about to go see someone in york, and theres a lover in hbg whos significant other is in york, id drive 'em right with me and not think anything of it. or, a night like tonight im just driving around listening to cd's i could just hop online before i leave and see "Jamie2937: im in downtown harrisburg and i realy need to see my mother in hershey tonight. please call 233-3332 if you can help." fuckin id call that broad up, help her out and go on with my day. or say im drivin to york to look at some cars for sale, ill post up "bcmst3000: im in the h-funk headin to york at 9pm, anyone in between that needs to go to york or back to hbg call 322-2223" and so on and so forth. that would be an actual humanitarian service that is convenient enough that even the laziest asshole can do a good deed without going out of his way. so many people just need a ride to the hospital to visit someone, or they need to go pick up their own car or something. you could even set up schedlued car pools with people you come familiar with. 4 people could live within 2 blocks of each other, and work within 2 blocks of each other, yet 4 cars leave the same place to go to the same place. so there could be like a 'daily route' section where people post their to/from crap and meet other people doing similar and hook up as a result. save some money. meet some people. less cars running at once is better on so many levels. everyone gets there faster cause theres less traffic. theres less of a demand for gas so then the price would drop. plus most people like to do something courteous to feel good about themselves so heres a chance for everyone. for people with cars it may not sound like much, but for the girl who just moved to town, doesnt have money, needs a ride to sign a paper to keep her house, especially when she still doesnt know her way around town, the 10 minutes it would take you to give her a ride could save her life. and who knows, maybe shes hot, you do her a favor, she invites you in for coffee, you know. there could also be like a rating for frequent user, kinda like e-bay. like everyone i give a ride to, they leave a comment for me like "hey hes not creepy, he really helped me out and is kinda cute" whatever, or "this fuckin guy tried to drive me into the woods, never talk to him" which could be a HUGE problem with this. it would have to be an "at your own risk" thing cause there are some freaks out there. but if everyone registers and their name and info is on file with their handle on the message boards, then if you did somethin ill like that you would be so easily tracked that it would be pointless. and realistically there could be more risk just walking. so if anyone has any ideas to throw in feel free to comment. id love to get it started but im broke and incredibly lazy. so if anyone can take this idea and show it to people that could make it happen that would rock so hard. have different rooms for all the different places around the country. and implement some sort of search like you can search thru all people looking for rides today who are in harrisburg, or who need to go to carlisle, etc. that would help so many people out. im sure some corporate asshole will try to turn it into a way to make money and thats not my goal. i mean like if i give someone a ride and they toss in $5 bucks for gas that'd be cool. but im sayin someone who could get this idea goin will try to charge people to sign up and shit which wouldnt make much sense. at least not in the idea of trying to help those in need. if someone is in a bad situation that they cant get a car then how would they have extra money laying around to sign up for somethin like that. damn people and their greed. so if anyone knows who can set that up or how i can while retaining my laziness let me know. oh i just realized something; with a slight change around, a 'fantastic idea' becomes a 'fanatic idea' think about it.

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and the thing that makes you whole is simply out o
Monday. 7.19.04 7:58 pm
offspring. and why does it always seem like that. its the whole 'grass is greener theory' you start to think all you want is a cool chick and you meet one who kinda feelin you and then your brain just says 'mmmmmm, what else is going on?' i cant explain it. im miserable being single, then i have an OK chance to change it and im not all about it. maybe its cause im all worried about getting out of central PA that my logic mechanism is saying dont get too close. which makes sense, if i move in a month or so and get all close to some broad in that time then i would make it really suck for both of us when i leave or it will make me not want to leave. plus, girls equal time and money and i need to spend both of those on getting out of here. theres so much world out there. i hate sitting here worrying about these sorts of things. part of me wants to just be a bachelor and talk to all types of girls and not be tied down. but thats not how i am. im way to shy to talk to a girl even when shes calling me and interested in me. plus i just want to find one girl that makes me realistically happy without an unbalanced ratio of misery. because lets get real; fairy tales arent real. prince charming can come, then the broad is like 'ooooohhhhhhh im tired' fuck that. so its not worth putting all that effort into women if they'll only put a marginal fraction of that effort back. too many people (and i see this all the time in females) think that being in a relationship means you have another person adding to your happiness by getting you things, sharing your work burden, etc. while you dont have to put anything into them. they think they can buy a car that doesnt need gas and will never break down, and when they wrecklessly drive it into a tree they can throw that car away and get a new one. sorry, it dont work like that. you gotta change the oil, get new tires, clean/replace the air filter, drive intelligently so that your car and get you to work and to the store and to buy porn. its the same with people. unless you find an idiot like myself where a female can date me and i fall behind at work and lose friends because im doing EVERYTHING for her while getting all of 'your shoes are untied' in return. thanks alot. that is balance in realtions (sarcasm) so maybe the fact that i hate dealing with that shit makes me not want to get closer. when your in a relationship, you hate it and try to find a way out. then youre single and you try to find your way into a relationship. the grass is greener on the other side.

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good friends and a few drinks
Saturday. 7.17.04 11:17 pm
so john is back from iraq and temporarily out of the hospital. i got to chill with him, damein, john, and the fam which i havent done in a while. nothing beats hangin in a roomful of people you trust thru and thru. i know for many people thats a daily thing but for me thats a huge event. its so awesome to just chill, drink a little bit, and reminisce about the old days, talk about current shit, and talk about future plans. you know your friends when you can just sit and bullshit for a few hours. you dont always need to be out and about town, hittin the clubs, center of attention to have fun. some poeple need that i guess and its cool sometimes. but i dont think you can always do that. im all about meetin new people and parties and crap, but most the time i love to just chill in trusted company. thats why me and jason just kick it every nite and do all of nothing. thats the kind of girl i want. we both get home from work, if she made dinner yesterday ill get it tonite, then just fuckin chill. chill together, chill separate, chill at different houses, whatever. to be in a relationship you dont have to be with that person every minute. if you trust that person let them chill all nite somewhere else. cool with me, ill get my boys over and we'll chill here. maybe thats why im always single, because i dont trust anyone. oh well if i meet a girl i really do trust then it could be an awesome situation for her. im not sayin im the perfect guy or anything but ill always be honest and always try. thats all it takes from either side. if you both have that and it still doesnt work out then its no ones fault. youre just too different or incompatible. but whatever happens with that, i know john, damien, and them will always be there for me and i will be the same for them. so it would take one hell of a girl to interfere with that. fuck all that, i still dont think any girl is worth losing all your friends and everything else youve worked for. but if you found the right girl, shell understand your situation and not argue with it. the right girl wont say 'dont hang out with your friends!' now if you're hangin with the guys all the time and not showin her attention then thats not right either. but she cant have all the attention. it throws the balance off and like i said life is balance. well i have been awake for a while so i must balance my body and go to sleep.

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Friday. 7.16.04 4:21 pm
I think i really want to live in europe. i hate it here. im not sayin 'oooohhh life is horrible kill me now' dont get me wrong. but americans sucks. i love america and all our freedoms and rights. but americans get the idea that freedoms excuse you of the obligation to be considerate. wrong. and i know the rest of the world is like that to a point. i just want to live somewhere else. and all those contries are so small and close together that traveling all around there would be like traveling state to state here. theres a slew of awesome cultures over there. i really want to just sell my car now, pay off the loan, get some people and move right over there. im intelligent, open-minded, and a hard worker so id get by where ever and have fun doin it. now i dont want to be some jobless lazy gypsy or anything either. but if i live in like france (bad example) id have my job and steady house but visit somewhere for a couple days when ever. my main concern is the initial arrival. like how do i find a place to live there while im here? and can i just fly over there and find some place to stay without sleeping at a bus stop. and im not above sleeping at a bus stop but for how long? i think i will start researching the options i have in moving over there. we have programs for immigrants here so theres prolly something similar. hell yeah. walk around unbathen so the females are attracted to my musk. i need to get some people to go with me tho.

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Thursday. 7.15.04 9:06 pm
listen. bowser goes hard. and for those who play tetris attack know what im talkin about. and im not just talkin on hard. im talkin after you beat hard then you gotta do the trick to do extra hard. then play bowser. damn.

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What hurts more than empty?
Wednesday. 7.14.04 11:29 pm
so heres an idea. they say it is better to have loved and lost than never ot have loved at all. but think about this: if you smoke crack and become an addict then quit, you always want crack anyway. where is the benefiet? but thank god i fell in love first because now i know not to start smoking crack.

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