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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Curse you, subway.
Sunday. 7.16.06 3:53 am
Your subs smell delicious.

I want one.

But you are closed.

Maybe I'll get one tomorrow, eat half of it with something for lunch, and half of it with something else for dinner.

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Estate Sale? Yeah, right.
Saturday. 7.15.06 8:22 am
So in my daily walks, I saw a sign for an estate sale.

All sortsa stuff, they said.



So I woke up, super early, to walk down there.

It's a ways away, a good half mile, I'd say.

They failed to mention : Paint it yourself ceramics.

That's about all they had.

There was a Liberace VHS.

The electronics?

A toaster and two VCRs.

I feel let down. :/

I'm tempted to call up my ma and see if we can do a bit of hopping for a few hours.

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I swear, this woman.
Friday. 7.14.06 4:26 pm
First, I was watching something on MTV about obese people.

She comes in and sits.

Of course, being her, she can't abstain from making stupid comments.

It's like no one matters to her unless they're a stick.

I'm going to get down to what I want to get down to, and when she starts paying attention to me, I'm going to tell her to go shove it.

But wait, she'll throw it right back up.

Then, she continues, and is just plain annoying.

I trip over a cord.

Of course, it's because "God don't like ugly" and "honor your mother and father" and a buncha other bullshit.

I swear.


Now it's 8.30pm. There's some show on about people having sex.
She keeps harrassing me about if I'm watching.
I really don't care, I'm not the one having any problems.

Of course, of Course, OF FUCKING COURSE, she HAS to say something about one of the men, and how he'd better lose some weight before he gets naked.

What a fucking cunt.

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I'm not interested.
Friday. 7.14.06 3:21 pm
I was leaving curves today, and some guy pulls up next to me, and starts driving *really* slowly. I turn my head and nod, and keep walking.

He honks.

I stop.

He wants to sell me something, while hitting on me.
I'm not interested. (While the light is nice, I don't appreciate you selling it to me from a moving vehicle, and hitting on me at the same time. A five dollar cuteness discount is amusing, but was it really a discount???)

He asks for free time. (At the end of everything)
I tell him I don't have any/much. (Yay for engineering ruling my life, even when all i do is sleep)

He asks for a hug.
I don't hug people. (I hug people I know, but not all of them.)

Besides. WTF? Why am I going to hug someone that I don't know that's in a car with two similarly built people. I'm not too keen on being konked on the head by some large-ish black dudes.

Apparently I look 17.
This guy is all... you single? Of course I'm not, so I say no. He asks why. Because Dave is teh r0Xx0rz in my chixb0xX0rz, that's why. At least he didn't ask if I was faithful or if I would cheat. ::rolls eyes:: (But then he asks for some free time. I think I'm going to start filing offers of hanging out or free time under "you faithful/cheat" annoyances.)

He asked if he was cuter than Dave... I wanted to say, "No, Dave is a hot, sexy, studmuffin!"

But alas, being myself, I get extremely shy/nervous when people are hitting on me, and I can never quite tell them what I want to tell them. Especially when it's negative. Apparently appearing unsure in the "I disagree, but I don't want to offend you" fashion doesn't work. Nor does looking flighty in the "I don't much care to be talking to you" sort of way work.

Next time, Next time.

Besides. Three guys in a car trying to sell me something? That's a bit odd. I'm not into coloring books, though the lamp was nice. But who's to say that they wouldn't have tried to snatch my bag/wallet/money and run or something? Who's to say it wasn't hot stuff? As far as I know, he might have just wanted to grab my boob.

And I'm not saying these things because they were black.

At least they were wearing suits/dress shirts, that gives them a teensy bit of credibility.

I'm going to have to learn how to be assertive. Say no, kick in the balls, and run away.

Kick in the shins, and run away yelling "Rip off artist!"

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Then I had another dream.
Friday. 7.14.06 12:36 pm
That was in Japan.

At a Big Lots.

And they didn't take cards.

So I had to run down the block to the Wachovia ATM.

It was weird.

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Friday. 7.14.06 11:24 am
I had the most awful dream last night.

That I'd ordered a tea/fruit/something else set, and was making a pot of water, so I could make some Peach fuzzy navel tea (Who was it that said you couldn't read in dreams?).

So my mom, being my mom, gets into my water that I was boiling (tampers with, not physically getting into the pot... silly Aji), and leaves yucky cheesy cheeto residue on the pot and in the water.

I hate it when things like that happen, so I always have to dump out the water, wash the pot, and start over again, guarding the pot so she doesn't get back into it.

So something happens, I get pissed and storm out of the kitchen. I eat some chocolate, and end up crawling into my room, upset about eating chocolate and not getting my eat.

It was an odd dream. :/

I gained a lb, but I also feel the mounting urge to go.
That could be it.
Poop seems to weigh a lot.

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