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Crazy like a bedbug!
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Cause there ain't no fleas on me!
Wednesday. 6.21.06 1:32 pm
I got pissed of all of the fleas the ministinkies left behind, and moreso tired of pa whining about the "mysterious" blisters on his ankles and instantly yelling "It's them cats!"

So for our daily grocery shopping, I went less on food, and more on KILL THE DAMN FLEAS!!!

I picked up a bottle of raid flea spray, which the lady takes forever to scan the next item, so my dad sees that it's nearly 8 dollars and starts whining.
(He can spend nearly the same amount on Aveeno bath, which fixes the symptoms, but not on Raid, which will fix the problem.... sheesh)

It was expected, so I paid for the flea spray. He said if it were three dollars, he'd have gotten it. At this point in time, paying 20 dollars for relief would not have been an issue. I was looking to buy a flea trap, anyway. But the raid was half the price and came in an awesome purple can.

I bought it home, sprayed my room, sprayed the kitchen, all of the thresholds, a bit of the porch, some of the front room, as much of dad's room as possible, and I think that's it.

I've been sitting in the floor since about noon.... NO FLEAS!

This is awesome, given that when I first got home, walking between the kitchen and my room, I managed to pick up at least five of the bastards.


::does a lil jig::
(I think that's plenty of jig right there.)

I'm getting the paranoia, which sucks, but I've yet to see a flea.

Hahaha, from epinions:

The results are clear. The amount of fleas drops sharply then the infestation simply disappears. Raid Flea Killer Plus even destroys any eggs the fleas may have laid before application. Being a victim of flea bites practically every year since 1st grade, I find great delight in the mass murder I inflict upon these bothersome parasites. I know it sounds sadistic... but I like it! If I could, I'd like to hear the tiny screams of the fleas as they inhale the toxic mist into their lungs. Oh yeah, I still love animals. "

tiny screams of the fleas... That makes me feel evil for spraying it. Kinda reminds me of the episode of Foster's when Eduardo had fleas...


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Tuesday. 6.20.06 8:38 pm

The next person

that walks up to me

and decides that they are going to mumble at me

and look me up and down suggestively

and consider that "talking" or "hitting on" me...

I'm going to tell off.

I'm flattered that you think "oh, she seems to have a nice body, so I'll attempt to see if she is interested in getting to know me."

But if you mumble, then I CAN'T TURN YOU DOWN! Well, I can, but mumbling a "No, fuck off you scary person, I'm not interested" isn't as fun as "No, No thanks, I'm not interested, or looking, at all, especially in your direction. Kgr8thxbye"

It doesn't help that I personally hate asking people to repeat themselves, because it feels rude.

But if I can't hear you, even when I'm listening with purpose, and not focusing on anything else, just a smidgen, you need to speak the fuck up.

And this looking me up and down suggestively business? Not cool. Fucking creepy. (Unless you're Dave, then it's awesome.) If, IF, IF I were to find you physically attractive, I would look you up and down. Suggestively. I'd be sure to let you see it. But since I don't, you obviously have to keep shuffling after me to even GET my attention, when I've probably ignored you several times already.

I'm fully aware that ive got bigunz and a "ghetto booty" (ugh >.<, such an awful term, but its better than "f/phattie"). I notice that since I've taken to working out daily, my legs have become more leggalicious, and perhaps I have become a bit thinner.

But to hit on someone wearing a damn t-shirt? A large baggy t-shirt?


At least wait until I'm walking oat and aboat in one of my favored V-cut shirts. Then you can see all the bits that you don't see under the t-shirt. Like the rolls.

In short, when I am interested in you, I will let you know. Until then, you can look, and not touch, and any look over 1 second will cost you 40 dollars.

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Still want a kitten?
Tuesday. 6.20.06 4:44 pm
I've still got one or two left to give away. They're sweet kittens, the boy is fluffy, the girl is tabby-ish.

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Evil and Necessary.
Monday. 6.19.06 5:14 pm
No, Dave hasn't pissed me off. Not at all.

I'm griping about victuals.

I ate too much on Saturday. :/

At least I didn't get sick like cobycup.

Pa is going on about how we're going to straighten up the house.

He always says that, and always sits on his ass.....


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99 percent?!?!?!?!
Saturday. 6.17.06 8:03 pm
Went to baltimore today.

I had my picture taken enough to not ever want it taken again.


We found a Lindt store, and they had a 99% cocoa dark chocolate bar.

I had to buy one, it was three dollars.

It melted pretty quickly, but damn if it didn't gum up my mouth.

I also bought a black rose bracelet, because I thought it was pretty.

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Thursday. 6.15.06 10:03 pm
Time to put the collar back on.

My rash is gone, and creepy people are hitting on me.

Oldish guy: I'm single! ::fingers cross on necklace::
Me: I'm spoken for!
OG: Lemme see your ring!
Me: Um...
OG: That ain't no wedding ring!
Me: I know it isn't....

So I've either got the option of wearing my trusty silver ring on my ring finger, or wearing my collar when I go out.

I'll go with the collar. It makes me feel special and awesome.

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