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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Me vs you
Thursday, June 19, 2008
My bad, tiger. I made a blunder telling you about the exchange rate for Ringgit Malaysia against Japanese Yen. RM 1000 is equivalent to 32, 935 Yen. That means you can buy lots of stuff with that amount of money. That is including your lolita top. And I advise you to change the currency now because I realise Ringgit Malaysia is strong against Yen today.You can check out at XE. I'm tempted to buy Yen to add to my foreign currency money collection.

Wait a sec... where did I put my 20 New Zealand dollar note last month? I don't remember...

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Monastery Here I Conquer
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
With the recent inflation rise, I noticed newspapers have been covering the lives of the people that are badly affected by the economic inflation. And also read some news where the government or the leader, Pak Lah, has been exhorting the rakyat (citizens) to be thrifty and to change our lifestyle.

I was discussing with my friends the other day about our current lifestyle and inflation. I was thinking out loud if spending RM50 a week is considered luxury and needed to be reduced and needed a change to my lifestyle... I seriously don't know what else there is to cut back on my lifestyle. RM 50 a week is too much, you think? I don't spend on luxuries like premium coffe, premium cakes, clothes, accessories, etc. I don't. My colleagues love to say "Wah ... you always drink San Francisco coffee" while batting their eyelash at me. I really dislike that. That's because there is a word called FREE. You could always get this kind of premium things for free. All you need is to be more alert and keen on finding more information. And there is nothing wrong being a freeloader. I am. I'm not sure why colleagues once told me off "I'm not interested and I don't want to know what's free and what not." If you are kiasu enough (scared not to lose) and not afraid to get free items, you would have tasted a lot of expensive things for free!!

Oh well, enough of my personal life. I was reading Marina Mahathir's article this morning related to the recent rise in things and how much the government should walking the talk. She listed 15 things for the government to start off. I totally agree with her list in her article entitled You walk the talk first. She has a personal blog too, you could visit RantingsbyMM

Have fun stabbing someone but not me. If I die, who else is going to brighten up your day?

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Lasting a lifetime
Monday, June 16, 2008
Twirl, twirl, twirl

is all I could think for the beginning for a poem I wanted to write about time and the time I have been utilising to enjoy life these 2 days. I need more inspiration and brain juice to make it more interesting.

Stay tune for more entries and pictures.

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Hunt with no treasure
Sunday, June 15, 2008
Today tiger and I were in a treasure hunt. It was not that enjoyable compared to our previous hunts. One of the treasure hunt organizer's staff was very rude and kept on treating the participants like idiots. And he kept on shouting on the microphone to all team leaders to queu up. Really got on my nerve. And this staff kept on asking if I have given the treasure... I said yes 2 times and she still asked me!! And there was this guy peeping our answer sheet this morning. And all of a sudden I got irritated and said "What are you looking at?"... I asked tiger if my manners was kinda scary and she said yes. Oops.

We got no luck during luckydraw. Her number was 497 and mine 498. And the lucky draw number was 499. Basket~

That's all. Giddy now. Sleep.

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Free money
Thursday, June 12, 2008
I was reading Personal Money magazine June subscription and one short article caught my attention. That article was about OCBC bank promoting its personal loan which enables people getting the loan without collateral or guarantor and the best thing is you can get it within a day. The amount you can obtain is from RM 6 000 to RM 100 000. The ultimate attraction of this package is if you DISLIKE or UNHAPPY with this loan, feel free to return it after 30 days. Read that again. RETURN.

My idea here is crazy and unpractical but hey why not? I'm always driven by money. Ok so this is how it goes. Let say I borrow the money from this bank with the intention of RETURNING so that means I would be given 30 days for free. If I borrowed RM100k... I'm sure I want to taste the money in some way right?? So why not I put that huge sum of money in fixed deposit for a month that gives me like 3.20%. So before I return the money, I would get at least RM 500 from the RM 100k. Tada. Free money for no apparent reason. And then the next day I return the money back to the bank. So in the end I would get RM 500 profit out of nowhere. SAFE and LOW RISK.

No idea if this idea works or not. But somehow I could hear my bloody devil and angel fighting on my shoulder minus the Star Wars light saber. And I also know who is going to say this idea is stupid. But who cares... As if the banks are stupid.

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Tanaka Roma Forever Love feat Aoyama Thelma
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Forever Love feat.Teruma Aoyama / Roma Tanaka


Forever Love feat Aoyama Thelma


Forever Love (Instrumental)

Free (Instrumental)

I'm kinda a fan Aoyama Thelma after listening to her One Way singles and I really love her Soba ni Iru ne feat Soulja. It was whispery beautiful and when I saw her name on Roma Tanaka's Forever Love I just had to listen to it.

So here is my review.

Listening to Forever Love reminds me a lot of her previous single Soba ni Iru ne. Tanaka started the song with some gentle whispering with Aoyama's voice softer than his and this actually lasted throughout the whole song. The song turned out to be a slow flowing pace song and you could hear Aoyama's and Tanaka's voice compliment with each other making this song very soothing to listen to. You will definitely catch "Our love will never fade away". So if you want to sing your love to your partner, get this song. *grin*

This song, Free, in every way reminds me of Ken Hirai pop songs. I guess the tune and his deep voice is kinda alike to him. No offence to Ken Hirai fans. The song started with a steady beat and this actually lasted until the end. I guess this is a happy fun loving song because Tanaka sounded very "free" and enjoying himself when he was singing "I'm feeling so free".

Planning to purchase? Please click on the picture.

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