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Thursday. 5.11.06 2:08 pm
It's 2.08.

So she says she doesn't think we see her as a mother.

No shit.

Have you been *gasp* motherly? You know, loving, caring, all that other shit moms are supposed to be?

Not at fucking all, ever.

There's a difference between being a "I popped you out my crotch, so I've got to provide necessities" mother, and a "I nutured and cared for you, more than just providing a place for you to live and other sundry necessities" mother.

Guess which she is.


Now she's going on about how much work she has for me to do. I didn't make it, it's not my work. I'm not the one wanting to open the business.

Now the cunt is going on about the fucking pills. I hate her and those fucking damn fucking pills. All she fucking does is bitch about me being fat.

Bitch Bitch Bitch.

If there were a Bitch's day, she'd get all the gold in the fucking word. I mean ALL of it. So much, she could swim in it like Scrooge McDuck on Duck Tales.

So I'm charging whitey from fuhrer's battery. Hopefully it'll provide enough juice to drown out her sandy cuntness.

She says Coby says she looks like shes sixty. Well no fucking shit, the way she bitches about everything.

Wonder how long I could get away playing bomberman on snes9x... I have 55% left. Aww, no Bomberman. Poop.

Now we're stuck in traffic. Fucking great. I dont want to spend any more time with this woman than I have to.

She says I'll get a car when I learn to save money.

Well if the car were a more solid thing, perhaps I'd save money.
I can fucking save money, it's not hard.
But when you never keep your end of any deal, why the fuck should I wait for you?

That's just stupid.
Fucking stupid.
Like her.
Dumb bitch.

Now she's bitching about my weight again. Oh my fucking god.

Why can't she get voicebox cancer or something. What the fuck.

Well excuse me for not being a fucking skeleton.

I fucking hate this pathetic excuse of a mother.

Mother's day?

Not for her.

I was on the phone with Dave, and otherJess called. Wonder what she wanted.
He said he'd call back, but I'd rather not talk to him while I'm in the car with the psychos.

Now dad is smoking.


Not even home and I don't wanna be there.

Fucking ridiculous.

37% remaining.

So I'll watch Azumanga Daioh.

Osaka fucking rocks.

Now shes bitching about everything. About how shes fanatic. She is a fucking fanatic. I can't stand the cunt.

I'm going to find a job this summer, and start paying for my own shit.

Maybe we'll be in an accident.
I'm not sure what's good about that, it probably wouldn't even shut their damn asses up.


I hate cigarette smoke. But god forbid anyone ask him to stop, because we cant fucking breathe.

I'm tired of this shit. Completely tired of it.

I'll read the local shit paper when I get home and see if I can find something for the summer.

Keep me out of the house, and I can save to move the fuck out and away from these asses.

Maybe I'll take coby with me.

33%. 159.1 mile marker.

Now she's bitching about what she can do to "make our lives easier"
What bullshit. Nothings going to change her sandycuntness.
She will always be the "you're fat" bitching cunt that she is.
I can't stand her.

I hope she gets one of those tumors that make her gain 20x her body weight. Then I'll call her fat and ugly. and tell her that her clothes don't fit.

Now they're bitching about the speed.

God I'm fucking tired of this.

Dave, I don't want you meeting my parents for a reason, if you've not noticed.

30%, 10:50 on AD, 163.5 Mile marker. Natural Bridge is 15 Mi away.

They're still bitching. About what, I don't know. THey always gripe like kids. It's unbelievably anoying.

And this driving is makng my poor aloe plant tilt to and fro.

My feet hurt from all the standing over the past 6am-noon-ish.

Hm. It's nearly three, and they got there at 12.30. Did we leave at 1.15? It's the James river at 165.1!

When the battery dies or AD ends, I'm going to turn off Fuhrer.

166.1 It starts again, bitching about knowing how to drive or not knowing how to drive and not going any farther than someone else.

Gas is on exit 168.
Arcadia. We're going slowly.

Now there's some old white fogey on the radio talking about losing weight.

Hey! It's Frontage Rd, Rt. 11. How boring.

And the bitching starts again. This is so fucking ridiculous. Not even to 168.4.

I should take a class during the summer to get the fuck away. But then they'd bitch about having to move my shit back to Blacksburg. Maybe I'll drop out of school, get a job, and move the fuck away from the cunt.

My feet are hurting more. 22% and just passed 170.0. Mom's still bitching about the truck in front, dad's out cold, and I'm still watching AD. There's a kitten! Hopefully I'll be able to find stinky.

It'd be nice if it stopped raining.

Ok, I quit. AD is over.

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Packing (not fudge or heat)
Thursday. 5.11.06 1:46 am
So I'm packing up the rest of my shit to go home. I left a chunk at Dave's, so that's a bit less I have to take.

I still have everything else to pack away, though.

I have to sweep, dust, and clean.

I have a feeling the next few days are going to be blah. :/

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It comes again.
Wednesday. 5.10.06 12:35 pm
The semester is done, and it's nearing time for me to go back to that god-awful place.


I took a pig test. It tells you things about me.

Like the quality of my sex life.

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A thought.
Wednesday. 5.10.06 8:56 am
What kind of parent calls their kid on their birthday and tells them that they've dropped of several of their cats at the local dump?


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Obligatory tipsy post!
Sunday. 5.7.06 12:37 am

My "party" at kabuki went reall well, the manager dude that's always there bought me a drink. Black and Blue, I think he said. It tasted like blueberry, and was really good. I couldn't stop laughing to drink it, so eventually I had to stop and drink it. It was rather good, even though I don't really care for blueberry.

I took a sip, laughed for five minutes, and started to drink it. Then I laughed some more. I finally drank it, and it was rather good. Not... angry/strong like I was expecting.

So I drank it,went to piss, and some woman came into the bathroom to fart.

It went BRRRNT! and I thought it was Twyl0r fucking up the pipes. But no, it was some woman farting.

(I'm completely sitting on the toilet and swaying around from the wine. This is a bit fun.)

So we left, went to W-mart since I wanted a cake, and I got a cake w/ a tiara and a scepter on it, and two wines.

But the sandy old bag at the checkout wouldn't let me buy the damn wine, because Jenperson and zr0ma were under 21. :/ Stupid birthday ruining old woman.

So we went to krog0r, and Jenperson and zr0ma stayed in teh zr0ma mobile. I got one of the wines I was going to get at W-mart, and another, because I couldn't find the original I'd wanted from Walmart. It was a pear flavored one, and *really* good cold. I drank nearly 3/4 of the bottle, and the room is spinning a bit.

I'm surprised this entry is so coherent for me being so... spinny yay.

Yay for being 21. I'm wearing my tiara all day, if I haven't said that already.

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Yay, Vodka!
Thursday. 5.4.06 5:27 pm
So Dave got me Absolut Mandarin and pomegranate tea for my coming of age.


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