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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Sunday. 1.8.06 3:13 am
i needa go put my checks in the bank, im quite poor.

i seem to be blowing through money this year.

i think perhaps it has something to do with my feeling bad.

apparently i have a tendency to spend more money when i feel awful.

thats a comforting thing to know.

comforting indeed.

one day ill be dirt poor

and ill have to go to one of those places and do the "whos the man, i got me some cash" jig out side of a car title for money place...


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whoa, sale!
Saturday. 1.7.06 8:15 pm
so i took back cobymalobys game back, because he wanted to try and find a working one, and i took adv wars back because it was bootlegged. :/


oh well, we went over to eb, and found a working copy of cobys game for the same price.

so i feel better now.

and then i went to books amillion, and saw yasashi.

shes in gov's school... for dance, of all things.

whatever, more power to her.

i was about to leave, and there was a big ol' section of hello kitty stuff.

marked down, plus an additional 44% off.

i did some shopping... and got some awesome stuff.

and since twyl0r didnt want xmas gifts because of her birthday, now i can give her the 2nd half of her xmas/birthday gift.


it works.

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well fuck.
Friday. 1.6.06 7:18 pm
i do these things to myself

and then i feel like shit.


im really tired of all of this.

i wonder what they mean by "active" ...


this break has been a waste of break, because i havent done any relaxing whatsoever. or any of the other stuff youre supposed to do on break.

ive felt like shit the whole time, im going to back to fucking place next sunday, and i really dont want to.

if it keeps going like this, i might just drop out and move away.

they said dont worry about it over break, and seemed to give the "itll be ok" vibe, but i dont know, i worry about everything. telling me not to worry is one of the stupidest things to do. it makes me worry more. :/

and when im not actively worrying, im worrying that ive got something to be worried about. or just have that ... worried feeling. it sucks.

maybe i really should go talk to someone.

if this semester starts out like last, maybe i will.

so they kicked vick off the team.

maybe people will stop being such dumbasses about football now.

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Friday. 1.6.06 1:10 am
i just realized that at no point this holiday season, did i drop an obscene amount of change in the little red salvation army pots!!!


ill have to write them a check for 5 dollars.

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Thursday. 1.5.06 7:15 pm
shaun of the dead is on.

i now aspire to be an extra, preferrably of the zombie persuasion, in a zombie movie!


::moans and stumbles forward::

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daily entry!
Thursday. 1.5.06 1:31 pm
twenty six cents!
(at mc donalds, baby!)

hm. i went to dentist this morning, because my teeth have been giving me shit.

he said that my filling wasnt ground high enough, so my tooth was hitting it and keeping it sensitive.

makes sense.

he says itll get better within the next few weeks.




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