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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Follies, because I suck at everything else.
Friday. 2.3.06 6:58 pm

There are vibrators for sale on Amazon.

They cost 69 CENTS a piece.

I think I'm going to order 10 of them.

But what would I do with them?

[email protected]?!?!?!?!

They've got... TWENTY NINE CENT vibrators!

Deja Vu again? I think so.

Oooh, pretty silver... holy shit.

X Large Vibrator? o.O


Eight, yes, EIGHT Vibrators.

Order Summary
Items: $5.52
Shipping & Handling: $12.91

Total Before Tax: $18.43
Estimated Tax:* $0.00
Order Total: $18.43

Twelve dollars and ninety-one cents in shipping.

They're going to make me pay for those vibrators...

I could order... thirty-one... and have one for each day of the month...

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I feels nekkid. :/
Wednesday. 2.1.06 7:29 pm
I took off my collar, because my shirt wasn't being too friendly to it.

Now I feels nekkid.

And I have a stupid project that I dont want to do that's due Friday at midnight.


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How nice!
Monday. 1.30.06 3:25 pm
So, the annoying loud girl across the hall doesn't live there anymore.

Guess she couldn't deal with megan and her bf and whatever else.

I'm glad, hopefully it'll be more quiet around here.

And then, I got my collar, because I found one I liked at Target, even though cookie wasn't around to buy it for me.

So I gave it to him, and he gave it back. :p It works.

It's a purty one, and I think it looks good.

Then I got a laptop bag and a phone as well, Best Buy paid for both of them (no hassle, can you believe it?).

I have 8 dollars left. :/

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Spam is hilarious.
Monday. 1.30.06 3:16 pm
To: [email protected]+SER\/.\/+.EDU (edited for scanners and shit)

" The Pacif1c is nothing comparing to the ocean of your sperm with Spermamax.
With Spermamax you will need the whole towel instead of napkin to wipe off the results of your orgasm.
Be cool even when cuming, be with Spermamax. "

The things I get in my mail.

I don't need an ocean of sperm.

Besides, wouldn't it be an ocean of semen?

Anyway, an ocean of anything is way too much to drink.

I mean, if I were *gasp* doing the do, bareback (for whatever reason), and an "ocean" of sperm was let loose into my girlybits? I think I'd pop. Or explode (like the butcher). Or something.

Or imagine if I were going to swallow it? My stomach would pop!

How awful!

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and the same shit starts again.
Saturday. 1.28.06 1:09 am
i need to go sit and talk to someone.

and figure out why the fuck i keep doing this to myself.

because its gotten old.

its been old.

i really dont want this semester to be like last.

and up until now, it didnt seem like it was going to be.

perhaps im just a dumbass and should give up on things.

perhaps i should just lob out my uterus, and fling it at the bt on its way to the math emporium.

and not perhaps, but a im going to, no more drinking anything that makes me feel warm.

because then i dont feel warm where it matters.

i want some water.

maybe i will chop out my uterus.

then i wont be such a psychotic such and such.


and of course i feel even worse, because i think about things.

maybe if i stopped thinking, i wouldnt feel so bad.

maybe ill go kill all of my braincells somehow.

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An awesome song
Thursday. 1.26.06 5:59 pm
Peace train by cat stevens/yusuf islam/terrorist is awesome.

i heard it on the local crapstation on my way up from home.

theres just something about its... unevenness.

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