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This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Jessican Rhapsody...
Friday. 7.21.06 11:21 pm
I was grumbling about my mom to Tayla...

and this is what happened:

me: ::grumbles at mum::
taylor: what?
me: jus because sehs being her
me: because shes not going to let me go
me: bismilla no, she will not let me go
taylor: HAHAHA
taylor: LET HER GOOO!
me: bismilla she will not let me go
taylor: Let her go!
taylor: go go go go gooo go!
me: lol
me: magnificooooo
taylor: hahaha
taylor: let her gooo!
taylor: let her gooo!
me: lol
me: ok
me: thats neough
taylor: you think you can stop her and keep her from her guuy!
taylor: you might as well leaver alone.. to diiiie
taylor: oooooooh... mama..
taylor: don't do this to her mama..
taylor: she's jus gotta get out..
taylor: she's jus gotta get right outta heere..
me: lol
me: LOL!
taylor: :D
taylor: we should completely sing that
me: damnit now i wanna listen to that song
taylor: tha'd be funny as shit

mood: amused
listening to: Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody


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Friday. 7.21.06 7:25 pm
Why is it

That whenever

I run into some guy

That I went to middle or elementary school with

They want to know

If I remember them

When they don't even know my name.

Then they want to know the obligatory.


(offhand comment)

What are you about to do?
(because I'm we all know I'm going to invite someone I don't know to join me. I was in 12th grade before Twyl0r even *knew* where my house was, much less went in, and I've known her since I was 8.)


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Friday. 7.21.06 1:21 pm
My poor aloe plant.

It's been on it's last legs for a while.

I've been trying to regrow it.

Someone knocked over the pot.

And today, SOMEONE CUT IT!!!!! My poor aloe plant that was half dead in the first place, someone has decided to cut. And leave pieces just laying about.

What the fuck. I mean... what... the fuck.

I figure it was my dad. He'd been talking about cutting it in the past, and I'd told him not to, because I was trying to nurse it back to health. Obviously I was still trying to nurse it back to health, and it gets cut.

Well, at least I can attempt to regrow the cut tip. Or perhaps not. According to the intarweb, smaller one's are less likely to root.




This is just getting ridiculous.

As much as I hate it, I can't wait to go back to school.

And then I burnt my popcorn.

I was going to eat it, to see if it was something bulky enough to get my innards ungrumbly, but then I burnt it, and I hate burnt popcorn.

Guess it's hunting time for the stinkies.

Then I bought some ice cream yesterday. Not even 24 hours later, and it's melted. Not to mention that I just ate the last one, someone else had to have eaten the other four.

Whatever, I didn't want them all anyway.

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You know what?
Friday. 7.21.06 1:54 am
I quit.

I give up.

I'm throwing in the towel.

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Thursday. 7.20.06 7:19 pm
So her current hobby is criticizing my brother.

Because apparently all he does is eat.

You know, were' not supposed to eat.

Or if we do, we have to throw it all back up.

Now shes bitching, because earlier someone we know told me to "handle your mother", to which I replied, she was unhandleable.

Now shes whiny and wants to know why I don't want anyone I know to meet her.

She fails to realize that every friend of mine she's met, she's had something negative to say about them. They're fat. They're not trustworthy. They're this. They're that. They're all going to hate you because you're losing weight. Dave is going to leave you, you're losing weight. So and so is going to hate you, you're losing weight. You're not going to have any friends.

Now it's my fault that I don't know why this woman on Nancy Grace is wearing a mask.

Ugh. I want to go. She's going to say no, because shes a fucking jealous cunt.

But wait, I'm grown. I can do what I want.

What fucking bullshit.

Oh I talk about her around her friends, she doesn't go around trying to dis me.

What fucking bullshit.

Fucking bullshit to the max.treme.

What a bitch.

I should just leave anyway. Fuck them, I'm tired of this bullshit.

Now she's trying to read what I'm typing.

Because of course, the first thing she'd say is "I didn't say that".

Always covering herself in lies.

What a bitch.

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Wednesday. 7.19.06 5:50 pm
I'm packing my shit.

I know I won't be able to go, because my mom's a sandy-cunted bitch, but it doesn't hurt to pack it anyway.

I need to thin out some stuff, I just remembered that I'm not going to have as much storage space as I did in the tower.

But everything I've got, I'm pretty sure I'd need. I'm not packing my stuffed animals or hair straightening goods, I'm supposed to keep my hair until Thanksgiving.

I've gotta buy new socks, and wash my bed linens and some tshirts.


Stupid woman being so... stupid.

Then she keeps trying to talk to me.


I could understand if I ignored her the first time, but sheesh.

She doesn't know how to stop.

Then she goes on about how I can talk to her about whatever. But then when I do, she never shuts the fuck up.

If I read through my blog, I'm sure there are at least two posts like this on every page.

Fucking bitch.

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