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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Monday. 7.3.06 9:06 pm
So even after my disatrous efforts sunday, my mom REvolunteers me to play again.

Even though my aunt was supposed to be playing this sunday.

I still don't get what part of "learning 8 songs to accompany with in 5 days is near impossible" that they don't get.


I got honked at today.

Must mean I am actually losing weight.

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Monday. 7.3.06 10:47 am
There are many things that piss me off.

Ghettofabulous black guys hitting on me.


Stupid people.

Wishy-washy people(though I'm guilty of this one, it's usually not for serious things)

Being told at the last minute about having to perform at least 7 songs.

But today's bitching is about my mom. Again.

Every single time I come home, she uses ALL of my bath stuff.

Why she can't have her own, I don't know.

She's using my soap, which is ok, it would take me forever to work through it myself.

But my toothbrush? Yeah she only has ... five? teeth. She can still buy her own toothbrush.

My lather thingie (yay lever 2000 commercials)? That's just gross.

Yeah, she's my mom, chances are if she's got it I've had it or vice versa, but still.

Can I please have my own pouf and toothbrush?

I'm going to buy new ones, and keep them in my stuff.

Ooh, there's a wicked laser ad on the side over there.

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Pulling an Erin.
Sunday. 7.2.06 10:33 pm
I googled black rose to see what sort of shit I might get for my awesome bracelet.

I found a goth store.

Now I'm going to list things I like.

There's this corset dress. They have one in glossy pvc and one in hide. Then they have a hide one with a pretty flowry insert.


I like . I'm too fat for it, though.

This choker is cute.

This collar/choker looks cheap. It doesn't lock, either.

Alright, I'm tired of looking at boring goth page.

I may get one of the dresses as a "look! you're not a fatass anymore!" reward.

For when I can be as hot as minijen.

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If you build a Jess a house...
Sunday. 7.2.06 7:12 pm
She's going to want a dungeon.

But I've also decided I want a wine cellar.

What would be cooler than having a superbasement with a dungeon (hidden into the wall, perhaps batman style), and a wine cellar?

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Sunday. 7.2.06 1:27 pm
Everyone always goes on about how well I can play, but they never seem to pay attention that to play that well takes months of practice...

Church-playing sucked.

I gained two lbs in a day, but that was because I hadn't eaten in 3...

Oh well, still 18 lbs less than when I started.

My grandma wanted to put in my offering for me, but I told her no, I had my own.

How would it be my offering if she put it in? o.O

My skirt that I bought in NJ looks much better, now that I'm 18 lbs lighter, it doesn't have that awful... fupagunty protusion as much.

I feel pretty.

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Saturday. 7.1.06 10:26 pm
Aside from not wanting to practice right now, and outright sucking at two of the songs, It's also communion sunday.

Not cool, Not cool at all.

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