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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Feverish berries
Friday, July 25, 2008
I discovered why I'm having fever and sore throat these few days. That's because my wisdom tooth is wiggling its way out and I'm in pain. My gums are in pain. I think I'm going to see the dentist soon. Damn. I should have seen the dentist last month when Colgate is giving free check ups in all participating outlet.

Just hopefully no dental surgery this time because I don't want history to repeat again. But good on the other hand since I would have extra sick leaves.

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I'm Single and Very Available
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
I'm very single and available. Yea right, doctor. I'm so not. I'm here to see you for my fever and gastric pain, not to hear "I have asked my pianist friend to teach me 5 songs so I could impress girls." Oi oi doctor... back to my fever!

So there goes my conversation with the doctor in the morning. I was wondering if that was what he said to every patient he met today because we patients have waited one hour and forty five minutes just to see him!!!!

And again for the second time, doctor has told me to NOT TALK SO MUCH in order not to strain my jaw ligament.

And doctor... stop telling me to destress myself when I'm not stressing myself out!!! And oh yea ... doctor ... don't tell me to find a rich boyfriend t settle money problem. It doesn't work.

Anyway... doctor ... I will try finding a singing coach for you to impress girls. Stay tune to my text messages. Hehe. Yea I got his contact number. Yea... I could date him. :D

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The Missing
Sunday, July 20, 2008
Thinking deeply all day, I really realised I really really WANT to go MISSING for some time. Isn't it great just to go missing for a day or two since no one in my family cares about me. I'm going missing not because I want to attract their attention whatsoever ... it's just I have ENOUGH of family. I need to get away and get back the control in my life. I'm sick and tired of telling my family where I go and what I do when they don't even treat me as family. I thought of executing this plan on my birthday but can't because it's on Thursday not Friday. If it's Friday, it's easy to execute, maybe just buy a ticket to some highland for a day. This sounds really great. Free from family. And yea ... I should do it since I have always wanted to do it since back in kindergarten.

Hmm.. that sounds like an escapade plan. Would be the best birthday gift for myself!

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Ah Ee Oo Ah Ii
Friday, July 18, 2008
Dear loyal readers,

Today is my second day of singing lesson. I'm having great fun in the class. Today is also as usual - fun - and the teacher commented on my singing and such and I don't expect great comments because I know where's my level but today was hilarious... I'm a quite a self-conscious person so I asked the teacher if I have controlled my tone and such by concentrating on the nose bridge and she said the sound was alright... I think she might be surprised to heard me asking that so she asked me back to ask myself how I did control the tone for the first time... And somehow my brain registered this: "Stop Breathing." HAHA. She said I have to breathe if not I will be blue. I added "Oh yea, I'm a living zombie by now." She made me sing Thank You for the Music by Abba ... and she pointed out that I pronounced 'joy' in the song very weirdly and so is 'special'... and when she imitated my pronounciation... I could not contain my laughter because it was damn funny and it's so MALAYSIAN way of speaking! Another song I chose to sing was My Immortal by Evanescence. I thought I could sing it but when I hear the karaoke version I rooted and it became a disaster. So the teacher sang with me but then when we are entering the second line of the beginning ... she imitated me when I was trying to fill my lungs with air and I realised I was sucking the air like a gold fish!!! Oh dear, oh dear. And then at the end of the session, the teacher was asking me how do I think I should sing this song... Without thinking twice .. I replied "Sing like it was her last breath."

Surely, next practise would still be full of surprises so stay tune.

Yours Sincerely,

Renaye ~ Meow

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Have a Break. Have a Meow
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
I just have this feeling of lying down in a coffin and just be forgotten.

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Unexpected Surprise
Monday, July 14, 2008
Today is a pleasant day. Is it? Yes, it is for a headstart. I was having breakfast this morning and there was this handsome looking expatriate sitting in front of me. I thought of going over and ask him for contact. Not because I want to ask him out but I want to date him for my investment appointment. I'm so smart - killing 2 birds with one stone. Eh.

I reached to the office and got told off by a colleague to not switch off the water dispenser because he doesn't want to wait for the hot water to be heated. And I really wanted to shout back "YOU BASTARD." No idea why but that will make me feel so much better after thinking each day how can I save the earth doing my part, doing individually. And yes, I'm going to switch it off again this Friday. I don't see the point of letting current runs when there's only cockroaches and lizards roaming in the office on weekends.

And it's so nice for the bank staff to recognize me today because I was the only client who walked out from their bank when I waited for more than 30 minutes.

Later in the afternoon... something unexpected happened. I got a call from a magazine, informing me that I won a contest. Being a blur nut, I don't remember what contests I have entered because I think I have entered like 5 contests in June alone... Worse still I don't remember my slogans for each contests. And I need to collect my Heineken prize from the company soon. But... I want to win Kungfu Panda merchandise!! I think I want shifu soft toy.

And ... and ... the best thing I did this afternoon that is so me is sending a complain feedback about Campbell soup latest product. It was sucky and yucky. And I came back home with a sick condition - overwhelmed with the feeling of wanting to vomit. The soup sample packet ... contained oats and instant oats. I thought it would be ok... but I totally forgotten that I cannot eat any kind of oats because I would feel like vomitting if I eat them even just a teaspoon. Anyways, I drank two packets because I was hungry. And that was why I really feel like vomitting. But the thing is ... why the heck did Campbell include oats and instant oats together?? The taste was a disaster. And I wrote 'I almost puke' to Campbell. I really did in their feedback.

Speaking of that ... TGIF has not reply my feedback. I'm going to call them tomorrow.

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