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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

My Mii QR Code
Because I have not posted in nearly forever.
Monday. 3.7.11 9:15 pm
I first must show NuTang... My Shiny!.

I tried to get free dinner with it, but my plan did not work. :(

Today I made a goal of doing the sudoku with my left hand, perhaps I will keep this a goal for the rest of the week.

I haven't been up to much else. Ah well.

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GOPB&J (now with a short story!)
Tuesday. 12.7.10 6:03 pm
So yesterday at the place I was having lunch, there was a GOP meeting/luncheon.

They were giving out stickers for Greg Habeeb. I'd been wanting something of his for a while, but didn't want to resort to stealing a sign.

I crashed the GOP luncheon and got a sticker. >.>

Yesterday in the food-time-box, I mentioned that I had the best method ever for making a PB&J sammich.

Let me show you it.
Story of PB&J page:

When I was in high school, 10th grade, to be exact, my technology teacher had us write down the steps to make a PB&J sandwich, to show us how computers interpret code.

I'd done this exercise before, so I knew it was ridiculous, but I still set to work.
I think I started with 14 steps as a brief outline.

As class went on, the teacher continued with the lecture. I continued with my list. By the end of class, I had a plain webpage with 37 steps.

That night, being a slacker and not doing my homework, I grew the instructions into the current monstrosity.

The next class period, I showed this page to the teacher.

This was his response.

The assignment wasn't for a grade.

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Crashing luncheons
Monday. 12.6.10 7:19 pm
I was out at lunch today, and there was a GOP luncheon being held at the same shop.

I don't care for the GOP, but there's a local candidate I've been meaning to steal a sign for, so I can give it to my brother.

There was a guy in the doorway giving out stickers, so I totally hopped in and stole one. >.>

Huzzah for crashing GOP luncheons for stickers.

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Sunday. 12.5.10 9:45 am
I want in on the fun too!

I'm cool, right?

Tell me I'm cool!


Being sick blows noses.

Having a sore throat is a pain in the neck.

Coughing scares the beasts.

If I was Jessie and Dave was James, Charlie would be Meowth and Jazz Hands would be Wobbuffet.

ALSO. There should be a Nutang post about my completion of the NuTangian Challenge, and how everyone should vote for me to be in the hall of fame.

One more thing! I am sad. I was grinding coffee yesterday, and my coffee grinder started falling apart as I was grinding. There were awful chunks of plastic in my coffee. Poor coffee, it was wasted. :(

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What should I do? (now with fixed link!)
Thursday. 12.2.10 9:41 pm
Post more often.

I don't know that I've got too much excitement going on to post about, though.

I mean, I do, but I don't, and I will, so I guess that's that.

The sickness has caught me, I mentioned it to a co-worker, and she tells me that the new guy across the street has been sick.

I'm not sure why that is important, I'm sick, Dave isn't sick, I'm more concerned about Dave not being sick than new-guy being sick.

Of course, after having written such a thing, it is now Dave's turn to get sick.

Jazz Hands still has perpetual sniffles, I wonder if she's got enlarged adenoids like that one kid in that book I read a long while ago. If she plays too much, you hear her breathing. :(

And there she sneezes. I've drugged her to all drug-land, and no change. Silly prissy cat. That is why you take unflattering photos.

Charlie is well, he like straws. He also likes food, as evidenced by "oh boy golly gee food time?" face.

Work has been work, nothing too exciting. I don't get to take trips, I haven't broken anything, I haven't caused any major catastrophes.

Over Thanksgiving, we went to the Va Science Museum, it was pretty fun, I got a stand-in rock of awesomeness >.> There are some pictures of us all being losers, knocking over blocks and building things.

There was this awesome air-chair exhibit that we stumbled upon, it was oddly... sexual. Or maybe I just have a dirty mind. There was a cylinder on the front end of the chair that you had to stick into holes. That lit up when you had it in all the way. Erh...

I am still sore about that bet I lost. :(

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Is it? Can it be? 100 things!
Sunday. 11.14.10 7:01 pm
After much consternation and gnashing of teeth, I present to you my entry in The NuTangian Challenge! (be sure to say that with a big, booming, announcer voice)

1. I am Jessica.
2. I m 25.
3. I am of the female persuasion.
4. I live with Dave. He is my schmoodles
5. I like spicy things.
6. I have two cats.
7. I have two degrees.
8. I briefly held a graduate level degree in what may have been MSE, but I never opened it as it's a federal offense to tamper with mail.
9. I have been as far north as New York/Jersey, and south as South Carolina.
10. I don't like the Civil War.
11. I collect toys.
12. I match Dilated.
13. I prefer to write with fine writing instruments, both in width and quality.
14. I make a mean quesadilla.
15. I have a super-sweet-tooth.
16. I somehow skipped this one and noticed on 18.
17. One of my favorite shops is Mitsuwa in NJ.
18. I wear a bit too much black.
19. I seem to start all of my facts with 'I'. It's like starting all of my entries with "so".
20. Coupon-clipping is a must.
21. I have a soft spot for tabloids and cheesy checkout literature.
22. I don't listen to the radio.
23. I watch 20 minute of TV M-F, the morning news, while I hula hoop.
24. I cut my foot a few days ago.
25. I am bad at running.
26. I have written 26 things!
27. I have been on NuTang since The Great Xanga Outage of August 2003.
28. I am known for holding grudges.
29. Nuts. I like nuts. Way too much.
30. ROBOT GALAXY. Holy crap. How could I forget about Robot Galaxy? It is like only the best place EVER. I have three robots, Zar, Regular Rah, and Chrome Rah.
31. I like bananas because they have no bones.
32. I like to shop at snoot shops to buy snoot foods.
33. I tend to complain about my mother at least once a day. I'm really working on that.
34. I chemical my hair to death.
35. I hold grudges. Hardcore.
36. I don't like deer, but they are tasty.
37. I like fried bananas.
38. I also like red bean sweets, which apparently is odd.
39. I'm a walking sweet tooth.
40. I am somewhat handy with powertools.
41. Purple is my favorite color.
42. The new Camaros are fucking hideous.
43. My Wii number is 5078 2983 7673 6538.
44. I generally dislike shopping.
45. My favorite pokeman is Luxray. So cool!
46. All of the man-bait games with boobs and skimpy clothing in the house belong to me, not Dave.
47. I forgot I was working on this.
48. I hurt myself playing Wii. :(
49. My cat dislikes stink bugs as much as I do.
50. I've also decided that I need napoleons as my wedding cake.
51. I thought I'd mentioned that I wanted a marinara fountain at my wedding, but not a ranch one. Guess I didn't.
52. My finger hurts and I don't know why.
53. Bizarro is by far the best ride EVER at Six Flags.
54. I seem to make a good cat-bed.
55. I try to go to the state fair every year.
56. I like to think I make a mean meatloaf.
57. I HAAAAAATTTTEEE Best Buy. I have no kind words for it, and tend to froth at the mouth when it is mentioned.
58. I don't like pasta, soup, mushrooms, mayo, or gravy. Ick.
59. Therefore, beef stroganoff sounds HORRIBLE.
60. The worst thing ever would be a Best Buy branded Camaro, driven by one of their useless manager/boss type peoples.
61. My computer has been running for 8 days, 21 hours, 43 minutes.
62. I hunt stinkbugs with an electric racquet, a blind adjuster pole, and two cats.
63. I take no prisoners.
64. I took 13 years of piano lessons.
65. Somehow, I'm not all that great at it.
66. Nutella is EVIL. Stupid tasty substance.
67. I have been told that I m bad at eating. Erh. Right.
68. I have taught both Dave and my brother to whistle. Now they can't stop.
69. Candy apples are CANDY. APPLES. Not this stupid soft-taffy-covering BS. Caramel is fine.
70. Deep Fried Pecan Pie is ridiculous. Everyone should try some.
71. I currently have a cat hiding under my Cozy, comfortable blanket with sleeves.
72. I want to be schooled in Saikyou-ryu.
73. I am taking my beasts to get altered on the 27. Poor beasts.
74. Whenever I go to a fair, I buy a wristband and try to ride the cost in rides. So if band is $20, I have to ride enough rides to add up to $20 in tickets.
75. It is 8.24p on 9-26. I am conditioning my hair.
76. I pick at things.
77. Apparently I am good at taking shit from people.
78. If I compare you to my mother, it is usually an insult of the highest degree.
79. My sign is Taurus.
80. This week is vegetable week.
81. I am getting seriously tired of my mom harassing me about getting teh hitch.
82. They're repaving the road outside of my house.
83. I was super excited, my laptop was broken and I was going to buy a new one, but then I fixed my laptop.
84. There weren't enough coupons for the new one anyway.
85. Apparently I have 133+ sudoku skills.
86. My current all-day-breakfast-restaurant meal is a sausage/cheddar omelet, and wheat toast strawberry jam. om nom nom.
87. I like to win things. I most recently won a book about cats that says Charlie is somehow as smart as an 18-month-old child. I'm not sure what that says about the cat or the child...
88. I'm quite horrible about adding people on facebook. They tend to sit in purgatory for quite some while.
89. It is PAST time for me to reformat my laptop.
90. I'm doing it today.
91. I have an odd knack for finding odd shops.
92. There are many things I don't trust: Black people, cats, women, people driving, the weather, time, the internets... the list goes on and on.
93. I broke my laptop reformatting it, it bluescreened everytime windows loaded. Oops.
94. It annoys me when people spell "oops" as "opps". Special Ops? I don't know.
95. I strongly dislike christmas.
97. I hate crowded areas, especially when shopping.
98. At my wedding, there will most likely be a picture of me, in my frilly frou frou dress, surrounded by gift cards from the worst place ever, and pouting while everyone does dances.
99. There will also be corn and sweet potato souffles.
100. I lost a bet with my brother. I'm sore.

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