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I love good moviessss
Friday, August 5, 2005
...sooo I woke up at 8 today.. ugh, that was a bummer. My little cat Button would NOT leave me alone and it was annoying me so I just..got up and left her there.. I sat and watched Gilmore Girls, then...shampooed rugs ..vaccumed..did all the other cleaning stuff...got stuff out for dinner, went down the the dandy and watched a really good movie. CONSTANTINE! Seriously, if you havent watched it, you should b/c its really good..and if you think it sucks..then you suck..lol..just kidding.. mmm carrots! Like..always a week before my period, I eat like a preggerz woman..then I go back to eating nothing at all..I drink a lot of water too.. I love water. ugh! Im really mad that I couldnt go to a party with Brian...but..there will be many more.. :) Anyways..Im out..peace

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Thursday, August 4, 2005
Im kinda...bored.. haha Im just talkin to random people...Jillybabe is in a pickle..mmmmhmm she sure is! But I dont really wanna talk about it. Haha, a couple of people know about it, so maybe Ill just write a private entry..maybe not. We'll see.. my lips are still chapped. I think it's b/c they got burnt during the fair before Bowling for Soup. ugh..that was sucha a fucking good concert. This guy is totally buggin me, and ...I want it to stop! lol..Doug told me that if I got involved in any way...he'd kill me. lol.. Aww thanks Froggy, I <3 you too! Hehe...he's just kidding though, but ...I can see why he would. Too many like..awkward things are going on in my life, and I dunno if I want to deal with it. I know I have too, but I just wish it would go away. Im sick of always being the person that feels bad.. hahaha ya know? Like..everyone has problems..and they tell me..I dont mind I guess, b/c they listen to me, but just some of this bullshit has to s t o p..and Im sure they know who Im talking about. :) I love you girl a lot..but I dont like him and you know it....I went through so much shit with like.. a girl and her ex...and he said he wanted me dead more times that I could count..and I seriously, dont want it to end up like that... Im going to stop talking.. Im just waiting for HB..to get on and save me..lol..Im so bored.... :-/ WELL! Im going to move along..peace

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What a day...
Thursday, August 4, 2005
OKAY! So I woke up this morning, and one of my bestest TABBY! left me a message asking if I wanted to go shopping with her..SOO I called her, it was set, I got ready, and we were on our way by 11 up to Elmira...We ate lunch at Applebees, went to Old Navy, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond..Three family dollars... and it was an awesome day..here is the funny part. At the third dollar store we approached in Southport... Tabby is screaming at me when we are out of the car, to not shut the door which is already in swing of shutting..guess what she forgot? HER KEYS! SOOOO!!! Im like..wait, my cousin works at Video King..maybe he is in there..Well....No Paul...haha so these random guys that work there, were really nice to us and let us chill there while we tried to figure things out. After like an hour..we decided to have Ben and Heath come down and try to open it...then after that didnt work, even a strange man from the street tried to help.. but.. we called her grandma and she came down with extra keys for us to get the door unlocked.. I just got home at like 5..lol.. We were there for two hours and a half.. Isnt that fun? haha It was fun and exciting.. No other way Id rather spend the day than with Tabby...its always us that crazy shit happens too. haha..
Listening to Dashboard
Our hair blowing in the wind w/ the windows down
Singing at the top of our lungs
Passing people..
Laughing our asses off...
Shopping for college
Getting keys locked in the car
Sitting outside video king...making up a song..haha AHOLE!
Talking to random people
Yes... no other person, would this happen too..lol.. Love ya bunches babe!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Wow, who knew that you could get a bump on your lip from hitting your ring off of it? Well..I just found out. I didnt know I was popular..teehee..See how much I pay attention to this? I might not be in the top 25...but its nothing really that Im striving for. I mean, its cool if people wanna come and look at my journal....it's my life people...learn it, live it, love it... Some moments that I have had...I never would share with anyone, but..if you wanna read it..go for it. Doesnt bother me! Ugh..so anyways...enough of that... This new nutang is pretty cool..kinda just happened over night. It's like christmas...the tree is all empty..then BAM the next morning there are tons of presents... okay, so its really a bad example.. lol.. Well not really....but..we know why it happens over night.. so its like the first snow...that day...its like NOTHING...the next morning..it's like 5 feet of snow and bam...you dont have school. WHICH IM GOING TO MISS! lol..damn college..no school days... *sigh* Oh well..I guess I can deal.. You get out earlier, plus..more freedom.. I cant wait, Im so really excited.. :-D It's going to be a lot of fun. A lot of good memories are going to come out of it and I cant wait. Its going to be a lot of hard work, but I know when I put my mind to it...Ill do it, and Ill do a D A M N good job..I think I heard my mom say my name...but Im not sure yet...damn she did..fuck...ugh I hate this sometimes.. I have been swearing A LOT lately...Im totally blaming that on Doug..seriously, like.. I dunno..when I talk to him, I swear a lot..haha, and it just stuck.. I feel bad about swearing a lot, but I dunno...Im listening to Hawthorne Heights..heck yes...My heart is in ohio my friends.. I will l i v e there someday..atleast I hope...
I talked to HB last night..uh huh..it was fun! Wanna hear something funny, totally not about HB..but Ill get to that...I dunno w h y I should..he didnt say anything mushy about me..haha just kidding babe..but anyways..I was talking to this guy who lives in Millerton, and he's on my space....so Im like..meh, okay..so Im like hey man you live over the hill from me and all that good stuff. And like...I said hey on aim..and we were talking...its awkward of course..lol...and he is like.. do you know PR (wont say names for good reasons)...and Im like, well I hope so, he's my cousin...haha it was shocking..turns out they are like really good friends and he wants me to go to PR's party...I dunno..haha its kinda awkward.... but talking to each other went much easier after that..lol..it was silly..I told my mom and she started laughing... hehe. It was a good time.. she's like..jillian, you scare me sometimes...I was like calm down, its funny..l a u g h..so she did. But anyways..what do say about the wonderful HB, besides that he is wonder...HE DOESNT REALLY LIKE DOGS! and I dont really like cats, and he likes cats over dogs...So that is like one thing we dont have in common...HB, I dont think this relationship can go on any longer...just for that reason..haha just kidding pumpkin!! I called you really early this morning, I was kinda hoping Id wake your lazy ass up..but ...most be you didnt have your phone on..so I just left you a voice message instead..lol.. WOO! Friggin a..people make me mad...like this lady at the store..(old) was flipping FREAKING out b/c she wanted to get out of the store so bad..she's like, Im selling myself to the store, b/c the P&C is kinda expensive...but whatever ya know? She was flipping out....and making a scene..and Im like..lady..just stop. But Id never say that to an old lady's face..or any other one of my peers..why would I? Lol..Im a bitch, but not that much of a bitch..oh well..MY CAT FAT CAT..totally ran away for the night.. lol...she'll be back sometime, Im not really worried..and if she doesnt..oh well.. Its horriable to think about it that way..but.. I dunno.. she needs to be freeeeee..so does baby cat..on the other hand..button she needs to s t a y.. :-D I can feel bad karma coming on..
Iggy isnt in good spirits b/c of her boy..Im really sad, b/c I wanna do everything to make her happy and make time go by faster for her! She is really happy with him, and they are so A D O R A B L E together...they are like the perfect friggin couple! I swear.....NO ONE compares to them.. lol.. they have the best relationship, and they are like the best couple to hang out with..like..they cuddle and stuff like that, but its not like..rude..ya know what I mean? like.. they can keep things private and enjoy everyone else's company without being disgusting..Like people who just...straddle with boyfriend infront of everyone and hang out with themselves at a party, and not even.. like.. notice the rest of the guests so we have to surrond them b/c they wont come to us.. I dunno..it makes me smile to see Iggy happy....she deserves it after all the l o s e r s she has been with..Britt..she needs a good man in her life.. :) Really, she needs to be happy with someone who ...I dont want to get into it, and Im sure she wont appreciate me talking about it. I love ya Britt.. :) ..I love my friends...I dunno where I would be without them..seriously..Tabby..what the hell, Im going to miss her like fucking crazy. I miss her lots right now. We are going to go shopping together pretty soon for college..it's really good to see that we have had our differences but that has what made us TEN times closer.. Nothing will ever split us apart I dont think..:) I have soooo many bestests...hehe.. :) I love all you guys so much... TOM! I fuckin miss him so much... my italian stallion! ugh... I never got a piece of that...Im so sad...lmao.. I miss him and love him..I cant wait till I can talk to him again! HEHE! Atleast people only call me a slut when Im around him..it's b/c we are such great friend that whatever we do..doesnt mean a thing...Like..Ive kissed him lots of times..lol..but its all b/c we are friends..and I can give him a kiss b/c Ill miss him..and we are good friends....haha.. He needs a good girl in his life..seriously... :) I cant wait to go to his wedding..haha.. :) We need to get married though so I can have girls that have beautiful skin..I forgot why he wanted to marry me..I was drunk at the time..lol.. Haha! TOM if you read this..I miss you, and you need to get AIM so we can chat.. :) Miss ya tons babe....My little stud waffle...I bet he forgot all about this..Is going to Case and that is near Cleveland..HECK YES! We are ALL seriously going to visit him..haha, Ill take everyone there..it will be a good vacation.. :):) SPEAKING OF VACATIONS! Kids..we are definatly going to Darien Lake next year! Let's camp there and go to the theme park..and just chill...drink..whateva..haha it'll be tons of fun! We need to all get together reallll soon. :):) Well kids..Im gonna go..So Ill come back later and write about all my awesome friends that Im going to miss....HB is coming up to visit us realllll soon! Be excited! I know quite a few of us has missed him so! Well, those of us who know him..like ..Amanda and Ben...and me..sorta..haha and his other friends ..Im out..late!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005
I totally dont know what happened to my website....lol, but..its nice.. Im really tired.. :) hmm.. :) you only wish.. :) anyways... Im tired.. I already said that..I wish I was high right now..lmao..for real, dunno why, just in the mood I guess. I hate when people act all fucking out of control.. when it has nothing to do with them..seems I get it a lot lately..oh well.. I cant wait till college.. :) It's going to be soooo much fun! A lot of work..but fun! Atleast Im going to college, some people cant say that..which I guess its cool for them.. Like..Doug, Brock, and Bryan are going into the Marines.. a lot of people arent going b/c they dont want too, didnt apply at all b/c they are lazy..OR they didnt get accepted..hehe I loved how I get called a whore , a slut, and like.."immature"...lol..its great..but atleast the first two are joking...immature? IM not immature.. hehe.. Definatly not..Im more mature than half the people I know..yes Im bothered by what you said... and that wasnt even about you... so..stay out of my life? k? Thought that was the agreement..Im happy to see that you are doing good with what you are doing with your life.. you have your life on track... lets keep the peaceeeee... you should be proud of yourself...which I know you are..definatly.. I can tell.. you definatly got over ..ya know who...and Im sorry for being mean to you, but Im not sorry for not being your friend..no offense.. just the way it is.. :) okay? I know you dont "forgive and forget" but I have..and we move on.."move along move along..jsut like i knew you would"...wow..totally done with that..*sigh* too mushy for me... haha..anyways..talkin to some G R E A T people..waiting for HB to come on alive...Im outtie..peace

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005
people..are stupid! really... hehe, I get along with people, just some people are stupid. And...they say things that.. I dunno..anyways.. haha all I have to say is..Asti Wasti.. :) I <3 you HB..peace

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