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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Sunday. 4.30.06 1:14 pm
When I said gay people were full of drama, I was terribly mistaken...

Well, maybe not, gay people have a lot of drama, and for some reason it's funy, but damn if non-gay people don't have massive amounts of drama as well...


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Odd dreams.
Saturday. 4.29.06 12:09 pm
So I had a pretty weird dream last night.

That my mum ditched me in NYC to do some snooping for her.

And had left me w/o monies/phone/etc.

So I was going to go find other Jess, so I could crash at her place, since I was broke and phone-less.

I ran into pet0r, we talked for a bit, I found I had all of my cards, just not in my wallet.

We split ways, and then I ran into otherJess, on my way to find her place of residence.

So we went, took the stairs, and I started spazzing on the stairs.

We went to see an art thing a friend had done with dots, and I got a call from Srinath about cookies.

I didn't want to buy any cookies, and eventually the call dropped. So we went to a Mexican restaurant, set in the super bowl section, and someones parents walked in.

Not sure whose parents, though.

It was a pretty weird dream.

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Friday. 4.28.06 6:43 pm
I found this on an MSNBC sex page when I was looking for something else:

Q: I have been encountering “nbsp” in profiles on dating Web sites. People say they are “into nbsp.” I’m not sure what they mean. Can you help me?

A: Nude Bondage, Slapping and Piercing? Nummy Bananas with Syrup and Pancakes?

Alas, “NBSP” isn’t sex-related. The letters, computer code meaning “non-breaking space,” are used to prevent a line of text from breaking. Sometimes the code winds up on screen.

Of course, if somebody out there knows of some obscure “NBSP” subculture, let us know. (Nancy Boys in Shiny PVC?)

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Thursday. 4.27.06 7:17 pm
So I was traipsing from Dave's to class this morning, and a lady stops and asks me if I'd like a ride to campus.

I accepted, and she drove me to the corner across from the methodist place.

She said it was her son's car, and that she really like the trees next to the lawyer's offices near the 7-11. She was from Texas and not too happy that it was so dreary.

I was getting out of the car and she explained that she'd have taken me closer if she had time, but if she were a minute late, they'd try to fire her... fuck'em she said.

She was a cool lady for the few moments I was in her car.

Then I was walking back to Dave's from food, and we saw... Hanson!

Some dudes with creepy blonde wigs... and then they started singing Mmmbop.

Que miedo.

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Wednesday. 4.26.06 4:47 pm

Mum reads my bank statement.



Not. Fucking. Cool.

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Oh CT, you never fail to amuse me.
Wednesday. 4.26.06 2:48 pm
So the girl who emailed me back in Feb emailed me to apologize for never thanking me for replying.

"I never wrote back and said thank you for helping out with my article for the Collegiate Times way back in February, my bad! And thanks!"


I have but one problem with the email.

Anyone who knows me knows exactly what that problem is...

Oh well.

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