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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Happy Belated Birthday
Saturday, September 20, 2008
Thank you so much to Dr. Bernardfor buying me movie tickets today. We watched Mamma Mia today and it was just a so-so movie except for the great ABBA songs. The storyline or plot or the acting is nothing spectacular except for the singing and... the ex-James Bond can't really sing but still listenable but forgettable?

And before meeting up with Dr. Bernard this morning, a taxi driver drove into my right knee and luckily I was able to move away fast before being run down by the stupid driver. He didn't even apologize. Luckily I was still in one piece for my date.

After the movie... we walked around the Gardens and we ended up eating doughnuts in Big Apple while enjoying San Francisco's buy one free one extreme mocha. It was yum. We spent the whole afternoon from 3-ish to 5-ish chatting. I think we got on like house on fire ... like we have known each other for years except this is our first meeting in reality. Isn't it Dr. Bernard?

We went to Jaya Jusco later to get some instant noodles. Haha... we got some free food and drinks too. So I managed to get myself Korean instant noodle as part of my completing my birthday wishlist. I was kinda disappointed for not being able to get mooncakes... all the mooncakes in MidValley have disappeared! And is replaced by Malay confectionery counters. This year is a history: mooncake marketing counters just disappeared less than a week after the mooncake festival was celebrated.

I had a great today... it has been some time I did leisure shopping. On a side note, guys jeans are much more comfortable to wear compared to ladies hipster jeans.

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Happy Birthday!
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Haha. I actually spent most of my birthday time waiting to be treated. You see, I was on sick leave today. I have been having gastric since Sunday night and last night was my last straw: a dull pain in my upper stomach during dinner. I followed my mother to visit a doctor in a governmental clinic. I was actually furious with the system because there are so many counters you have to approach. If you are dizzy ... and really in pain ... you are going to be out of breath. I have visited 5 counters just to get my documents done and what a waste of papers... And I don't even know what papers am I holding now ... But luckily the doctor is a very nice lady so my madness was kinda put off temporarily. I'm now on medication everyday for 4 months. And the medicine tasted like strawberry. But I still have to go for a blood test and breathe inhale test tomorrow morning.

Thank you for tonight's dinner treated by Jordy. It was Vietnamese food and I actually like the soup.

Gastric again just now ... But need to fast now.

Thank you for all the wishes via text messages. I apologize for not replying because my cell has dried of battery and I left the charger in office.

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Return my home!
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Return my home! Yes it is. That's my calling. I read today's headline in the newspaper with full of disappoinment. And just now I read news that another blogger was arrested under the sedition act.

And I came across a quote that hit the chords of the following events in my home:

Differences of race, nationality or culture do not of themselves create division or confrontation. It is people's hearts and minds that supply the energy that tears people apart.

from Daisaku Ikeda

And whoever lives on the same land, my home, as me will agree to this quote.

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Can't get you out of my head
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
This is my second entry about Morning Musume but this is about a former member called Kago Ai, who was involved in a scandal a few years back, thus Hello! Project ended her contract. A very case actually but anyway ... let's talk on the bright side. It's very rare for me to really support an artist but I really do support her after watching so many videos of her antics when she was still a member of Morning Musume. She's so cute and hilarious!!!

I'm posting 2 videos of her... But I could assure you will laugh at her personality: very bubbly. And who is she role playing with? HAHA ... it's GACKT!

And oh in the second video, it's her partner, Tsuji Nozomi, who was a former member of the same group. They are [were] a force to reckon with.

Gackt on a date with Ai Kago

Gackt with Kago and Tsuji

Copied from youtube; Optimystixx translated it:

Kago: Gackt, thank you for coming to Musix today
Tsuji: Thank you
Kago: What floor, please?
Tsuji: Please
Gackt: To the Live Station
Kago: Certainly
Kago: Do you have a new single coming out?
Tsuji: New single?
Kago: What's the title?
Gackt: Kimi no Tame Ni Dekiru Koto
Kago: Ahhh.. such an amazing song title!
Kago: Um.. I have an impersonation, can I do it?
Gackt: Go ahead.
Kago: -sings-
Kago: What did you think of it?
Gackt: Hm.. what can I say?

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It's RENAYE, bitch.
Monday, September 15, 2008
Let me just borrow Britney's signature for this entry.

And before you continue reading, please imagine you kneeling down wiping the floor and then there is a bitch out of nowhere holding a fan and fanning herself and give you one kick to the stomach. She said "Hehehe.... you are the thief" behind her bloody pink fan. Can you imagine this situation? If yes, please continue reading.

Bloodyhell. That is what I felt for 8 hours. A fat bitch in my office today referred me as some "PENCURI KERTAS" (paper thief in English). Serious offence? Actually not. It's pure INSULT to me and her intelligence.

It all started last Thursday. I accidentally spied her dustbin. I found there were papers in the dustbin. So I advised her to discard the papers in the special box for RECYCLING if the rubbish is not any P & C ... and she said it is not. So I told her to recycle and she REFUSED, so she pushed to me, telling me "Nah, you take it la" as in telling me YOU CLEAN MY MESS. I was already mad at that point but I was telling myself to be patient; to not lose temper so quickly. So instead of glowering... I decided to just recycle the paper from her bin because I cannot tolerate to see a paper not being recycled. And I was surprised to see the paper in the dustbin was a photocopy of her IDENTITY CARD/ IC. And I was so kind hearted to shred the document for her.

Ooh... what happened today? The cleaner went over to her place to collect rubbish and the fat bitch said none because she added "hehehe ... it seems there's a PENCURI KERTAS in the office..." behind her elusive bloody pink fan. I got pretty boiled to the point where the thermometer bubble would burst. I ended up banging the table. Everyone in the office must have heard the banging but the bitch pretended like she's on cloud nine, still smiling sickly. And that happened around 11-ish in the morning and I still could feel myself boiling now.

Why mad for such matter?

1) Do I have to explain so many times that we need to do our bits for the environment? Do we want to spend every natural resource to the point of no return? And don't give me the lame excuse of "Yea since you recycle ... I would maintain the balance by not recycling" and yes Worm Worm don't be proud of that sentence. You only do that in politics not in saving a living thing. If yes, why don't you murder the person next to you? Just to keep the overpopulated world in check?

2) Dear Bitch. I pity you for not having a brain. I pity your husband. I pity your kids. I pity your generation for having you as their ancestor. I pity your husband for having an extreme self-centered wife. I hope there will be an environmental disaster happen in your home like flash flood for not recycling papers.

3) I have dignity so do you. I'm not a beggar so are you. If you step on me like you just did, I will ensure you I will have my revenge: I'm boycotting your wedding and I'm not giving you any presents and I'm determine to write an article dedicated to you, so please watch out.

4) This matter stirred something disturbing in me but it's also a truth. I'm getting advise from my some friends in the environmental ring.

TO HELL WITH YOU BITCH. I'm a joker and you are NOT. Please know our difference. If you want to joke, please think twice before saying out. You're fasting this month. What's the point of fasting when you just insulted your fellow colleague? Can you feel the pain of your fellow colleague suffering now? Can you?

Like Kelly Clarkson sings in her Because of You song "You never thought of anyone else, You just saw your pain."

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What is Violence? Part 3
Sunday, September 14, 2008
Part 1
Part 2


Moreover, the sense of power derived from destructive acts is short-lived and addictive; it can only be sustained through further destruction. Compelled by their inner powerlessness, violent people continue to destroy, and when they find nothing more to destroy or find themselves prevented from further acts of destruction, they destroy themselves to escape from themselves, which are the source of powerlessness. In this sense, violence is not a reaction to external objects per se but rather a destructive drive arising from inner weakness simply waiting for a convenient outlet.

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