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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Sunday. 12.18.05 11:50 pm
teh letter is written and sealed. just needs be mailed, yay.

maybe ill douse it in something... blood... perfume... i hear urines supposed to be touted by african tribes. :p

anyway, no bodily fluids.
not even a swak, because i find those creepy, moreso with the type of letter this is.

kitty came back, and she likes white meat too. :p

there was a pretty white cat sitting with her, and then he sat on our porch for te longest of times, looking in the window.

it was cute.

im jealous of stinky malinky now.
though i guess im not.

i thnk stinky got fucked too much, because she just laid around for the rest of the day, and occasionally went to go make eyes at her mankitty.

this guy in dont be a menace has *huge* lips.

itd be creepy to smooch someone with those...
oh well.
not something im going to worry about.

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Sunday. 12.18.05 1:24 pm
i had the most superawesome dream last night.

about snowballs (the yummy coconut/marshmallow snack thing, not the other one, though i think there was one of those as well)

its made me realize more than a few things that ive already realized,

but i guess its time to start perhaps exercising more and writing thta letter...

yes, i will start writing it.

grades arent up yet, pooh.
id at least like to know how badly i did. :/
so i can perhaps take something again next semester.

it shouldnt be as awful if ive done it once, right?

and there was that guy who said hed taken electronics 3 times.... so that makes me feel better as well.

tayla says its been a rough semester for everyone, and im not going to try and be whiny, but i think mine was a bit rougher.

oh well.

at least ill be able to ask them for help.

i dont want to tell her highness about grades, though, because shell bitch like no tomorrow.


i need to get out of this house.

and then my dad let stinky malinky get out. but didnt fucking tell anyone until an hour later.

now an unfixed cat in heat... being let out? thats always a good idea.

but no, its not a big deal, he says
and we need to go look for our cat, he says

hes the one who let her out... im worried and all, but hes going to take care of all of the kittens, because its not going to hurt him to bend over, pick up a 5 lb cat, and lob her back in the house.

its not like she dashed out and into the street and five miles away.

she dashes out and sits on the porch for a bit.

my parents piss me off. blah.

i think ill get to writing this letter.

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wewt * 1/wewt
Friday. 12.16.05 1:37 pm
ive had a bit of an epiphany.
i'm going to write a letter.
itll take a good few days to word properly and shit, because i suck at communicating as it is.

my cat is being a little slut.
she is writing back and forth
and yeowling
and looking out the window like shes waiting for her bigpenised cat friend to come.

i think im going to fuck her with a qtip so shell shut up.
i hear it helps bring them out of heat.

now to call the local spca.

ooh, and so far, ive made almost a nickel. how awesome!

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bleh. home.
Thursday. 12.15.05 9:16 pm
yay. home.

for a whole damn month.


meaning i have to deal with my mom and her constantly telling me im fat, and then telling me that im insane, and shes not saying that at all

and then telling me that i need to not be single, because blahblahblahblah.


ill stop being single when im ready or someone wants me.

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Thursday. 12.15.05 7:56 am
well aside from the fact that ice is hailing from the sky like precipitate in a chemical thingie,

i got a 6-pack of ramune for xmas!

how awesome is that?

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Wednesday. 12.14.05 11:27 pm
i feel like shit.

i dont want to go home.

i need a hug.

and itd be really nice if there were a less flash intensive version of nutang, especially usin this old powerbook.

i have to pee, but my eyes are bloodshot and i dont want to go into the hall.

dammit, this happens every time i have to go home.

i need to clean

i need to pack
but all im really doing is sitting here and bawling like a baby.


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