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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Sunday. 2.19.06 2:19 am
I didn't know that I had a penis...

"David (last name here) has requested to add you as his boyfriend,"


Yeah, I have a penis.

Go figure.

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Sigh, Schiffert.
Saturday. 2.18.06 4:10 pm
So I went to Schiffert for my angry pee.

They tried to tell me it wasn't my pee, but my girlybits.

I told them I knew what was up with my girlybits, and was fairly certain that something was wrong with my pee.

So they gave me Cipro! (yay anthrax), and now my pee isn't so angry.


But now my innerbits are grumbly, and I don't know if its pee grumbly or poop grumbly.

Probably poop grumbly, I haven't in a while.

It was poop grumbly. I took Wal-mart brand poop pills (they were 2.94 as opposed to 18.88 for Peri-colace), and instead of 6-12 hrs later, 18 hours later, I broke Dave's toilet. :/ At least I feel heaps (not stacks) better and several lbs lighter...

Reminds me of the time I was w/ Twyl0r and someone else at her friend's restaurant...

Now that I feel heaps better, I guess I can get to code-monkeying, and seeing how far I get before it's Econ Study Time.

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Thursday. 2.16.06 6:37 am
Almost at 50 cents!

I had the most random dream last night about peopel calling and iming and whatnot.

Oh well.

I decided I needed to wear my retainers last night, since I haven't in a good two months.

Now my teeth hurt. Heaps. :/

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Yay, lessthanthree! (part two)
Tuesday. 2.14.06 11:22 pm
Dave is *so* teh r0xX0rz.

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Yay! Lessthanthree!
Tuesday. 2.14.06 5:48 pm
So I see all these people walking around with cut flowers.

And I think, sigh, flowers: They're going to die, eventually.

But I have an Aloe plant!

It won't die, lest I kill it...

I don't plan on killing it.

He needs a name, I'm thinking something Spanish...
but not Jaime, Jorge, or the like.

I thought Jose or Juan, but he'd need a small sombrero for that.

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Yay, Stuff!
Sunday. 2.12.06 4:39 pm
So I went w/ T'ayla to the mall on Thursday. But I've posted about that. I saw some pretties for my collar, but decided not to get them, because I couldn't think of an easy/hassle free way to pop them on, other than putting the bone-ring back on, and I don't wan't a persistent ring on there.

So on Friday, Dave and I went to Roanoke (or Row-nock-ey, weird people from up north), and I got Yoshi's Island (yay!), and the pretties I'd been looking at, and a Happy Bunny one that says "it's cute how you think I'm listening". Dave was nice and paid for the pretties.

I put the key to my handcuffs on my collar as well, so it'll be harder to lose. I'm going to hang the pretties from the keyloop.

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