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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Wednesday. 3.29.06 1:24 pm
So I followed Jason after econ to teh WUVT table on the drillfield.

I wanted to spin the wheel, but didn't have one, so he let me bum a dollar.

I won the "um, I thought it wasn't possible to win that" prize, tickets to Floydfest.

Go figure.

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Cops are funny
Monday. 3.27.06 11:01 am
So I saw a cop driving around the drillfield on a phone.

Perhaps cop-dear should put more energies into discriminating against the likes of myself instead of talk-driving...

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Monday. 3.27.06 7:43 am
So I went to breakfast.

And no one was there!

So I ate, saw Karishma, and came back, because I decided I wasn't too fond of mi camisa de la dia.

Now I've a jaunty black shirt!


Mum sends one of those "you know you can talk to me about anything" e-mails...


First she's all... pessimistic sounding.
Now she's all... ::has no clue::

She's not as erratic as she used to be... hm.

Coulda fooled me.

I still have to find cob0rz something awesome.

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Sigh, aol peoples are quite teh stupid.
Sunday. 3.26.06 1:21 pm
So I'm sitting here a few days ago, and this person ims me.

No clue who the fuck they were, but since I have a boyfriend, I'm supposed to break up with him for someone I don't know anything about, have never met, and is supposedly much more awesome...

But this guy has awful grammar, and doesn't come across as the brightest fruit loop in the box...

Silly aol people.

On another note:

Oh, Pokemon Trozei, your catchy advertising makes me giggle.

Your concept, however... does not.

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Yay, viagrabots!
Saturday. 3.25.06 4:21 pm
Thanks Viagrabots, but I don't really need any Viagra.


I don't.

He doesn't either.

So my parents are in teh know, and theyre bitching about "oh, you're too young" and all sortsa stuff.

Of course, i knew this was going to happen, with her being all "don't come out of school alone" and shit like that.


But kudos to Coby, mum says she asked him about what was up with Dave and I, and he just laughed and wouldn't tell her anything.

Go Coby!

And then mum says that the mini-stinkies keep getting stuck in the waterbowl...
She has to pluck one out at least once a day.

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Monday. 3.20.06 10:12 pm
Gay people have so much fucking drama, it's not even funny.




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