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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Funny things and mistakes, and awesome.
Monday. 6.26.06 4:17 pm
I remembered one of the things I was going to post.

I saw a truck. A ford. Pickup. Old-ish looking, nothing post '90 or so.

It had.
A NOS sticker.
On the back window.
I died.

On a medium note.

I had my monthly weighin at curves.
Lost 6.5 inches, the lady read the scale wrong, so she said 178 when it said 177.
Whatever, I know how much I weigh.
They didn't account for the three pounds of weave, either.

Now the mistake. I told my mom about my "9 lb" lost, which was really 10(from the scale being read wrong), which was really more like 13 (weave), in a month.

She won't get off of the starting weight...

::rolls eyes::

A gross:

Mum seems to be a flea vector. (Of magnitude n and direction x)
Every time she comes into the room, I find/pluck about 6 of them. They must be in the kitchen, or something.
I can deal with them about the house, we had the mini-stinkies.
I can almost deal with them harrassing me, that's what they do.
But I can't deal with them being on mom, who always comes, sits on my bed, and leaves a few. That's just gross.

My traps have caught a decent number of the creepy little bloodsuckers.

Now she's on the "You're too fat for a car" bullshit again. She says I have to get down to 150. Time to not eat for a week, haha.

It's starting to storm. :/

She keeps saying I need protein...

I could use some protein. *nod* Perhaps of the cookie-flavored shake variety.

Oh, and my grandma wants me to play for her church next Sunday.
1. I'm not terribly fond of church.
2. It's a black church. I don't do black church, I read music.
3. I haven't touched the damn piano in years.
4. Even though I've performed for nearly 15 years straight, I haven't in about three.

I'm debating if I should do it, it's an "easy" 50 dollars.


Now shes thumbing through my hymnal and singing and picking out songs. Just because she likes to sing it doesn't mean I can play it.

I wish she'd STFU. Seriously.

Because I have to do it because of this that other and such and such.

Yeah. Right.

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Stupid News.
Sunday. 6.25.06 9:17 pm
According to CNN:

65 volts hurts. A LOT.

Homegrown terrorists are a newly found thing, not old at all.

Perhaps it's because the new batch is a bunch of black people... I mean, Kacyznski and whoshisface that blew up the Oklahoma building had to have been products of bad parenting.

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It's summer in the ghetto.
Sunday. 6.25.06 2:07 pm
How can I tell?

I'm posting about every single little thing.

I rehung the door, if it falls again, I'm not hanging it.

Tough titty.

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Sunday. 6.25.06 10:36 am
This is getting tiring. I come to post, and forget what I was going to post.

I'm going to cry, I'm getting old.


Now that I've closed the window, I remember.

I saw people on lj with cutesy little people characters.

They made them at a place called abi-station.com.

I made one, several, and one of them makes me feel like such a loser..... v.v


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Stupid ghettofabulous people.
Sunday. 6.25.06 10:26 am
I'm going to cut the next person who drives buy blasting their music.

Better yet, I'll put my knowledge (or lack thereof) into making a directional speaker killer.....

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Sunday. 6.25.06 1:14 am
I keep going to post and forgetting what I was going to post. :/


I was around today.

Went up to chesterfield, like I was trying yesterday, but failed because of the rain.

Went to Kaybees.

Saw POG on the table.

Everyone remembers POG.

"Oh, how sweet," I thought, "They're cleaning out their inventory."

I looked at the back of the POG, and it was copyright 2006.

Why can't they let bad fads die in peace?

Wikipedia says funrise revived them in late 2005.

I love the educational one of the fat guy with a Naruto-style ninja-headband on....
Wikipedia on POG

On another note. The door I installed on Wednesday?

Broken already.

How? I have no fucking clue.

I have to take part of it down tomorrow and retrack it.

I think the washing machine is leaking badly, of course nothing is going to happen about that, either.

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