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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Now I remember!
Saturday. 6.24.06 12:50 pm
It was a joke my brother told me that was incredibly cute.

What do you get when you play a country song backwards?

All your stuff back.

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A break in the weather.
Friday. 6.23.06 11:12 pm
So I've set up the lightbulb soapwater apparati.

They've caught some, that's good.

I'm only getting attacked by tiny ones now, meaning the big ones seem to be more dead than george washington.

I took weeniemobile and bri out, we were going to go to chesterfield towne center.

It started thundering, so I got off onto 288, and meant to take Jeff-Davis south.
I took north.

It started raining awfully bad, so we went to Arby's, and the traffic was super backed up.

It cleared up, and started pouring again. So we went to Richmond, ended up by Cary St.

Came back, and it poured yet again!!!!! Grrrr.

So we stopped at Target, and it started up yet again, enough to shake the damn building.

We left, and got poured on again.

Stupid rain.

Stupid, stupid, STUPID rain.

I saw a nifty skirt/pants I liked, but didn't get, because I was feeling cheap.

Stupid failed trip to wherever.


I was in El arbol de dolares el otro dia, and I saw some pretty hairbows. They were labeled "Gypsy Flair".

I wanted to ask someone about Black or Caucasian Flair... Perhaps Asian, but I'd kinda expect it.

Hahahaha, something funny happened, and I forgot what it was.

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I should get paid.
Friday. 6.23.06 12:06 pm
For the crap I do, I should get paid.

I ought to draft up a bill, and give it to dad.

But then he'd whine about that like everything else.

Why didn't I hang out his sheets.

It's 90 degrees out. I can hang them out later and they will still dry quickly.

Besides, they're his sheets. If he wants them hung out that badly, he can do it himself...

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The saga continues.
Thursday. 6.22.06 11:05 pm
I had a headache and tummy ails today, so no more defleaing.

I'm going to clean out the front room, spray it down, and spend the night at my moms.


I figure I can wait for my dad to start working 8-4 again, and set bombs/foggers around the house as well.

It's beginning to piss me off that no one else is doing anything other than whining about the fleas and stealing my spray because oh, I saw a flea... When it's contact-y stuff that you spray all around.

There's so much crap that doesn't need to be here, I'll sort through it tomorrow while I'm cleaning/spraying.

Gotta find some socks and long pants to tuck into them.

Yay, for unaided pest-killing.

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Thursday. 6.22.06 12:02 pm
I'm seriously going to cry.

This is fucking ridiculous.

I'm going to buy two more cans of spray.

One for my room, the hallway, the rest of dads room and the bathroom
the other for the front room, the kitchen, the dining room, and the other bathroom.
Then I need to do the laundry room and the bathroom.

Ugh, stupid stupid stupid cats.

Though the reviews say they drop off, then disappear.

But if they're in the rest of the house, that's not going to happen.

I'll check ace and southern hardware or wahtever it is and see if they sell traps.

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May I have a charlie brown sweater?
Thursday. 6.22.06 2:54 am

I went into the front room and got ambushed by the bastards.

Time to buy another 8 dollar can of spray...

Fucking little bitches.

I'm going to kill all of them.

I'm going to cry as well, because I shouldn't have to attack them by myself, and I'm tired of being bitten. I'm going to clean out the front room tomorrow, spray EVERYTHING, and put everything back.

Then I will do the same for dad's room (because he can't do it himself, god forbid), the laundry room, and the dining room, and both of the bathrooms, and finish the kitchen.

I may have to buy two more cans of the stuff.

If it works, it works.

I'll look into a flea trap tomorrow, and toss it in the middle of the house.

Stupid little blood sucky have no purpose in the circle of life bastards.

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