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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Thursday. 7.27.06 12:18 am

Your Linguistic Profile:
65% General American English
20% Yankee
5% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern

It seems I have some North and south in me... as well as a bit of upper midwestern? dontchaknow. I'm going to have to work those out of me.

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Thursday. 7.27.06 12:00 am

What Combat Weaponry Are You?

G-36 Assault Rifle

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Ooh pretties.
Wednesday. 7.26.06 6:17 pm
I went to dillard's today, because I decided that, after falling out of my unmentionable yesterday, I needed a new one.

So I got one. In a smaller size than what I've been wearing.

Smaller boobs, easier to find bras... huzzah.

I got some other stuff too, I think Dave will like one of them...

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OMG, Why, Why are they so stupid?????
Tuesday. 7.25.06 9:18 pm
1. Black people are still the most racist so and sos ever.

I was at curves today.

This woman, the same one who told me my name was a white one, said "They may be friendly, but they're white"... i'd like to know what the fuck importance that is.

Just because they're white doesn't mean they're evil.

And white people are supposed to be the racists.

2. I had the police called on me.

I was outside, running (gasp) and had stopped to catch my breath. Coby was doing the same. We stopped on a corner, and when we turned around to run back, there were people on the sidewalk.

Being polite and ever safety-conscious, we were waiting until the neighbors cleared the sidewalk.

This man, angry old hateful piece of shit of a person, he calls the cops.

I made sure he knew that I was: 21, not breaking any laws, lived in the bright yellow house on the corner less than 30 yards away, and that I was waiting for the cops to come, and that I didn't particularly care for him wasting my taxes on petty things like this.

So we wait. He calls. Like 5 times. A cop shows up. Drives up the street. Says hello. Keeps going. So I say loudly: If the cop didn't stop to talk to us, we must not have been doing anything wrong.

So he calls. Another five times. It gets dark. He bitches about it being dark and starting to rain and us standing on the corner. I'm 21, I can stand on the corner as late as I want, as long as I'm not breaking any laws. He tells them we're 14 or so, I yell 21, and he keeps bitching.

So the cops finally show up, two of them. The first one, and another one. I tell them what happened, and they look at me like "Why the fuck are we here? What a waste of time." The first cop says "I came by earlier, you weren't doing anything".

I told them we weren't standing to annoy him or anything, we were originally standing to catch our breath, and wait for the sidewalk to clear. I told them that while he didn't threaten us, he did harrass us, and glared at us menacingly while holding a pole, and that I had no clue what the hell he might have done with that pole. Not to mention his pussy of a dog that sits and yaps at people, and then chases them down the sidewalk.

So Cop2 looks all sorts "Oh my god, this is stupid, I get what you're saying"(I'd started a bit of rambling), and Cop1 says: You're not doing anything wrong... Keep running up and down the sidewalk, have fun.

I asked them to talk to him, and they said the man could talk to them if he wanted. They ended up talking to the man, I guess because I was angry and wanted him to know that he was wasting time by harrassing some kids.

I mean, Grow the fuck up, man. He bitches at people that walk on the sidewalk infront of his house and look at his grass/house. Get over it. I should go pour salt on his grass.... hehehe.

So the cops talked to him, I don't know what he said, but as far as I care, I'm going to keep running up and down the sidewalk and I'm going to keep stopping to catch my breath. If he keeps calling the cops, they're going to stop coming, because he keeps wasting their time.

Besides. If we were really up to no good, wouldn't we have run away at the first mention of cops? Instead of standing there, waiting for them?

What a fucking dumbass. And on Stupidity Theme 1, he was black.

(On a good note: I actually ran today!)

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Tuesday. 7.25.06 12:44 pm
It's w&m day at place of exercise.

Let's hope she gets it right this time.

My scale says one weight.

Theirs says the same... she'd better read it correctly.


So she read it correctly. It was even a lb less than mine when I left home.
So I've lost a total of 14 inches, my waist size is 34.5, and according to their scales (not counting hair) i've lost 21 lbs, 12.19 of that being fat.

Huzzah, 2 more inches until rave pants!

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A funny.
Monday. 7.24.06 6:53 pm
I posted this somewhere abouts teh intarwebs, and it amused me slightly after I wrote it.

Mother. See also "Fucking cunt", "god-forsaken bitch".

She never has anything good to say about anyone.

Unless they weigh less than she does.

She's never had anything good to say about my friends, me, the rest of my family, no one. She meets my friends, and the first thing out of her mouth is always "MMPH, that's a big (gender)". Or something about how I can't trust them and blahblahblah. She's quick to put somebody down.

She wonders why I don't want her to meet my boyfriend or any of my friends.

I'm going to be thinner than she ever was, and one day, I'm going to yell at her "LOOK WHO'S FAT NOW, BITCH!"

I don't much care for her.

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