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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
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Monday. 7.14.08 10:42 am
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Birthday Hunt
Sunday, July 13, 2008
My family went to TGIF restaurant today even though we thought we wanted to be vegetarian because we have - somehow a week free food supply - eaten rich food for the past week. And then I was telling my mum ... we should tell the staff that we are here for my mother's birthday celebration so we could get a free dessert and then somehow I was thinking should not I be setting up my birthday wishlist for this year??? Oh wait. Not wishlist it is restaurant list. This time I want to celebrate my birthday by eating!!! Especially places that give free desserts to birthday guest.

Hmm... Yum. I have already thought 2 places. I need more places. I'm going to do research.

P.S. - I changed the songs on the left. Have fun listening.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008
I was in Secret Recipe (a branded cakehouse) today with Worm Worm for my little tea and I saw a group of golden age ladies at the corner ordering meals. My eyes rested on that sight. It made me recalled of my friend's blog a few weeks ago. She posted an entry that lingers still some sadness and nostalgic in me. She was telling the readers that her grandmother's best friend who is also her neighbour just passed away. She questioned how does it feel like to be in her grandma's shoes to see friends ... one by one... leaving this world. What would it be like to see her own grandma leaving this world especially the things she has done for the church choir and the presence of her in her own grandchildren's heart. What does it feel like to be old in the first place?

As I walked out of the restaurant, I pondered if I ever could live as long as the old ladies at the corner and to enjoy my golden time with my friends. How does it feel like? I wonder.

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RM 86400
Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Today's meeting is great. And somehow it managed to trigger the most important thing I have to remember in my whole life. It is RM 86400. That is equivalent to the amount of seconds we have everyday. And that is also the amount of money we could have if we spend it properly. The manager was telling us to not waste a single second and ask us to evaluate if we have achieve any achievements we dream of so far. And somehow I realised I totally forgotten about my own evalution. In 4 days time, it's my friend's death anniversary. And I totally forgotten about it. Seriously. That is the day I have to evaluate myself in the diary as I have promised myself to do so on that date. Am I still nowhere or somewhere? I will need to jot that down...

Speaking of which, I guess I can work on my twirl twirl twirl poem somehow.

So are you guys nowhere or somewhere now? I hope it's the latter.

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Hidden truth
Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Mum was telling me the staff of my apartment management were telling her that there are some apartment residents here have python, mongoose and some other weird animals as pets. The only thing I don't know where and who. My hair stands when I heard 'python'. Someone in the apartment here... is having a python as a pet. And the guy who owns the mongoose has to hug his pet while having meals.

Hmm... anyone wants roasted pet for meals?

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Monday, July 7, 2008
Ow. I look back at my wishlist on the left and you guys might be wondering the wishlist looks simple... and nothing ... Right. Actually I have many more dreams but I didn't list them down; they have been etched in my heart for years already actually. And somehow I'm kinda sick of listening to people snickering at my wishlist. I remembered who and when. I may be forgiving but I never forget. I think Virgo people are very revengeful, right?

Another one to cross out on the wishlist is professional vocal training. I'm going to attend my first vocal lesson this Friday. Woohoo~ By the way, I have been playing pennywhistle/ tinwhistle and my recorder which I kept since primary school. And I really miss playing my violin.

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