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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Dream coach
Sunday, October 11, 2009
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Which is Sweet
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
This is so adorable.

Which is sweeter?

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Prediction o prediction
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Somewhere in Kajang, not very near to my home, located a person that could predict your lucky number for a very affordable price. What he does is just tell you your lucky numbers from January to December. Then you just need to buy the 4 digits he has given you at any lotto shop. And just wait for the results.

My boss's PA does that and she was telling me how accurate this guy is. I just stared at the yellow paper. She reported that she has won around RM500 and above after buying those predicted numbers.

Ooh. I was attracted but looking at the paper I knew this guy did some chanting before predicting the lucky numbers. Though I'm absolutely open minded with this kind of New Age stuff but paying this guy to get my lucky numbers is not what I'm going to because 1) it's no fun to buy a number which you know will come out and I prefer to play my awful analysing game which is quite accurate too and 2) I draw the line of openness about my religion. My religion gives lot of freedom to individuals but getting lucky numbers after someone praying is just ... against the teaching of my religion since we are taught that it is a slander not to believe in yourself.

Anyway, guess how much is this guy's service?

It's just RM 20, equivalent to USD 6.30. HAHA.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009
I was surprised to receive dividends from my shares twice a year. Actually I could say three times. I bought KPJ shares when it was RM2.66 per unit a few months ago. In August 2009, KPJ didn't give dividends in money form but in shares form from their another share company called ALAQAR Reits. I thought it was pretty smart of them to channel back the dividends money into their share company and award shares unit to investors instead of money. I was not quite ecstatic because I want divindends in money form. If I'm awarded with REITs, then I'm at disadvantage because I bought very few units of KPJ shares. From this amount of units, my REITs form of dividend will be incredibly small. It was a total disadvantage for me. I have two options for this REITs: a) sell the REITs or b) top up the REITs shares.

I became very undecided because I would like to buy more shares but I could not due to my current financial circumstances. So I leave this matter as it is. And I started to wonder if I have bought the right shares. If KPJ is going to give REITs in the future, then I won't have dividends?!

Surprisingly, I received dividends from the ALAQAR REITs last month. Though it's not much, but I just deposited the cheque happily. At least I don't have to use my own money to buy the REITs and can get dividends from something not really free...

And the most surprising thing was ... I received dividends from KPJ yesterday! Woohoo!! never expected it. But extreme elated!!!

Oh well, I now have no doubt of buying the right shares. But unfortunately KPJ is now too expensive to buy even though I would like to top up my units.

Speaking of KPJ, I'm not too sure if I should be angry with my remisier. I actually had no intention to buy KPJ shares. I wanted to buy another share in the IPO stage and it is on the second board of KLSE. The remisier strongly advised me to buy from main board due to stability, and I listened to him and switched to KPJ.

But somehow I'm feeling a little torn in two parts. If I didn't buy KPJ, then I won't get REITs and won't get dividends. But if I bought te share I initially wanted, I would have received dividends of RM 200.

Should I be regretting at all? Oh well renaye, time to hunt for cheaper shares now.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009
Today is where my boss held out a thrashing party for the committee members to thrash out their unhappiness about the major event on September 17, and also againt each other. My boss asked me to start the ball rolling but knowing my boss is not as kind as he thinks he is showing off to people, I told NEXT. And somehow the thrash part met its purpose when one of the members walked out of the room. And I just finished emailing my boss something very powerful. The sentence was "leadership is not only about having intelligence and skills but also having wisdom." I maybe lower rank than you or may it be IQ but whoever defies this email, it shows he or her is stupid. It would be interesting to see what is my boss's reaction.

On the other hand, the committee member who walked out of the meeting this morning and I had some fun in doing some ... asking pendulum for answers and tarot card reading. HAHA. I asked a question which freaked him out.

My first question was "Is there a spirit in this room". The answer was YES. Then I told him to ask the same question when I went out of the room, which he did. The answer was NO. "Is the spirit with renaye?" came with the answer YES. "Is the spirit good" came back NO. "Are the spirits renaye's past live's friends?" came back NO. "Do the spirits know renaye from past lives?" came back YES. And he just got freak out. HAHA.

Though I'm not good in telling the story from the tarot cards but I'm pretty good in getting related reading cards. I was pretty surprised myself. Never expected to draw relevant cards under pressure. I usually do reading in private and alone. I don't know whether my interpretations were accurate or not, but my colleague took it very seriously!!

Maybe I could read for people in the future. Let see if I could get hold of a tarot card reading sifu first!

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Super itchy scratchy!
Monday, September 28, 2009
I was somehow annoyed by my colleague this afternoon. I was on the phone finishing my conversation with another annoying colleague who talks cryptically, and my colleague wanted to see me. She saw me on the phone but since I was going to be off the hook soon, I indicated for her to come in. And my real annoyance began here.

The colleague entered my room and she didn't even bother to seat but went to my shelves and scrutinised my things. Seriously, it was like she was studying and memorising the positions of my things. My shelves have three levels, and the highest is quite above my height. What pissed me off is she TIPTOED to see what's on my shelf. I SAW THAT.

And then she moved on to my table filled with students' assignments, and then she DIGGED for the Royal Selangor catalogue beneath my documents.

When I was done with the conversation, she got called off by another colleague, leaving me speechless. I was so MAD. This is not the first time. It seems every colleague on my floor is curious about my room. They like to come and scrutinise my things. My god.

I thought of putting up some signage saying "DON'T CROSS BEYOND HERE". Even the students dare not touch my things, how dare this stupid MANAGER touched my things.

I really need to voice out about my PRIVACY.

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