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The Read List
1) Horus Rising - Dan Abnett
2) False Gods - Graham McNeill
3) Galaxy in Flames - Ben Counter
4) Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus
5) Flight of the Eisenstein - James Swallow
6) The Magician's Guild - Trudi Caravan
7) The Novice - Trudi Caravan
8) The High Lord - Trudi Caravan
9) The World According to Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson
10) Fulgrim - Graham McNeill
11) Legion - Dan Abnett
12) Battle for the Abyss - Ben Counter
13) Mechanicum - Graham McNeill
14) Nemesis - James Swallow
15) Daughters of Arabia - Jean Sasson
16) Descent of Angels - Mitchel Scanlon
17) Desert Royal - Jean Sasson
18) The First Heretic - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
19) The Gift - Cecelia Ahern
20) Paths of Glory - Jeffery Archer
21) A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill
22) The Art Thief - Noah Charney
23) Bringing Nothing to the Party - Paul Carr
24) Prospero Burns - Dan Abnett
25) Beat the Reaper - Josh Bazell

1) Next - Michael Crichton
2) Battle of The Fang - Christ Wraight
3) Helsreach - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
4) Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella
5) The Ultramarine Omnibus - Graham McNeill
6) The Summons - John Grisham
7) After Dark - Haruki Murakami
8) Nagash the Sorcerer - Mike Lee
9) The Emperor's Tomb - Steve Berry
10) Nagash the Unbroken - Mike Lee
11) Realms of Shadow - R.A. Salvatore
12) Stop What You're Doing And Read This!
13) Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James
14) Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James
15) Fifty Shades Free - E.L. James
16) The Last Mythal Anthology - Realms of the Elves
17) Nagash Immortal - Mike Lee
18) The Paris Vendetta - Steve Berry
19) The Elven Nations Trilogy - Paul Thomas, Tanya Cook & Douglas Niles
20) The House of Silk - Anthony Horowitz
21) Architect of Fate - Christian Dunn
22) The Killing Ground - Graham McNeill
23) Courage and Honour - Graham McNeill

1) Ravensoul - James Barclay
2) Chapter's Due - Graham McNeill
3) Making Money - Terry Prachett
4) Soul Hunter - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
5) Blood Reaver - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
6) Mortal Instruments : The CIty of Bones
7) Mortal Instruments : The City of Ashes

1) Mockingjay - Suzanne Colins
2) The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
3) Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
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Daughters of Arabia
Friday. 8.5.11 11:28 pm
I took a break from reading Sci-Fi and picked this up from the pile of books I borrowed from another friend earlier this year. It's by Jean Sasson and is a sequel to Princess. Though it may be a sequel, it is okay to read this book before you read Princess cause the series is kinda like a dairy.

It is quite a nice read if you are interested in reading about the life as a princess in Saudi Arabia, the discrimination and absurdity of how women are treated there. It is also discussed of how authorities in the country uses religion to control and rule. For me, in the earlier years of my academic life, I have been forced to learn about Islam and all that and so, I usually stay away from learning things that are Islam. I am more interested in Christianity and the European history but this one is good. It doesn't force you to accept one particular interpretation of Islam and Quran but it shows you the more liberal side and the fanatic side too.

In my country, the interpretation of Islam leans towards the fanatics and it is getting more and more ridiculous as time passes because they seem to regress instead of progress. After reading this book, it improved the way I look at the religion but at the same time shows me how hypocritical human can be. I still think Islam is a volatile religion and is easily manipulated to the whims of humanity but it also shows that there is hope to change how things are in the Islamic world as long as people are educated and shown how things does not need to be fanatical and oppressive.

There is another book in this series which I will read after I finish two more Sci-Fi.. I think it's time for me to get a Steve Berry. Reading the same genre in the long run bores me even when the book is good. I'd love to know that there is more to life.

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Birthday Bash!
Saturday. 7.23.11 12:16 am
Because we are graduating and we won't be working in the same place, we decided to have a birthday bash to cover everyone's birthdays in one go. We couldn't find a place in KL that would allow us to party so we did it in Melacca. The villa we rented was okay but needs more maintenance.. The whole resort needs to be maintained better. I even heard the breakfast sucked. I don't know, I slept right before it is time to go try out the breakfast.

The epic moments of the night:

1) There are 5 BlackBerry users and none of us brought a charger... We all thought someone else would've brought theirs. Well, my phone battery was full when I got there. Whatsapps, texts and the fact that my phone is the oldest of the 5, my phone went first and it was out for a good 18 hours..

2) We got lost.. and we had to u-turn at a busy road.. My friend who was leading the pack (with a crazy GPS) put out his hand, asking the people to stop for him... and people just didn't. He got so angry, he yelled "OI!" and it can be heard loud and clear in the 3 cars that were behind him. Of course we all laughed.

3) Crossing roads.. on foot. I am a pro! One of us screamed cause the car wouldn't stop for us.

4) While playing twister - "Red foot, red" I thought I heard "Right foot, right" and "You're all twisted, there's no point continuing the game" when that friend of mine is only moving along the first two rows.

5) The guys jumped into the pool.... at about 4AM. Yes, the villa we rented has a small pool

Hmm... that's pretty much all that I can disclose. It was fun!!! I'm missing them already =((

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Russian Navy
Tuesday. 7.19.11 11:20 am
Earlier last week, I got my hands on Russian Navy by OPI and I am loving this to bits!! This colour is so unique! It alternates between being navy and violet in different lights.

Now it's violet...

Now it's not

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Liverpool Asia Tour 2011
Saturday. 7.16.11 1:01 pm
This is a monumental time in my life. Why? Because I get to watch a Liverpool game live in the stadium. It was Liverpool’s first time in Malaysia and I am glad to be one of the tens of thousands of fans who were able to watch them in person. I was sitting really close to the field because we were there at like 3PM when the game only starts at 5.45PM. I was there with Mr & Mrs Furious and Halfie, as per usual.

I have to say that despite the fact that I’m not that into football, or soccer - since most ‘Tangers are American, today really took my breath away. When the fans stood up and sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, it was as if everyone is a part of a huge family that is Liverpool FC. Even as we were driving to the stadium, perfect strangers would actually smile and wave to the drivers and passengers of the other cars just because they are Liverpool supporters. With that said; the conclusion of the first half of the game is that Joe Cole - gotta go. He couldn’t pass properly, he could have scored TWICE and heck, even Golem (I can’t remember the name of this young Liverpool player but we all call him that because he does look like Golem from LOTR) played better!

The fans were quite undecided today. Many supported both teams – Liverpool and Malaysia, so everyone just cheered like crazy! Especially in the second half where all the action is. I was told that the Malaysian team was playing quite well (no, I don't watch Malaysian football, it suck). Although I didn’t think that they would score 3 goals against Liverpool but the first goal was skillfully shot and the second was good… or was it the third? I’m not quite sure but one of the two goals was also actually an off-site, meaning if it was acknowledged, the goal would not have counted because the player had an unfair advantage.

It was a fun day, Liverpool won (obviously) with 6 goals scored. I had fun identifying players and despite the absence of Gerrard, Suarez, Reina and King Kenny, we played well. I can’t remember when the last we scored 6 goals was and this is a friendly game, which is even more rare! The first half was kinda boring after we scored through a penalty and Malaysia equalized through a free kick. Oh! The referee made Adams score his penalty TWICE for the tiny reason because he thinks that the ball was a little bit in front. Hahaha! That was like ridiculous, along with the argument the Malaysian players had with him for giving this penalty.

This made me want to experience how Anfield will be like. Cheering with the fans when goals was scored, singing the songs and the anthem... I bet it would be heavenly. Also along with the fact that the fans of the other team would be sitting together instead of scattered like this one, I'm quite sure that it would be more pleasant. I mean, some of these fans are just sore losers and some were just there to find fault with the Liverpool fans (obviously they are fans of our closes rivals any other day). Although that, I prefer to watch my games live on TV because I'd get to do more "productive" things like studying before the game starts, I'd be more comfortable as I get to pee whenever I need to and I get to watch replays. Hahaha!

Finally, pictures!!

This is the starting formation.

Sometime in the second half

Should be right before the first goal

There are more on my Facebook but it’s the pictures that I managed to get on my phone. There was actually a video but I am a bit lazy to upload it anywhere.

I had fun and I need to go study now if I want to get good grades. Till after my exams, take care everyone!

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July surprise!
Friday. 7.15.11 11:56 am
Remember when I said that I get surprises at the end of every month since March? Well, it has turned into just monthly surprises because this and last month, the surprise came in mid-month. Anyway, I got tickets to Liverpool vs Malaysia!!


I thought I'd be catching this live on TV because I have back-to-back exams next week and my family has bought the tickets way beforehand. I was a bit sad too because the training session where I got a free pass thanks to my awesome uncle clashed with my only afternoon exam. Well, they came back from that training session with a ticket for me =D


I wonder what surprise it would be next month... Please, please, please, can it be something extra special?? Hahaha!

Okay, gotta go back to studying. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Friday. 6.24.11 10:39 pm
I'm volunteering this weekend for a marathon event. Why am I volunteering now when I usually don't volunteer? Because a big portion of my friends are going. Since I'd be procrastinating bucket loads at home anyway, I thought I'd just go and kill myself because I won't be doing any sleeping tonight.

Erm... I watched Green Lantern... It was okay plot-wise.. Your normal superhero saves the day kinda thing so nothing unpredictable. It was good cause there is Ryan Reynolds.. Hahahaha! Oh! Blake Lively looks nice as a brunette too. And damn she has a nice body.

Er.... What else? Nothing much really.. It is quite an uneventful week and yes, my June month-end surprise came early... me thinks.. there's 5 more days so surprise me.

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