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Thursday. 6.1.06 9:37 pm
So pa and coby went to see x3 today. I strolled the crappy mall and then went to the podunk carnival outside.

I won three fish. one of them looks like Hitler....

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Wednesday. 5.31.06 3:12 pm
I need a Charlie Brown sweater.

So today the legged cunt has the nerve to ask if I wanted to go. What the fuck do you think, bitch?

I'm obviously pissed because you're telling me no, so I'm not going.

Then she has the fucking nerve to tell me that I must not want to go, don't blame it on her.

Oh I hate that woman so much, so much.

Of course, she says over and over I can go later, after x and y and z and q and she gets gangraped by a bunch of sweaty, muscular, anthropomorphized caterpillars.

But when it comes time, no, she'll need q r and t done. Someone needs to watch Coby. This. That. Other.

Bullshit, bullshit, and more fucking bullshit.


Wait, now I can go.
No, now I can't.

I need to have all of my "particulars" toegether, because last time I didn't and had to buy shoes and a skirt.

I bought the shoes, because I really liked them, and I'd wanted a pair for at least a year, and the skirt, I don't own one, and I'm too fat for my suit. So I bought a skirt.


Where is Sr. Jaimes and his "Yo deseo que" worksheet, with the lil dog going "grrGrr" and chewing at some mans tie...

Now I've somehow managed to "hurt her feeligns".

What bullshit.

I'm not the one pulling crap out of my ass every five minutes.

What a cunt. What a fucking lousy cunt.

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Tuesday. 5.30.06 6:07 pm
I knew there was a reason I didn't want to tell her highness.

No, she has too much work for me to do with opening *her* business.

Tell *him* to get a j-o-b (as she likes to say)

It's too soon.

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

She has no good reason for me to not go.

I can tell, because whenever she doesn't have a good reason, she keeps saying more and more different things. Like she knows she has no good reason, and is just being a bitch.

Fucking cunt is just jealous, that's all.

Oh, wait, she wants to go.

Oh, the clients need a big trip for the year
they can go to.


I'm going to sit and fume for a while.

Fucking cunt.

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Sunday. 5.28.06 7:21 pm
My poor poor aloe plant.

As if it didn't have enough problems from me knocking it over so much when I first got it, and dad threatening it with scissors, because oh noes, he cut himself, that ass of a brother just kicked off one of the leaves, and i think he partially detached another. :/

I had it sitting near me, in the floor, because my mom was walking and she usually walks in a sports bra.

Well between my brother being stupid, his friend being a pain in the ass, and both of them wanting coby to stay over at his friends, the ass fucking walked into my plant.

Which is OBVIOUSLY sitting in the floor.

AFTER I said several time COBY, THE PLANT!!!!!!ELEVENTYONE!

And the twat has the nerve to say he didn't see it. It's not like it's a tiny plant, either.


I am pissed beyond belief.

And I still have to tell my mom about NJ as well.




I haven't told her, because it's not like she ever has anything good to say about Dave and I anyway. Don't make excuses for him. If he pisses you off, you can slip him a shrimp. Don't call him. Why hasn't he this. It's like she's jealous or something.

And then she'd tell my dad, who would step in like he's doing something, but never fucking does. Just sits on his ass, whining and smoking.

I start bitching to my dad about the plant, and he fucking pats me on the fucking head.


I still need to get new glasses. But god forbid I mention it, because dad "doesn't have money to waste". Yet he never seems to be lacking of weed or cigarettes to smoke. I could buy the glasses myself, but then I'd be super-poor. Besides, I'm on his insurance.

Stupid fucking house full of stupid fucking people.

I should start getting my clothes together.

Maybe I'll see if we can go Wednesday, so I can call around about getting my hair done Tuesday.

teehee this one's smal.

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Strip Joint!!!
Saturday. 5.27.06 6:53 pm
I'm opening a strip joint, and it's Mas's fault.
The Nude Nude Nude Nunnery. The girl with the highest tips at the end of the week gets to be the fePope for the next week...

I'm so awful.

Me: yeah, im at home
Me: supposed to be catching dave up to joisey for a week
Me: but i still have to tell my mum
Me: i really dont want to
mas: when?
Me: he says hes going to nab me tuesday or wednesday
Me: so i figure i should tell her tomorrow...
Me: today is better
mas: heh, probably
Me: and perhaps grab things to wear as well
mas: it's like "Hey, mom, I'm joining the nunnery." *Slam car door.*
Me: >.<
mas: oh, you don't need things to wear in the nunnery
mas: :-D
Me: :O
Me: *blink*
mas: well, you could put "nude" three times
Me: and in bright gaudy obnoxious neon lights?
mas: potentially
Me: hmm
Me: that would be an awesome strip club
Me: >.<
mas: hehe. Looking to go into business?
Me: want a job?
Me: >.<
mas: do I have the body for it? ;-)
mas: wanna check?
Me: oh dear
Me: i think you do
mas: think and "know" are two different things :-P
Me: ok
Me: well
Me: unless youve gained 200 lbs in the past month
mas: not really
Me: well there ya go
mas: :-P:-P
Me: *snap*
Me: well
Me: you *are* catholic as well
mas: fair enough O:-)
Me: hm
Me: check my away
mas: do I dare?

Auto response from Me: Ok, I'm opening a strip joint, called the
N u d e
N u d e
N u d e

Needed: Sexy celibate catholic virgin wimminz.

Me: lol
mas: haha!!! perfect :-P
Me: lol
Me: there can be nun outfits
Me: and schoolgirl outfits
Me: and
Me: um
mas: oh, dear, you are shameless :-D
Me: silly catholics with their numerous outfits
Me: >.<
mas: I've got a couple of schoolgirl skirts
Me: oh dear
mas: If you're nice

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A moral dillema...
Saturday. 5.27.06 2:29 pm
Is it bad that I'm bootlegging gospel music for mum?

I mean... you know?

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