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Wednesday. 7.19.06 4:36 pm
I have a heat rash.

This isn't cool.

My mom keeps bitching about me eating this that and other.
And how I keep nibbling and blahblabhalh.

Thanks to her, I keep a near constant tab on what goes in my mouth.

And there's no way in hell I'm writing it down for her to scrutinize, because then she'll bitch about me having eaten this that or other.

She forgets that she eats everything under the sun, then whines when she breaks out in a rash.

But wait, she doesn't eat any of it.

She throws it back up.


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Hurricane Beryl? More Walmart fun!
Wednesday. 7.19.06 10:47 am
1. Hurricane Beryl?

Where's tropical storm Serena?



2. Walmart. I'm still trying to decide if it's evil, or if it's awesome.

I wanted brussels sprouts. All they had were "petite" brussels sprouts. Meaning tiny.
-10, Walmart.

I was in the checkout line, near the dollar lane, and I found... A scientific calculator. For a dollar.

It converts to binary, octal, hex, and decimal, has stat functions, and can do the nth root of a number. It even generates random numbers.

I don't remember my 12 dollar Ti-30 doing all of that...

I now have a new pocketbook calculator. Huzzah! Now I can figure out what the cosh of 42 is when I'm out at a restaurant.

+15 Walmart, +15.

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Huzzah, I have a new nickname.
Tuesday. 7.18.06 8:14 pm
Some urchins down the way have dubbed me "pop-pop-purple".


Coby said someone said I was ugly.

I wish they'd tell me, it'd be a break in the monotony of always getting hit on.
I'd thank them.

I jumped rope for about 15 minutes.

Man. I. Was. Sweaty. Dripping buckets.

I'll have to keep it up.

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More thoughts.
Tuesday. 7.18.06 5:49 pm
1. Watching the nightly news, the news reporter is in a war zone.

He's wearing a vest. But no helmet. What if someone wanted to snipe them?

2. Hardee's makes me angry. Their smalls are everyone else's medium are everyone else's large... and so on.

They need to make an extra small or something, so I can perhaps not feel so bad eating there in the future.

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Walmart intrigues me.
Tuesday. 7.18.06 3:49 pm
But before our regularly scheduled post:

I was at Wawa buying gas. I'd started squatting, and this lady was pulling her huge Global Warming Mobile out of the spot.

Some ass in a minivan swerves in, almost hits me, and takes the spot.

I made sure to honk at him and loudly state that he was an ass.

If the other pump hadn't opened up, I'd have gotten black on his ass.

Now onward to the regularly scheduled post.

I was pondering Walmart.

And how they don't have handbaskets, just large carts.

It's intriguing, they want you to spend all sortsa money there.

No small handbasket for you, no, you get the huge cart.

I've created a drinking rule: It only gets drank if it's >10%, or damn tasty.

And Walmart gets awesome points. I wanted some yogurt, and all of them had High Fructose Corn Syrup... except Walmart's. +10, megamart, +10.

I don't remember my other thought on Walmart.

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Monday. 7.17.06 5:42 pm
This is getting frustrating.

I really don't think I want to stay around until the 11th.

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